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Brilliant blue roses glittered on the walls of the beachside chapel. Afternoon sunlight filtered through the big windows, and the soft crashing of waves could be heard over the chatter of the audience. The cool spring air hung with anticipation.

Luka took a deep breath, clenching the bouquet of soft red flowers in her hands. This day had approached so suddenly, it had taken her by surprise. She gazed eagerly down the aisle, joy building up in her chest. Rin, standing beside her, caught her eye and smiled. In only a few years, the cute little blonde-haired girl had blossomed into a young woman. Her hair had grown out to brush her shoulders, although it still bore her signature white hair clips, and she filled out her baby blue bridesmaid dress beautifully. She, too, was nervous yet excited for the wedding to begin.

The organ began to play, and the entire audience immediately became silent. The little flower girl, Yuki, began skipping down the aisle and dispersing rose petals behind her. She was Kiyoteru's cousin who'd come to live with the Vocaloids about a year before. She was followed by Len who, like Rin, had shot up in a few short years; he carried the two rings. Finally, the audience craned their necks to see the bride as she stepped through the doors, soft white silk brushing her ankles.

Meiko looked absolutely stunning.

She strode confidently up the aisle, her face glowing with joy. Her eyes rose to the faces of her loved ones waiting for her at the altar. Seeing so many teary, breathless faces brought a mischievous twinkle to her eyes.

The air shimmered with the collective smiles and tears; the connection between the bride and groom was nearly visible, like a golden rope stretching between the rows of people. Meiko's long, graceful strides began to accelerate, as if she was being pulled towards the blue-haired man waiting for her.

Kaito stood unsurely, his mouth slightly agape and his eyes wide as the woman he'd fallen in love with approached. She noticed his expression and smirked, causing his face to break into a wide grin.

Tears pricked at Luka's eyes as she watched the scene; Rin was quietly wiping away similar drops of moisture and Miku was already bawling. Being the maid of honor, Luka had a clear view of the audience, and was glad to notice that they weren't the only ones trying to resist tears.

Everything happened in less than a minute. As Meiko reached the head of the chapel, Kaito held out his hand to meet hers, and didn't let go as she stepped up a short distance to stand across from him. The music drew to a close, and the ceremonies began.


"I have to say, Meiko, I never thought you'd be married before me," Luka admitted at the reception. The beach they'd chosen was absolutely stunning as the sun began its descent. Meiko's dress and hair caught the golden sunlight, and the ring on her left hand glittered. Her right hand was securely possessed by Kaito's left one.

"Didn't you always say you never wanted to be married? Now, that's not very encouraging," joked Meiko. As Luka laughed, Meiko plucked a glass of champagne off a wandering server's tray. Kaito began to protest, and she elbowed him in the ribs.

"Hey, it's a wedding. Everyone drinks at weddings," she reasoned. Kaito rolled his eyes.

"Okay, but only because you're so beautiful," he said, smiling. Meiko placed a kiss on his lips before turning to the glass of bubbly liquid.

"Aww, Meiko, you were doing so well with your alcohol ban," teased Luka.

"You're one to talk," replied Meiko, raising her eyebrows and gesturing towards the glass in Luka's hands.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a horrible role model. Don't be a bad person like me," she said sarcastically, taking a ladylike swig of champagne and emptying the glass.

"Here you are," a low voice called from behind her as a hand snaked around her waist. "I was wondering where you'd gone, Luka. Should've figured you'd be over by the cake." With his free hand, Gakupo swiped a bit of frosting from one of the seemingly abandoned slices of cake and popped it in his mouth.

"Dear, you've got frosting on your nose," Luka said, a smile forming at the edges of her lips.

"I do?"

"You do now." Smirking, she took a good-sized chunk of cake and shoved it in his face.

"HEY! Luka!" he said, laughing. When she wasn't expecting it, he pulled her into a kiss, smearing frosting on her face.

"There, now we're even," he said, grabbing a pile of napkins.

"Oi, you two," interrupted Meiko, smirking mischievously, "isn't it the bride and groom who are supposed to shove cake in each others' faces?"

"Well… she started it!" protested Gakupo, trying not to laugh. Luka continued to giggle as she wiped her face with the napkins.

"Seriously, when are you two getting married?" Kaito asked exasperatedly. Meiko nodded her head enthusiastically in agreement.

Luka turned bright red. "Har, har. You're hilarious, you two." Gakupo just winked.


A little ways away from the food and people, Rin sat in the sand, the water lapping at her bare feet while she watched the pink and orange sunset. The ocean was still a bit chilly, but relaxingly steady, with waves which were gentle and predictable. She sighed contentedly, gazing out at the endless colorful horizon.

"Hey, Rin. What's up?" asked Len, walking towards her through the sand. She smiled when she noticed that he also had bare feet.

"Nothing. Weddings just make me a little sad for some reason," she said with a small smile.

"Aw, why's that?" he asked, sitting next to her. She shrugged, staring at their feet. He continued to think for a little bit as he watched her. "Hey, didn't we used to have pretend weddings when we were little?"

