Hey everyone! What did everyone think of the premiere? I liked it for the most part. Though I don't like that Derek has to be such an ass when he's pissed but it was good to see some glimpses of hope.

I've had a crazy crazy life that past few months and am very sorry for taking soooooo long to update this story. I hope everyone enjoys this update. I have another chapter written already that I just need to type up and am in the middle of writing chapter 9. Let me know what you all think :) Enjoy!

The next day Mer woke up to an empty bed. She slid a hand over to where her husband was supposed to be. She couldn't feel the heat from his body which let her know he hadn't left recently. SHe yawned and stretched before rubbing her eyes. She laid there for a moment listening to the quiet of the house trying to see if could pinpoint Derek's location. She heard a murmur from downstairs. Since she knew the others had all gone to work by now she threw off the covers wearing just her underwear and a tank top. She stretched again as she sat up and made her way downstairs. She reached his voice as she reached the bottom step. Sounded like he was in the kitchen. Since she didn't hear a response during his pauses she figured he was on the phone. THen she heard the sizzle of something cooking just before she smelled bacon. she smiled as she made her way to the kitchen where she sees his back as he stood at the stove cradling his cell against his shoulder and giving brief responses to whoever was on the line. From what she could tell he was giving a consult over the phone.

Mer smiled as she moved over to him quietly. She watched the muscles in his back move as he flipped bacon. She was amused that he was only wearing his pj bottoms. He generally wore a T-shirt as well but she definitely wasn't complaining about his bare back. She walked up to him and slid her hands up his back to his shoulders which caused him to jump a little before she slid her arms around him in a hug before he turned to face her.

What she didn't see was the instant grin that came over his face after the initial shock. He was consulting on a possibly brain dead grandfather who'd been in a sever car accident/ Mer hadn't seen the concern on his face that so quickly changed to joy at her mere touch. WHen he felt her arms go around his shoulders he set the fork down and reached up to place his hand over hers and squeezed before turning in her arms/ He felt a sense of de ja vu from the day before in the kitchen and his smile grew even as the Dr on the phone agreed with his prognosis of brain dead. He smiled down at her then leaned in to give her a soft kiss. The kiss quickly deepened and his hear sped up. The only thing that pulled him away was the Dr on the phone saying his name loudly as if he had said it more then once. Derek pulled back still smiling.

"I'm sorry what?" he said still looking Mer in the eyes. Her arms were now around his neck and one hand was buried in his hair.

He nodded while listening to the voice on the phone.

"Dr. Nelson" He tried but was talked over, "Dr Nelson" he said a bit louder. Still he was talked over, "Dr. Nelson!" Now he tried authoritative which seemed to work.

"You and I both know the patient isn't going to regain any brain activity. There was no need for you to contact me at home while I'm on leave. Hell even my residents would know the diagnosis," Derek wiggled his eyebrows a little at Mer indicating he meant her, "Now I'd like to get back to taking care of my wife. Please only call for an emergency that you truly are unsure of."

Without waiting for a response he closed his phone and pocketed it before pulling Mer in and kissing her briefly this time before resting his chin on her head and hugging her.

"Mmm, good morning," he said softly.

"Good morning, was that Shadow Shepherd?"

"Meredith," he let out an exaggerated sigh, "We've been over this his name is Dr. Nelson."

Mer gave him a look clearly stating everyone including Dr. Nelson was aware of the huge gap of ability between the two surgeons. Derek just sighed deciding to let the argument go… again.

"Yes it was him. He needed a consult," Derek winced knowing the statement validated the 'look' Mer had given him. He leaned in and kissed her again before jumping as some bacon grease hit his back. He turned around again and resumed cooking.

"How'd you sleep?" He asked concerned. He'd woken up a couple times to her shifting uncomfortably in the bed. Mer just shrugged and lifted her cast.

"This gets in the way," She moved to jump on to the counter next to him and snagged a piece of already cooked bacon that was piled on a plate.

"I'm sorry, I wish there was something I could do for you to help you." he said giving her his dreamy look that had his lips just barely curving into a smile as he leaned against the counter next to her. She smiled and reached up brushing a stray lock of hair off his forehead.

"You being in bed helped. I just snuggled up with you and it took my mind off of it so I got back to sleep quickly."

"Well if that helps you sleep you won't have to worry because I will be by your side every night" he smiled over at her and she smiled back.

"What if you have to be at the hospital?"

