The air was slightly chill as Logan stood before the single grave in front of him, the letters on the headstone still clearly visible. It had only been a few years since the headstone had been placed, which was only a few months after the person had been buried. It had taken a few months for Logan to finally come to terms with who was laying under the ground below his feet. Yet even when he had began to except things for what they were, he was overly particular about getting just the right headstone. Not just any stone or marble would do, it had to be special, had to be perfect, and he had annoyed quite a few masonry men with his over-analyzation over everything he was shown.

The cool autumn air spun the leaves at his feet, and Logan allowed himself a short amount of time to just smile, wanting to believe that it was the person he had come to see comforting him. Kneeling down, Logan placed the small bouquet of flowers he had brought in the small metal vase that forever rest beside the monument.

"Hi mom, how are you," Logan asked, pausing and just listening to the wind whistling around him as if he would be able to hear her reply. He stood, once he was happy with how the flowers were arranged in the vase, trying to make sure that none of them had any bent flower petals. "We're all okay, but I'm sure you knew that." He smiled sadly, not really knowing if she did know that. He always liked to believe that his mother was watching out for him, and it only helped his thoughts when some things that just weren't explainable would happen. One year ago for instance, he had been so lost in his thoughts that he had nearly walked right into a busy street, right in front of a bus to be exact. Yet he lost his footing, falling backwards, almost feeling as if he were pushed, onto the sidewalk as the bus driver honked angrily as it went past at speeds that probably weren't legal for a bus on city streets.

"I know it's been years but," Logan paused, his voice catching in his throat as tears threatened to fall. "It feels like just yesterday that you were with me. I miss you, so much." Logan allowed a few tears to fall, sliding down his cheeks only to be caught on the sleeve of his jacket as he wiped his eyes. "Kendall's taking good care of me, just like you made him promise." Shaking his head he allowed a small laugh to hiccup through his quiet tears at the memory. They had gone back to Minnesota where his mother still resided, everyone wanting a little vacation, but apparently Kendall had an ulterior motive. Kendall had asked him to grab him a drink, which was a little curios to start with, as Kendall had always acted like family in his home when they were younger, so why was now any different. He of course got his answer when he saw his mother making Kendall promise to never hurt him, and always treat him well, so and so forth with the motherly clichés. When he had given them both a confusing look upon his return, Kendall smiled sheepishly, claiming it was nothing.

Of course that nothing turned out to be a proposal a few nights later when everyone and their families were gathered around the Knight's dinner table. Or should he say dinner tables, as they had to help Ms. Knight set up three separate tables to make sure that there was enough room for everyone. It had been the second happiest day of his life, allowing himself to spin the ring on his finger at the memory.

"I just wish you could have met…" Logan trailed off a bit as a small hand slid it's way into his, causing him to pause as he looked down at the small dirty blonde girl holding his hand looking up at him sadly.

"Don't be sad Daddy. Gramma wouldn't like you sad…" Logan smiled leaning down to wrap the girl in his arms, pulling her up with him as he stood up straight, the small girl propped on his hip in a very feminine matter, but he never cared before, and didn't care now. The small girl wrapped her small arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder, tilted just enough to look down at the marble monument before the two. Logan smiled, before nuzzling the small girl, playfully growling as her giggles rang out through the sadness in the air. "Ok Maddy, say bye to Gramma," Logan said once the small girls giggling had quieted enough that he could be heard of it.

"Bye Gramma! I love you!" The small girl unwrapped her one arm from around Logan's neck and waved excitedly at the grave before them, before wrapping her arm once again around her father's neck. Logan smiled, saying his own quiet goodbye before turning away and heading towards the tall boy who stood not far away. Kendall smiled as he placed a kiss on Logan's cheek, before placing a kiss on the small girl in his arms as well.

"What do you say we go see what Uncle Carlos, and Uncle James are doing, and then we all go out for Ice cream," Kendall said as the small girl in Logan's arms cheered. Kendall smiled as he wrapped his arm around Logan's waist, letting the shorter boy lean into him as they headed out of the dismal cemetery gates, and to the car. Kendall started the car sitting behind the drivers seat, adjusting the various knobs to heat the car as quickly as he could, while Logan took to strapping Madison in her car seat.

"Guess what Daddy?"

"What Maddy," Logan asked smiling, as he clipped the last harness into place and looking down at his excited daughter.

"I'm gonna win the brain freezy race this time!" Logan couldn't help but smile as he kissed the small girl on the forehead. As he shut the door of the car, he looked back at the cemetery gates, closing his eyes as the wind blew gently through his hair. Logan smiled as he reached for the handle of the passenger seat door.

"I'll see you next year mom. Thanks for looking out for my family and I. I love you…"

This was another one of those.. 'stuck in my head.. had to get it out' things... I plan to kind of do more drabbles revolving around Logan and Kendall being parents. (The little girls origins will be explained later, but I will tell you this ISN'T Mpreg. (Not that I have a problem with it, mind you)) So expect more of this later (already has 2 more chapter ideas but won't get them out until at least after Sunday because she'll be in Nebraska for the Omaha zoooo) Also this story will bounce around ALL over the place timeline wise.. Deal with it ;p