A grin broke out on Rin's face. "Yeah, that's right. You used to be the bride."

Len chuckled, blushing. "Oh, the good old days when you would force me to cross-dress."

"Ah, yes. I miss those days. You're too manly to pass as a girl now," she complained, punching him playfully.

"I'll take that as a compliment," he said, laughing.

She tugged on his little ponytail. "Of course, this probably isn't helping."

"I thought you liked my ponytail," he complained.

"I do," she said, pursing her lips and looking over the boy she'd grown up with. There was no denying it: the little squeaky-voiced shouta she'd fallen in love with had grown into something even more…

"Say, how about we do a pretend wedding again right now?" suggested Len.

"Sure," said Rin, rolling her eyes and laughing.

"Hmm, but I can't remember the whole ceremony."

"Oh, really?"

"The only part can seem to remember is this," he said, leaning forward and kissing her.

Caught off-guard, Rin froze. Len pulled away quickly and then dropped his gaze, embarrassed. "Sorry," he muttered.

Rin inhaled quickly, unaware that she'd been holding her breath. Her hands gently moved to the sides of his face, turning it slowly so she could look into his eyes. Then, pinching his cheeks, she pulled his mouth into a lopsided grin.

"Ba-ka," she said, grinning. "Warn me a little next time, okay?"

"Oww, Rin… wait, what?" he mumbled as Rin moved forward to press her mouth against his again. He held her tighter as their lips connected, and he fell back softly on the sand with the young woman on top of him. The kiss grew deeper as the sun sank into the sea, slowly casting a chill into the air. After a while, Rin pulled away to breathe.

"I've been wanting to do that for so long," Len admitted sheepishly.

"Me, too," Rin said, smirking. In the distance, Gakupo's voice drifted through the speakers.

"Oh, Gaku's starting his best-man speech. We don't wanna miss this," Rin said, standing up and brushing the sand off her dress.

"Definitely not," agreed Len. The two of them smiled mischievously, fully understanding what was about to happen.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening…" Gakupo began, bowing elaborately with a microphone in his hand. "As the best man, I've been endowed with the great honor of speaking at this gathering which celebrates the joining of our dear friends, Kaito Shion and Meiko Sakine," he gestured towards the table where the two were sitting, and a small round of applause followed, "and I shan't waste such an opportunity to speak as if I were from the Edo period." He finished the statement with a flourish of his hand, gaining a round of laughter from his audience. Luka facepalmed.

"Now, I must admit, these two caught me by surprise. I never thought there'd be so much love hidden beneath all that ice cream consumption. But as you can see, when these two look at each other… well, what can I say? They shine." The newlyweds blushed at this, Kaito mostly about the ice cream comment.

"Folks, as usual, they've convinced me to do something incredibly stupid tonight. I don't suppose anyone is surprised, really. Well, this is rather selfish of me, but…" he glanced nervously at the table where the couple sat. Meiko made a hand motion to tell him to hurry up, smirking. Gakupo turned back to the audience and took a deep breath.

"Luka," he said decisively. The entire audience fell dead silent. The woman's head shot up, her eyes widening as she began to speculate. He isn't going to… no way… is he?

Gakupo began to smile, his eyes gleaming. Oh, yes, I am, he thought, guessing what was running through her mind. "Luka. I love you more than anything in the world. I love you more than life itself. I want to spend the rest of forever by your side. Will you marry me?"

The audience exploded in aww's, squeals, and shushes as Luka stood up silently and began to walk towards the stage. Gakupo watched her approach nervously; for once unable to guess what she was thinking. A tense moment passed as Luka grabbed the man by the tie, hesitated a second, then pulled him forward to kiss him. An enormous cheer erupted from the crowd.

"I'm guessing that's a yes?" asked Gakupo, grinning.

"Of course, you idiot. I was wondering why the heck you were taking so long to ask," she said, breaking into a smile. Gakupo fished a box out of his pocket and opened it, revealing a sparkling ring. In front of the hysterical crowd, he slipped it on her finger. Luka covered her face with her right hand, turning bright red.

"This is so cheesy," she muttered. Gakupo laughed. Suddenly, she gestured towards the microphone. "Hey, would you mind if I said a few words?"

"Go right ahead, my love," he said, beaming. She flicked his nose and took the mic.

"Hem hem," she began to quiet down the crowd. When they noticed her speaking, they immediately hushed. "Let me just say, thank you, Meiko and Kaito, for convincing him to do that in front of everybody," she began, her voice thick with sarcasm. "And thank you to my idiot f-fiancé for actually following through with it…" She turned bright red again, and the crowd snickered at her embarrassment. "Yeah, yeah. It'll take some getting used to. Well, before we all leave tonight, I'd love it if everyone could personally congratulate the couple we actually came here to celebrate for. They've both been through some really tough times, and they came through it stronger and closer than ever. They've helped me, too, when I was having tough times. You all did. Thank you, and I love you all."

The night carried on, the sounds of waves and celebration mixing together long into the morning. The moonlight glittered in the water as love and joy shimmered together, filling the air with a taste of forever.


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