"Well either I'll come home or you'll come to the hospital. Apparently we're getting pretty good at sleeping on the couch together comfortably. We could sleep on the couch in my office or in an on-call room," He wiggled his eyebrows again with the on-call room suggestion. Mer giggled and hopped off the counter to get herself a glass of juice. She just winked at him as she walked to the cupboard and got a glass then to the fridge to grab the juice. She ran a hand over his back as she walked by him again then jumped back onto the counter to watch him cook. He seemed to be almost done since he put the bread in the toaster.

"So what should we do today?" She asked him and snagged another piece of bacon.

"I don't know. What would you like to do?"

"Maybe just watch movies all day?"

"Sounds good to me. Why don't you go set up the living room and I'll bring you breakfast," Mer smiled and leaned in and kissed his cheek.

"Such a good husband." She giggled and slid off the counter with her juice and sauntered out of the kitchen leaving him to watch her with a grin on his face.

A few hours later Lexie came rushing into the house calling out her brother-in-law's name, running right by the couch that Meredith and Derek were laying on.

"Derek!" Lexie ran up the stairs to check their room first before she heard Derek respond

"Lexie! We're down here!" He laughed gently against Mer's hair but wondered what the rush was.

They heard her run back down the stairs then she rushed to stand in front of the couch.

"Derek! You need to come to the hospital right now."

"Lexie, I'm on leave. They have other neuro guys they don't need me. I need to be here with my wife, your sister, who needs me."

"Derek, I'm fine," Mer said looking back at him, "If I was going to have any problems they would've shown already.

"Mer I'm staying until you're completely out of the clear."

"Derek, you have to come. The children of Shadow Shepherd…"

"Dr. Nelson!" Derek snapped. He'd let his wife get away with it but no one else. Lexie looked a little guilty and wasn't about to talk back to her boss even if he was her brother in law.

"Sorry- Dr. Nelson's patients kids' are furious."

"Nelson can handle family that's upset because of a grim prognosis. He doesn't need me to do any hand holding. And really if they want to talk to his superior get the chief to take care of it." Derek said exasperated.

"That's not it Derek, He operated."

"What!" Derek sat up as quickly as he could without jostling Mer too much.

"He didn't tell them the prognosis. He just went in and cut. The guy died on the table and now the kids are blaming it on him. On top of that there's a little boy that came in with some rare brain condition I've never heard of or read of and the chief won't let Nelson go near it. The parents are asking for you. They came from the east coast because they heard about how good you are. They heard about Issac's tumor and it's success. They won't let anyone near their kid except you."

Derek ran his hands trough his hair and groaned a little. The first thing he could pass off for the Chief to deal with but he couldn't pass off a child. He looked at Mer.

"Go Derek. I'll be fine. The little boy needs you more than I do right now." Derek sighed and leaned in and kissed her.

"Ok but only if there's someone here with you constantly while I'm not."

"The chief already set up a schedule for people to come over. He figured that was the only way he'd get you to come back to the hospital." Lexie said quickly causing Derek to sigh again and stand up.

"All right. I'll go shower and change and then head to the hospital. I take it you're the first person to stay?"

"Yeah. It goes through our house members then Bailey, Callie, Arizona.."

"Wait!" Mer said, "I don't need to take people out of work just to watch me. I don't need a baby sitter."

"They will be here only when they aren't scheduled at work. I'm the only one that is being pulled out of work because they need Derek right now."

Mer glared at Derek without saying anything. Derek shrugged and gave her "their" look. Mer rolled her eyes and sighed. This caused Derek to smile and lean down to kiss her again.

"I'll be home every night no matter what." He whispered remembering she had trouble sleeping without him.

Lexie was staring at them strangely and Mer noticed.


"You two. You're amazing." They looked at each other, both confused, then back at Lexie.

"What are you talking about?" Mer said.

"You guys just had an argument and resolved it without any words at all. You're just… amazing with how in sync you are. You are a great example of how marriage is supposed to work even if you only have a post-it marriage"

Derek grinned and Mer looked a little uncomfortable and rolled her eyes.

"Thank you Lexie" Derek said and hugged her then headed upstairs.

Mer glared at Lexie.

"You better not act like I'm an invalid. The only reason I'm going with this is because I want him to feel ok with going to the hospital and not worrying about me. So no actual baby sitting. Just hanging out. Got it?

"Ok." Lexie said smiling and looking forward to hanging out with her sister.