Five Seconds To Death Chapter 1/? (Prologue)

Author : Lifeless Lyndsey

Pairing: This was tough to pick. Mainly, it's JasperxBella through the whole fic, with a side of JasperxPeter, PeterxBella, JasperxPeterxBella (take your pick. it rotates)

Warning: M for language, lemons, slash, possible threesomes, possible gore.

Word Count: Just south of 3k

Beta: VampishVixen - the only beta for me. Really, I should put a ring on it'.

Disclaimer: I own nearly nothing , not the characters, not the Bella, not Jasper, but maybe a little bit of the Peter.

A/N: I think you can read this story without it, but reading this is actually sort of a sequel to my JasperxBella o/s "Mouth". So you should read that too. You don't have to, but I think you want to, so you should. Do it. Yeah. Take in mind that this is a Prolgue, as well, so it reads way differently then other chapters. Don't mean to throw people off.

Also, Hit and Run is still my priority fic, but this one *should* in theory, update once weekly.



Every nerve in my body was on fire, alight with sensations that did not belong. Delight sang through my blood where fear should have been. I wasn't afraid, I was hopeful. I could feel the adrenalin pumping through my veins, sending my heartbeat to new heights, humming in my chest. The droplet of blood sliding down my index finger was cold compared to the heat of my skin. God, it was torture, a sweet bliss I'd welcome again; that moment before vicious relief, much like the build up of an orgasm. I knew, of course, that within seconds, Edward would steal me away from danger, and tuck me into bed safe from the world. But I could hope.

I could hope that his steel fucking resolve, for which I hate him for more each day, would shatter, just this moment, and give me a forever in the form of teeth and venom. One second...just one second had ticked by since paper parted flesh.

It pained me somewhat to admit that the forever I pictured did not have him in it.

All the gold around me faded to night, seven pairs of pupils growing to the size of coins, reflecting my anticipation in there murky depths. Shoulders tensed, trained bodies snapping to stillness only the inhuman could manage. I wanted that, fuck please I wanted that, and so much more.

I suppressed the smile that touched my lips, the shiver of delight as the blood slipped to the web between my fingers, racing towards my palm with the 2nd second, as if to measure time in inches of my blood. Hope was red, and wet in my hand.

"No!" Edward growled, shocking me from my thoughts with an abrupt trip into the dining table. Glass shattered, mixing blood and crystal, crunching beneath my palms as I threw out my hands to catch myself. The 3rd second was acknowledged with the echo of snarls and snaps, and blood laced with adrenalin and need so thick that even I could smell it in the air; copper and salt.

The world ticked slower in those few moments, those seconds passing in fury and confusion, and I felt the race of emotions; confliction mixing in my body like poison and passion. The dangerous taste of fear filled my mouth when I looked up to see the snapping, snarling jaw of Jasper, desperate to sink those pearly whites into my flesh. And though Edward was gorgeous, nothing had ever seemed so terrifyingly beautiful then Jasper mad with blood lust. I wondered if he could feel it my desperate delightthat this might actually be happening, and that it might actually be him? I wanted it to be him, so bad I could taste it. Could he feel how much I loved him for what he was in that moment, in that second? The monster he had become? I loved the monster as much as I loved the man; anyone who didn't, didn't love Jasper at all.

This was worth it. He was worth it. All of it, everything, the pain I'd feel, the pain I'd suffered, the waiting, God! The fucking waiting. He was worth it. We were worth it.

His eyes were black, dark lashes framing them like shadows, every muscle in his compact, wiry body rippling with intent. He was a warrior, at war with himself, half torn between tearing into every vampire that kept him from his prey, or getting as far from my blood as possible. My blood that now crept through the cracks of the hardwood floors towards him, as if to call him, beckon him, begging him to come closer.

Do it, do it, God, please do it, let me have this, let me have you, you want to, I want to. Do it, do it, do it!

It screamed in red, glinting off the embedded crystal in my flesh. Four seconds now; four seconds since we descended into this madness. We had reached a blood red Wonderland in the Cullen house dining room and we were all mad here.

His eyes caught mine, heavy with panic, fear, and question. A little thrill of anticipation shot through me, and I pleaded wordlessly that he just do it, set me free. Suddenly, as if a cord snapped, Carlisle and Emmett were on their backs in a pile, and Rosalie was slammed against the wall with a snarl. Jasper pounced with all the feline grace of a lion, springing forward to crouch over his prey, over me. It was time. The fifth second ticked on.

His thighs straddled mine, but he was gentle, cradling my neck in his cool, wide palms. His eyes were questions, his jaw quivering, wanting, needing almost as much as I. A flash of white startled me, but did not startle Jasper. He was prepared for it, for the attack, like any seasoned war veteran would be, coupled with the feline reflexes of an old and knowing vampire.

