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Taken by a Killer


"Breaking News! Police Chief Charles Swan of Forks, Washington was murdered last night in his own home. His twelve year-old daughter, Isabella Swan, has been pronounced missing or taken by the killer. We have a recording of a police call that has Isabella's last words to anyone. What you're about to hear might be shocking…"

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Someone's in my house! He has a GUN!"

"Okay, sweetie, I need you to calm down. I have a police squad on the way. Can you hide yourself away?"

"Yes, I'm under my bed! He-he killed my dad!"

"It's okay, honey, help will be there shortly."

"Please hurry! Ihe's in my room."

"Sweetie, it'll be okay; we're almost there."


"Honey? SWEETHEART? Are you there? We're at your houseHello?"


"Witnesses say to have seen a silver Volvo parked outside the Swan house all day yesterday and had seen a man inside. The license plate is 176EC. Most authorities say this was the work of none other then 18 year-old Edward Masen, the same man who had killed Tanya Denali and Michael Newton last month. Here's a picture now. If you have seen this man or car anywhere then you are to notify the police at once. Also, keep a look out for Isabella Swan. Rewards are up for who ever finds her and brings her back safely to her mother and step-father. This is Gracie Grey with CNN news. And remember- DO NOT confront Edward Masen, for he is said to be highly dangerous…"

The television switched off.

A low chuckle filled the dark apartment room.

A man was sitting on a long couch that looked to have seen better days, looking at the now blank TV. A creepy smile played across his lips as he looked down at the sleeping girl curled up to his side, her head laying on his lap. He reached down and moved a strand of hair from her face.

"My, my, Isabella, we have lots of things to do. Thank God we have forever to do it."

The sleeping girl mumbled something a long the lines of "help".