Dear Readers,

I've made up my mind! I'm cancelling this story! :D


NOT! Like I would ever do that. I'm planning on rewriting it though, cause I'm not particulary happy with it. It's not getting to the same place I originally wanted to. So, I decided I'm gonna take my time with it. Take it slllloooooow. Y'know? Sit down and read though my original notes. Then look back at what I have so far. All of that stuff.

I WON'T give up. I'd sooner... watch Twilight for 8 hrs staight!

Wish me luck. (Once I post the first new real chapter, I'm deleting this.)

OH yeah! ~ I'm ALSO working on a new story, that has nothing to with Harvest Moon! :D


Thanks~! DON'T KILL ME! O_O