UPDATED A/N: Hello there! I developed a longer summary for this story because so much goes on. (Sorry.)

Sweden and Finland live unaware of their feelings for each other. In a twist of faith, one small incident leads to a covered up plan of kidnapping and dominance. As Sweden and Finland struggle with their blooming relationship a certain someone works to stop that. Soon others are dragged in and try to escape unscathed from Russia's obsession.

Later on will include: rivalry ,kidnappings, yaoi, other pairings, fighting, and past rape

Themes of mystery, suspense, drama and romance

Main characters: Sweden, Finland, Russia

Other characters include: Prussia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Romano, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain, France, Japan, England, China, Norway, Denmark, Sealand, Iceland, America

Sweden sits outside eating bread on some doorsteps. It's about 5 in the morning, very cold too. He's waiting to go to work with Finland.

Hello, I'm Sweden. Me and my wife, Finland, live in a nice brown brick house. We sleep in different beds. I wouldn't have minded sleeping in the same bed as him [Finland], but he insisted. Saying something about being embarrassed. He must be very self-conscious. I asked him, but he said its more of being scared than something about self-confidence. Is he scared he might be terrible at sex or something? Oh, here he comes, let me ask him.

Here comes Finland, walking out of the house, he becomes startled as he feels something tug on his light blue aqua pants as he locked the door. He turns and sees it is Sweden glaring up at him. He nervously smiles and waves hello to him.

"H-hello Sve! I-I thought you left a while ago," nervously stuttered Finland as he sat next to Sweden, being polite even though he was shaking in uneasiness.

"No, I was waiting for you. Like a good man should," he mumbled as he looked straight at Finland's eyes, which frightened him [Finland].

"W-well thank you! Um, but, we don't work in the same building. I paint and you hammer, remember?" Finland said as he moved a little more far away from Sweden.

"I don't mind. Do you?"

"N-no! No I . . . . don't," said Finland in a depressed tone. He was used to always being polite and nice to everyone, so he didn't want to upset his good, too good, friend Sweden.

"Finland. Want some?" asked Sweden handing Finland the rest of his bread. Finland's eyes shined with delight as he grabbed it and started eating it.

Hmm. He looks like a very cute mouse gnawing on that.

Finland then slowly turned to Sweden feeling his heavy gaze on himself.

Ah, what's he doing! Scary! Scary!

"S-Sve, d-don't you have something you wanted to do or something?" asked Finland in complete fear.

"You look cute when you eat. Are you scared to have sex?"

"WAAAH?" exclaimed Finland terrified as he bolted up from the stairs. He started losing his balance, and started falling backwards. Sweden lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Finland, sliding his hands behind Finland's head before it hit the cold cement sidewalk. He landed right on top of the small nation.

"Ugh," uttered Sweden as he felt a small throb of pain from one of his hands. Finland then rolled from under Sweden's grasp and bolted up nervously. He realized what had happened, but ignored it and tried to help Sweden up.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's just that your question startled me and-!" before Finland can continue on freaking out, he noticed Sweden kept his back to him which was highly unusual.


Oh no, did I hurt his feelings? What should I do? Should I answer him? N-no, that's too weird. What did I do wrong? Was I too mean or-?

As Finland asked himself a million questions in his head, he heard one sound coming from Sweden; whimpering.

"S-Sve? What's wrong? Did I-?" as Finland grabbed Sweden's shoulder and turned him around, he noticed Sweden was grabbing his right wrist. Finland looked up into Sweden's face. He was in pain. He looked like he was trying his best not to cry.

"I'm sorry Sve! Is it broken? I'm sorry! C'mon, let's get you to the doctor!" said Finland as he grabbed Sweden's left shoulder and tried to get him to start walking. But Sweden didn't budge.

"C'mon Sve! It's going to start swelling up and the doctor's will have to-!"

Then Finland remembered.

Sve's afraid of doctors.

"I-it's nothing," Sweden mumbled as he swallowed his whimpers of pain as he talked. He didn't want to show weakness to Finland.

"But you broke your wrist because of me!" exclaimed Finland in a panic.

"Will you be with me?" asked Sweden calmly as he looked at Finland.


"Will you be with me and make sure they don't do anything bad to me?" asked Sweden.

"Sure Sve. Why wouldn't I? Now come on. I'll drive."

"Hold still!" yelled one of the nurses.

"Don't move!" yelled a doctor.

Sweden was struggling against a mob of nurses and doctors trying to strap him down on a chair. Finland hadn't been allowed in with him. He didn't trust these strangers. It's been a good 3 hours now, his wrist was very swollen. The doctors needed to inject his wrist so when they start to operate on it, they'd be able to fix his broken bones. They needed to staple them. And that scared Sweden.

"Sir, calm down! If we don't treat it right now, it'll take even longer to fix!" exclaimed one of the doctors. Sweden shook his head not wanting any part of this. Then everyone turned their heads as they heard loud banging from the other side of the white door.

Finland kicks the doors open, which had been locked, and stomps inside, shoves all the doctors and nurses away, only to gently grab the left arm of a surprised Sweden and sit him down on a chair. Finland crossed his arms and angrily turned to the medical staff.

"You're supposed to help him. And yelling and using force isn't going to help him forget his fear of needles and doctors. I'm going to stay by his side, like it or not!"

Everyone looks surprised. Who knew Finland had it in him to yell like that?

"Oh, and I'm so sorry about the door! I'm sorry about stomping in! Sorry!" He exclaimed nervously.

Everyone looked at him uneasily now.

"I don't want to," mumbled Sweden nervously as they held a needle above his right arm. A nurse held on his right arm, while as Finland had both his hands on Sweden's shoulders.

"You have to! So it won't hurt! Then they'll give you gas to go to sleep!" said Finland. Sweden shook his head.

"Distract him so he won't notice us giving him the shot," whispered a nurse to Finland.

"But wouldn't that be mean to lie to him?" whispered back Finland.

"Not if you distract him with something he'd like."

Finland looked mortified at the nurse.

The only thing I can think of is that question he asked me just this morning . . . .

Finland turned back at Sweden, who kept looking at his swollen wrist, his mouth making a trembling frown as he tried in holding the painful growls and whimpers.

"-sigh- H-Hey Sve," mumbled Finland nervously as he looked away, too embarrassed to look him in the eye. His whole face was red.


"R-remember that question you asked me? About the one of me being scared to have sex?" asked Finland uneasily.


The doctor was finding a vein.

"Well, I want you to help me with it."


"Well," Finland uttered. The nurse made him hand signals to say whatever it was that would distract him right now.

"Would you have sex with me? !" yelled Finland as his hands tightened as he held Sweden's shoulders. Everyone stared shocked at him. The doctor was able to give him the shot just in time for him to not notice it.

Sweden's eyesight started to go blurry; he found it harder and harder to sit up straight. But he tried as much as he could to look at Finland's face.


Sweden slouched onto one side, going unconscious. Some male nurses came in with a stretcher and heaved him in it. Finland calmly watched them take Sweden away. He sighed and got up to follow them.

"Well that's over. I hope I did the right thing," mumbled Finland as he slowly paced after them. He then held up his left hand onto his chest.

Why is my heart racing so fast? Why is my face burning red? Why am I still thinking about that thing I told Sve?

"I think I'm letting my fear for him get to me, yeah, that's it," smiled Finland to himself.

Why is this feeling of uneasiness, not for his safety, but what I just told him?