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Chapter 1

When they were four, Bella Swan moved next door to Edward Cullen.

Bella, born in Phoenix, Arizona, moved with her parents, Renee and Charlie, back to their hometown of Forks, Washington. Edward had lived in Forks since he was born, with his parents, Esme and Carlisle, his brother Emmett, and his twin sister Alice.

"Esme! I haven't seen you in so long!" Gushed Renee Swan with her four year old daughter in her arms. Esme Cullen had been her best friend in high school, but as they went to different universities, drifted apart shortly after graduating.

Esme went to the University of Seattle so she could still live near Forks and her family. There she met Carlisle and they married two years later. Emmett Carter Cullen soon followed with Edward Anthony and Alice Mackenzie close behind.

Charlie and Renee however, met in high school and married soon after senior year, being the irresponsible teenagers they were. Isabella Marie Swan joined them four years later.

"Oh, I know! What's it been, ten years?" Esme replied, after hugging Renee. Carlisle and Charlie shook hands and started to make small talk. Sports and what not.

"At least! I wish we would have kept better track of each other. I should have called!" Renee fretted.

"Well let's make up for lost time and talk for awhile." Esme suggested, leading Rene, Charlie, and Bella into the living room where Emmett and Edward were playing.

"Emmett, Edward, I'd like you to meet Bella, our new next door neighbor and her mom and dad. She's the same age as you Edward." Esme said, smiling at the small girl hiding behind her father's leg.

Edward got up to walk towards Bella. Although he was only four months older than her, he stood at least five inches taller. He stopped in front of her and said,

"Hi Bella, I'm Edward. Wanna come play blocks with me and Em?" Bella stood frozen, being the shy child she was. After a moment, she nodded and followed him to the carpet where he continued to build a tower out of the building blocks. All four of the parents watched and smiled at the interaction and each of them felt as if they were witnessing the meeting of two people who would grow to be lifelong friends.

Esme suggested they talk in the kitchen and Charlie and Renee followed.

"What colors do you like Bella?" Six year old Emmett asked.

"Yellow." Bella answered timidly. Edward picked up several of the pale colored blocks and put them in front of her.

"Build something." Emmett told her.

Bella picked up the blocks and carefully started to stack them upon each other.

Edward became distracted with the slow and deliberate way Bella placed the yellow building blocks. He noticed the way her dark brown hair fell around her shoulders and the way her eyes studied the tower with concentration. For a four year old, Edward was a very observant child. Looking back towards his own tower, he resumed building.

"How long have you been next door?" Emmett asked Bella.

"Not very long. A few days, I think." She paused. "I don't have any friends here." Bella said sadly. "My best friend is in Phoenix."

"I'll be your best friend, Bella."

She blushed, smiling at him.

"Thanks, Edward."

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When they were five, they attended their first day of school together.

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