MY FIRST STORY :D And it's Amir X Heroine/Gretel/Anita! My favorite couple in this game! There's not enough stories about them, but I'm gonna change that! :D Wish me Luck! No harsh critique, please ^^''

A young blonde girl sat on an abandoned bench. It seemed quiet enough. A huge contrast to the rest of the city. She looked around, not seeing any sign of the man she was waiting for. All she knew about him was he was tall and his name was Felix. No, she wasn't here for a date. Quite the contrary. Last week, she saw an ad for a farmer in Zephyr Town. She never heard of it, but farming sounded excellent to her. The animals, the gardening, and a close-knit village out in the open!

The blonde girl stared into space, dreaming about her new life. Maybe she would find a nice man, unlike the guys in the city, to start a family with. She always wanted a famil-...

'WHOA! I should slow down... Farming's gonna need all my attention.' She thought, coming back to reality. Suddenly, she saw a man walking toward her. 'Oh... Is that Felix?'

When he came over, he grinned widly. "You our new rancher?" She nodded eagerly.

"Great! Then, let's get you to Zephyr Town! It's just outside the city!" Nodding again, she picked up the small carry-on and followed Felix. She saw him hail a taxi when she heard her name.

"A-Anita! WAIT!" She turned, seeing her cousin, and probably the only close person she knew in the city, running towards her. Tears threatened to appear, but she couldn't let him ruin her dream by making her doubt her decision. Turning again, she hurried into the taxi and it sped off.

The brown haired boy with a blue hat slowed to a stop, at the old abandoned bench, just staring as his cousin's taxi turned the corner, out of sight.

Anita faked a smile for Felix everytime he asked a question. Soon enough, the taxi reached the edge of Zephyr town. The two got out, thanked the driver and walked to the entrance. Anita gasped and looked around at the bazaar area. Felix laughed loudly at her awed face.

"Ah! We're finally here! This is your new home, Zephyr Town!"

Grinning, she nodded. "It's amazing!"

"Oh, by the way... Anita, was it? When's your birthday?" The girl just gave him a confused look. Then, he added, "Everyone in this town knows each others birthday. It's only necessarity that we learned the birthday of our newest farmer!"

'Farmer Anita... Yea, that sounds good.' With a small smile, she almostly sadly stated. "Winter 21st."

"The town's quite a sight at that time of year! Now, you've seen the site of our Bazaar! Once a week, the citizens of town set it up to attract visitors! Many things are sold and the customers always leave happy!"

Anita took another look around. As cool as it looked, the bazaar looked... some what deserted. Like it hadn't been touched in a while. She remained in her thoughts, until Felix spoke up again.

"Ahh, your face says it all... This bazaar used to be a much grander event. Now it's just a small market..."

Felix's face grew into a deep frown. Naturally unable to see other's upset, she put on her best determined face. "Felix! I want to open a shop in the bazaar! Maybe with my help, We can return its place to its former glory!" A surprised look appeared on Felix's face, but was quickly replaced by a grin. He chuckled loudly, while petting the girl's head. Fixing her hat, she smiled.

"Oh thank you, Anita. I'm sure we'll be able to become the best bazaar in the WORLD!"

"He he he... Let's start small. Like maybe Best Bazaar in the Region?" To that, Felix just nodded and led the new farmer to her new home.

Anita's POV

That day marked the rest of my life. I wouldn't change it for the world. Felix taught me how to grow my crops and I found all the shortcuts through twon. I made friends with everyone in town, but mostly with Kevin's family - who are now practically my own, and Stuart, Ethel and Daisy. I usually babysit Kevin when his parents are out, and he's so fun to catch bugs with. Daisy and the elder couple at the hotel acted like they knew me since forever when I met them. Daisy was quick to invite me to sleepovers and well.. helped me feel like a girl when I needed it!

My first bazaar was hard work, and I failed epicly! I didn't even make the 'Happiest Customers'. I was down, but I didn't give up! I eventually made it to 2nd place after my 8th bazaar. Dummy Lloyd beat me by 2000G. Ughh.. so close... Ah well!~

It's now Winter 4 and Kevin and Daisy keep asking me what I want for my birthday. I don't want anything at all really, but they keep bugging me.

Anyway, I have to finish my chores. I fed my 3 chickens, Nari, Soul and Alma. My sheep, Plati, was clipped and fed. Now my new calf, Mari. With a small chat and fodder in her bin, I walk out. I need a new plan for income. I can't let Lloyd beat me next time. I walked off of my land and stared at the waterfall. It was still beautiful, even when it was frozen. I broke whatever ores I saw, finding some common gems. When I looked up, I saw a glint on the cliff that was my shortcut to Felix's house. Interested, I jumped off the barrel and easily landed on the cliff. I walked toward the glint until I was right behind the mayor's house. I moved dust away until I found a silver coin. This could get a good price I guess. Somehow, I lost my footing and fell. I heard Felix yell my name and I shut my eyes.

CLIFF HANGER! What will happen to Anita?

No worries, AmirXAnita fluff soon to come! ^^