A/N: Second piece to 'What if' Challenge. The line is What if Rodney remembered everything from when he was infected with Second Childhood (that includes the infamous Day 6 recording) This one came to be on my train ride to and from work. Luckily, I had something with me to write. Putting this one as a separate piece from the other piece. This is only going to be the one piece. Please read and review. Oh and it's 498 words.

Rodney sat with his feet dangling over the edge of the hospital bed, watching himself kick his feet back and forth. It was a nervous and bored tic as he impatiently waited for one last examination before being released. It had almost two weeks since he had be cured from Second Childhood and thanks to the overprotective Dr. Keller it had been a very long two weeks.

He did not expect to recall much about the time he was infected with the parasite. When he first woke up, the last clear memory he had was the night when he had beer with John on the pier. However, the last few days he had remembered a good portion of the three weeks he had been infected. It was terrifying to recall such a horrific decline, but it showed what he meant to his team. The three visited him every day, but they were not the ones who spent the most time with him. That award went to Jennifer. Rodney knew some of the time she had spent with him was strictly professional, but the nights she held his hand until he fell asleep or the way she would rub the back of his neck when he was scared. That did not fall into professional duty.

Then last night as Rodney laid in bed, dealing with the memories of losing the thing most precious to him: his mind, he remembered the recording they made on the sixth day of the video diary. He covered his face with his hands. Why did you tell her that? Did she stay all those nights because she felt sorry for you? Being nice to the dying man.

"Are you okay?" Jennifer asked with concern as she approached for the final exam.

The panicked Canadian gulped, "Fine." He tried to hide his embarrassment.

"Don't try to hide anything or I'll keep you here a couple extra days," she warned lightly.

"I'm not hiding anything," Rodney was a bad liar.

"Rodney. What's going on? Are you really okay?" There was genuine concern on her face.

"I...um...I know you said I really would not remember anything from when I was sick, but...um...You were wrong. When we were making those videos... I might have said," his words were cut off when Jennifer placed a finger to his lips.

"Did you mean what you said?" A smiled formed on her lips.

"I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I didn't say it because of..."

"Yes or no, Rodney?"


"I've got other patients to see. How about I bring dinner to your room later and we can talk about it," Jennifer gave his hand a gentle squeeze and smirked slightly.

Rodney watched her retreating back, mouth hung open. His lips flapped as they tried to find words. That was the last reaction he expected as his face turned red. Jennifer just invited herself over for dinner. In your room. Not the mess hall, but YOUR room.