The hand that did not hold me to him snapped out grasping the sparkling, hard expanse of his brothers flesh, bringing it closer, as if to ask me, warn me, something. But I couldn't hear, couldn't think straight. Edward's pleading face was proffered to me like an offering, a sacrifice. And it was, I realized, a sacrifice.

Worry etched Edward's beautiful, androgynous feature, his face caged in the long, spindly fingers of Jasper. He was pleading, every word on his lips carrying into the night unheard. At least by me.

All I could see was Jasper. And it wasn't the first time.

Jasper held him too close to ignore, but it wasn't Edward I wanted, and all I would see in his darkened eyes would be a reflection of my guilt. This wasn't what Edward wanted, wasn't what he would give me, but I wanted it anyways, and Jasper was offering. He was offering me so much more than immortality; a very short history of words once said and a moment we never spoke about in a hotel in Phoenix. We were bartering silently. A taste of my blood for your venom. The silent 'just don't kill me' was there, too.

"Do it, Jasper," I whispered, but it could have been a scream to any vampire. "I want this, you know I want this. I want you. Do it, please."

Edward's eyes were wide now, the 'no' on his lips dying in a wave of lethargy even I felt. He slumped to the floor beside me, fingers twitching against the emotional bonds that bound him.

"Don't fight it, Darlin'," Jasper purred, bringing about a strange, misplaced bout of arousal running through my body along with everything else I was feeling all at once. Jasper chuckled, "Mmhmm. Happy Birthday, Sugar."

But the words were deader than the man that held me, his teeth slicing through my skin with surgical precision. Oh did it hurt, burning liquid fire through my body. It hurt like a bitch, like death should, I thought; but it was a pain I welcomed, like a mother might feel about child birth. For it brought with it something I had longed for, begged for; something denied to me until this moment. The thing I wanted above all else.


And my forever.

That I could have both things made me smile, even in my haze.

Blood was replaced with fire, but if the sudden arching of my back was mistaken for pain, I could not be blamed. It did hurt, combustion from the inside out, as if my body was imploding; one thousand tiny suns, burning brightly inside me. Yes, it hurt, but there were parts of me that felt so deliciously good, I knew they could not be mine.

Jasper, oh all that was holy, his hips were pressed firmly against mine, hiding an erection that I felt to my navel, from all lethargic onlookers. His passion for this, his pleasure, it was delicious, off setting the mind-boggling pain that wracked my body as well.

I was no masochist, but the sensations were so wholly separate that it was impossible to combine them. It was all I could do to focus on that torturously sweet ache and not grind my hips any more than what could be expected from a girl having her life sucked from her throat. My moans were mixed in pain and pleasure, but this was a secret only Jasper knew and for that I was grateful. He was easing the pain for me the only way he knew how, and I couldn't blame the man for finding enjoyment in it too. And if I found a secret thrill knowing that Jasper loved this? Well, that was my own damn secret.

And suddenly, the pull of my blood receded, even if the blood did not. I felt the slick, wetness of a tongue dance across my throat, healing wounds and then some. Jaspers strong hand still cradled my neck like a lover might, though I had no knowledge of such things. That was a bitter thought. His eyes were red when they looked at mine, obvious worry there, that he might have made a grievous error, a mistake he couldn't take back.

"Love..." I wheezed past the fire, desperate to assuage his guilt. The worry receded, encompassed by something else entirely, but I was too far gone then, to think, to care, to know anything but the profound flooding of fire.


The taste of faith and blood assaulted my mouth; a toxic combination contaminating the air in the room, heavier than cheap perfume. She smelled of sin and hope, her outstretched hand proffered like an angel come to take me home. I wanted nothing more than to kiss that mouth, but there were more imminent things to do. The pin prick of red that had brought me to this point of growls and snarls welled against her flesh, sliding down her pale finger and against her palm, cupped like the Fountain of Youth, begging me to drink from the rivers until they ran dry.

Trust. She wanted this. The anticipatory thrill of promise glowed inside of her like the brightest star known to man, burning with hope and desire. So much fucking hope. Every vampire in the room knew she wanted this, as well as they knew they could not stop me, should I find myself giving her what she wanted.

What I wanted, really, for we were in unison in our desires. She offered blood for bite, for the promise of forever. There would be no guilt, I thought, at this unfortunate slip up, not when her pretty brown eyes were pleading with me, begging me to take her. It was the trust, the heady scent of trust that sent me pouncing through the air, throwing off everybody that touched me along the way.

The blood overwhelmed. I could feel the fear and desire in Edward as he willed himself to find the well of restraint that ran so deep inside him. It was too much, and a lesser man would have caved sooner, but not Eddie boy, no. He would go to any means to keep himself golden, to keep his girl alive. His girl. I laughed. Desperate to space himself from her blood, he thrust her aside, slamming her against the dining room table.

