Sierra was feeling a bit bouncing that day. The plane had jerked her awake, leaving her with a dent in her head and a dazed feeling she quite enjoyed. As much as she couldn't believe it, Cody had actually gotten cuter over night. Who would've thought!

Cody was actually up and ready right at the moment, making himself some toast in the small kitchen of the plane. It was earlier than he usually woke up, but it had been hard once he woke up to fall back asleep after the plane had been jerking everywhere. He was sure only a few other contestants were actually awake, but he decided to take advantage of the silence.

"Hey Cody-kins!"

Silence. Yeah, sure.

"Hey Sierra." Cody said, exasperated. He was really ready to be rid of her. She didn't make the whole 'hooking up with Gwen project' any easier, and she actually kind of freaked him out. He wanted to be nice and kind like he normally was, but where was that getting him? He couldn't bring himself to tell her to back off, but he was pretty sure he would have to soon, before she went way over board (which, if he really thought about it, hadn't she already?).

She smiled at him, twirling her purple braid in her hands. "Omigosh, are you making toast?" Although Cody couldn't understand why that would make her say 'Oh my gosh', he nodded as the toast popped up and he got out a butter knife (which he kept well away from her- never trust insane people with shiny sharp objects).

"Can you get the butter?" he asked.

Sierra squealed for no reason and opened the door to fridge, flinging the butter at him with lightning speed, striking him in the back of the head. "I can't eat bread, did you know that? Or I at least don't like to- but I think I must really have some type of allergy to bread that just keep me from liking it. Maybe it has to do with the plague that keeps me loving you, my sweet, sweet Cody." Although her voice was deep and murderous, he could only imagine her face, a slick smile with wide, crazy eyes.

He tried to ignore and just nod, chewing his lip as he put some butter on his toast. "Yeah. I like bread."

"I could like bread too, honey!" She yelled, possibly waking up many people in the plane but obviously not caring. She stared at Cody with hard eyes, approaching him, trying to touch him and not really noticing as he flinched away.

He tried to avoid her words. She was weird, but he wouldn't let her get to him.

"I'd love to eat bread, but only if it's from your pants, Cody."

He continued to butter his toast, but stopped and felt the color drain from his face at realization of her very, very odd words.

"…Excuse me?"

A/N: XD I had a dream about making toast. And then I thought of bread. Then I thought of that episode, with the bread in Cody's pants. And somehow, this erupted.

*fans self* I'd love to eat bread from Cody's pants, too! *winks*

Thanks for reading!