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God loves you

"Uncovering the Secret"

Chapter 3

Once inside the room, Annie had to sit on the exam table with Alex. She didn't' mind this at all, but she had to calm her down before the doctor came in to examine her.

"Alex, shh, it's okay. I have you. I'm not leaving and I won't let them hurt you anymore than they have to."
Alex nodded as she tried to take a deep breath. She knew what Annie meant and once more she knew her sister spoke the truth.

With her face buried in Annie's shoulder, she didn't' see her mother coming up on her left.

Mrs. Mack reached out and put a comforting hand through Alex's hair.

Feeling threatened, Alex reacted the only way she knew how. She pushed her mother back with her thoughts.

Momentarily startled by the sudden movement, Barbara tried again.
This time, Alex freed one of her hands from Annie's hair and sent a zapper towards her.

"Alex!" Annie started to scold. But she didn't have time to finish her sentence because the doctor arrived.

"Hi." She greeted the small family. "I'm Dr. Benson. What seems to be the problem?"

Annie explained as best she could. She looked to Hunter to finish the story.

Once everyone had explained everything, Dr. Benson started her examination.

Annie warned Alex through touch to cool it with her power defenses.

Alex promised her she would try, but it was hard.

Annie understood and relaxed her grip once she was sure Alex wasn't going to attack anyone for the moment.

Dr. Benson began by giving Alex three things to remember. After that, she continued with the examination.

Ten minutes later, Dr. Benson asked Alex to tell her the three things she had had her commit to memory.

Alex was able to, which made everyone sigh with relief.

She asked her basic questions like her name, the date and a few other things to determine how severe her memory loss was.

Once the initial examination was over with, Dr. Benson concluded that she was allowing Alex to go home with the assurance that she would have someone to watch her for the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

"I'll do it." Annie volunteered immediately.

"All right." Dr. Benson said. She smiled reassuringly at Alex before answering a question Mr. Mack had just asked.

"Dr. Benson, how long do you think it will take for Alex to regain her memory?"

"It's hard to say." She replied truthfully. "It depends on the person. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, sometimes it takes days. Sometimes it could take months. We're just going to have to play it by ear."

Mr. Mack nodded.

"I also have to warn you about something." She started. "Most amnesia patients will get attached to a certain member of their Ohana, family," she translated, seeing the confusion on Mr. and Mrs. Macks' faces. "It seems Alex is already exhibiting signs of that with Annie. It's perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about. In fact, I've seen people who have someone constant to help them regain their memory faster than those who don't have that support." She smiled gently at Alex. "I believe Alex is gonna be fine."

"Can we take her home now?" Mrs. Mack asked.

"I would like her to stay overnight just to be safe. She did hit her head and I just want to be sure she's okay."

Alex locked gazes with Annie as the fear returned.

"Can I stay with her?" Annie asked, sensing Alex's fear.

"Absolutely." Dr. Benson replied. "I'll get Jeanie to take you up to Alex's room for the night in a few minutes. The rest of you can stay until around eight o' clock. I'll be by to check on Alex in a little bit." With that, she was gone.

The minute she left, Alex let loose a power surge of fear.

Some instruments that were lying on a nearby table rose in the air before clattering to the ground and she started to glow again.

Her free hand sent a few zappers towards the ceiling, causing the lights to flicker.

"Alex, it's okay." Annie assured her. "I'm gonna stay with you all night. I promised you I wouldn't leave you and I meant it. Try and calm down. Just take a deep breath."

Alex tried, but it was hard. She didn't want to stay in the hospital for one hour let alone one night.

"Alex, honey, you're gonna be fine." Mrs. Mack tried to assure her youngest. "We're gonna stay with you until eight and then we'll be back to get you first thing in the morning."

Alex tried to listen to her mother's comforting words, but it was hard.

Before Alex knew it, her parents had gone home, along with Hunter. It was just her and Annie.

"It's gonna be okay." Annie assured her. "I'm not gonna leave you."

"Annie, I wanna go home!" Alex pleaded. She was aware she sounded much younger than her seventeen years, but she didn't care. She was scared enough as it was. And to top it off, she had to stay in a place that made her even more afraid.

"I know." Annie soothed. "You'll be able to go home tomorrow. You'll feel better once you're back home in our room. Casper's waiting for you."

Alex smiled slightly, even though she wasn't sure why. She didn't even know who Casper was.

"Is Casper our cat?" She asked.

Annie giggled, despite the situation and shook her head.

"No, Al. Casper is your teddy bear. You've had him since you were three-years-old. I gave him to you actually. I won him for you at a fair."

Alex nodded.

"What does he look like?" She asked as she tried to get comfortable.

"He's white with a brown nose and different colored poka dots cascading through his fur. That's why you named him Casper."

Alex nodded.

Just then, Annie's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Annie asked as she reached over and lovingly tucked a few strands of Alex's hair away from her face.

"Hi, sweetie." Came Barbara's voice. "How's Alex?"

"Okay. " Annie replied truthfully. "She's really scared. We were just talking about Casper."

"It's funny you mentioned Casper." Mrs. Mack said. "I'm on my way back up to Alex's hospital room with a bag full of some stuff to get her through the night. I thought it would help her."

"Okay." Annie replied. "See ya in a few minutes."

"Who was that?" Alex asked.

"Mom." Annie replied. "She brought you an overnight bag." She explained.

"Oh." Alex said.

Mrs. Mack arrived a few minutes later. She handed Annie the bag, kissed both girls and left shortly afterwards. She explained she had to get some studying done for the next day.

"Its okay, Mom." Annie assured her. "We'll be fine. Right, Al?"

Alex nodded, even though she didn't feel fine.

"All right. I love you both." With that, she was gone.

Annie smiled at Alex as she put the bag on the bed next to her.

"Shall we see what Mom put in here?" She asked.

"I don't care." Alex said with a shrug.

Annie nodded.

"How about we have a little fun." She suggested. "I'll bet you can't use your powers to get everything out of that bag in less than fifteen minutes."

Alex looked at Annie as though she had grew two heads.

Realizing her mistake, Annie explained to Alex about her powers.

Once she was done, Alex started perking up a little bit.

"Are you ready?" Annie asked.

"Uh-huh." Alex replied.

"Okay. Go!" Annie said with a grin.

Alex tried to concentrate on the contents in the bag. Her thoughts were on Casper.

Before she knew it, the for mentioned teddy bear rose from the bag and floated towards her.

"Well it looks like you found Casper." Annie observed with a loving smile.

"He's cute." Alex commented as she hugged the bear close. "And furry. I like him."

"I'm glad." Annie said softly.

Alex yawned just then. She curled up on her right side with Casper tucked firmly in her arms and closed her eyes.

Annie tucked the covers around her little sister and made sure she was warm before seeing what else their mother had packed for their overnight stay.

"Sweet dreams, Al. I love you."

Planting a gentle kiss on her little sister's forehead, Annie made sure she was gonna be okay.

Peeking in the bag, Annie found their toothbrushes, a small tube of toothpaste and a change of clothes for both of them.

Shaking her head, she smiled to herself.

'Mom," Annie thought to herself as she settled down on a chair next to Alex's bed, 'What would we do without you?' With that, she watched over Alex and prayed she would get better soon.

She knew Alex needed a lot of help from her as well as the others if she was going to regain her memory. Annie was determined to help her sister in any way she could.