His mistake was realized too late, beneath the crunch of flesh and glass, thick rivets of blood bleeding between the floorboards like outstretched fingers beckoning forward. Bella looked up, hands pressed against the sharp crystal shards, no fear in her eyes, just overwhelming awe.

She was not prey, and the predatory response to her blooded ebbed, leaving me instead with my own personal desires; not the blood-thirst that had me more than ready to tear my family apart. The want was no less, but the reasons were different. I wasn't a monster here, I was a promise.

Her neck was hot beneath my palm, pulse hammering against my thumb. The sweat on her brow was laced with adrenalin and trust. I would not kill Bella; no, the unspoken promise between us was loud enough. The warm press of her body beneath me reminded me that Bella was not a nameless victim but tangible, real to me.

Our bodies met at every angle, my chest heaved as if to remind her to breathe, breathe in the cool scent of my own needless breath. A growl emanated from my throat, the instinctual response to impending threat. He thought himself swift but his speed was nothing to me. My fingers flashed against the blur of white, and I crushed Edward's throat without a care.

Bella whimpered, refusing to meet his eye, staring at me instead. "Do it, Jasper. I want this, you know I want this. I want you. Do it, please."

I flooded the room with every sleepy feeling I could muster, feeling Bella relax in my arms. Edward fell to the floor with a thump, fingers twitching as he tried to fight me.

Bella melted in my arms, her eyes wide with panic. "Don't fight it, Darlin'," I drawled, quirking a brow at the trickle of lust that slipped past my shields. Bella shifted beneath me, lip caught between her teeth in a vice grip. "Happy Birthday, Sugar."

Her blood was sweet like Texas honey, coating my throat. She arched and moaned, a twisted mix of pain and pleasure, and I couldn't help but return the feeling. She was a simpering mess of heaven beneath me; guilt and goodness washing down my throat and grinding against my aching dick. My hands strayed down her body, working with their own minds along the curve of her breast, the swell of her ass. I doubted she could feel it through the burn anyway, but I did wonder if she could feel my cock pressed urgently against her soft stomach. It seemed like a hard thing to ignore.

Her blood tapered off, and I released her, lapping at the wound until it healed. Even her skin was sweet, her pulse thudding desperate and weak beneath my tongue. I held her tightly, waiting for something, anything, her small body cradled against mine. She was going to be a force to reckon with, this Bella, who was now, and forever, a little bit mine. I prayed only that she would not regret this. Not regret me.

"Love," she whimpered, even through the pain and I was so relieved it fucking hurt. She was amazing, ferocious, and amazing.

A growl ripped through the silence. "I didn't want her for eternity! I wanted her to be real!" Edward growled, struggling through the false lethargy. I held it, invigorated by the human-blood pumping through my veins.

"You may not have wanted her forever," I replied, lifting her shivering, moaning form into my arms. "But I did."


I made it to the truck before she stopped me, and truly, I knew she would. "Jasper," she said quietly, leaning against the garage door.

"Alice. I...I'm..."

"I know you're sorry, Jasper. I know. And I'm sorry too. I always...I've always known you weren't my mate." She held her hand outstretched, keys dangling from her fingers. "He's waiting for you."

"You called him?" I asked, swallowing hard. "Why?"

"That's where you're going isn't it?" she asked in return, dropping the keys in my bag. "You're going back to Peter?"

"I have to," I replied. "I need him. I can't...I need his help with Bella."

She smiled sadly, closing her eyes as she spoke. "I've always known you'd end up back in Texas, but it still hurts. I loved you so much."

"I did love you," I swore. "I've always loved you. It's just..."

"It can't compare," she finished for me. "You're asking a lot from him, bringing her there. He isn't happy."

"He hates me," I said dully. "And he should. I abandoned him."

Alice laughed, a broken sound. "He doesn't hate you, Jasper. He never could, and I think...I think that hurts him too. I've packed both you and Bella a bag in the truck. I didn't see this happening until the paper cut, but I had enough time to get some things in order. It''s all there. The things you cherished; your guitar, the boots. The fucking Stetson. I know you're not coming back."

"You always hated that hat," I said, setting Bella into the cab, sprawled out across the back seat.

"Because he gave it to you," Alice agreed bitterly, biting her lip, eyes wet. "I could never compete with what you and Peter had."

"He's my brother," I began, but she cut me off, a finger pressed to my mouth.

"You love him, Jasper," she whispered, resting her head against my shoulder. I held her close, her tiny body trembling against me. "There isn't a soul that could stop it, not me and not Bella, no matter how much you love her."

"Of course I love him," I swallowed, hating her tone of voice. I didn't want it to end like this...but it was ending, and I guess it didn't matter how.

She pulled away, freeing herself from my arms. "Take care of her, Jasper. I still love her; let her know that, if she asks. I don't blame her, and I don't blame you. I blame...I blame myself for ever taking you out of Texas."