I haven't been in on the challenges for awhile man- but this case is special and it's for a friend as she wrote such a kick-ass challenge with some Sammy skinned knees. And still stays up to write fics rather than her homework and still manages to do both...brilliantly.

Courts, this is how Sam likes it rough.

Warning: Insinuating. Language, sexed up-ness.

Summary: Sam likes it rough.

Disclaimer: Good Lord I don't own this, but I kinda wished I did...hmm.

It's the sharp, pull, tug, gasp, of lips, soft and sweet and full to feel, taste, try.

It's the snap of cold, fucking hot, tight fisted pushes into the wall, body on body, skin heating up skin, and the fleshy slap of kiss and the ball of heat pushing up between them fast, like hot air escaping their lungs.

It's the almost scared breathy pants, the jaws open as the lungs fill and the crushing crash of kissed-sore lips again. Throbbing, wet, hot, parted lips wanting more.

like stroking petals, skins paper soft and smooth and the hairs pulled, clawed-fisted back and some strangled noise of pleasure in the back of the throat.

It's sometimes the powerful pin, the weight feeling trapped and free all at once on top, under, being cupped and held and gripped and squeezed and...

Sigh. Heavy pounding heart beats, jerky slow limbs.

Still and perfect and abrupt silence, mouth open.

Staccato breaths, like distorted heart beats, collapsing of spent bodies together.

It's the steady even breathing, the sweat like silken beads cooling down the hot coals lying together, the engines that worked, now rest.

It's Sam these days...and it isn't always the sex.

I've been reading a lot of Keats and Shakespeare...I felt rythymy! :) Hope you enjoyed.