"Skippa, what are you playing?" Private asked coming up to the three penguins(conveniently playing the wii?).

"Uh," Skipper paused the game. "Something, but were done, you can play something if you like," Skipper said turning off the wii. Private blinked. Then sighed. The game they were playing was Dark Inferno. He only knew that because he`d seen the movie. If you wanted to know scary.

Faith would let me play. Private thought blankly. "What day is it today?" Private asked.

"Thursday," Kowalski answered before entering his lab. Thursday, she should be home. He sometimes went to Faith`s for beer and stuff. Never on a Thursday. She won't be home Friday. Saturday she isn't somber enough to answer anything.

Deciding to go for a walk he headed out.

"Where are you going Private?" Skipper asked.

"A walk," Private answered. Before hopping out of the HQ and into the park.

Down by the pond he went over to find the familiar fox hole.

Sliding into Faith`s house he looked around. Faith was on the computer.

"Faith?" Private asked.

"What kid?" Faith said, not taking her eyes off the screen.

"Can I-" Private started.

He was cut off by Faith. "You goddamn CAR!" she screeched.

"What are you playing?" Private asked.

"Frogger," Faith replied, looking at him.

"Can I play the Xbox?" she asked.

"Sure," Faith said.

Faith turned on some music and grabbed some beer out of the fridge. Throwing him a bottle she went back to the computer.

Private scanned the games availed. She had everything from Mario Party to Dark Inferno to Fallout: New Vegas.

Private grabbed New Vegas and put it in the Xbox. He`d played the Xbox before but he`d never played a rated M game.

Apparently New Vegas a new game because Faith was only 3/4ths of the way done.

After playing for a little Private finally saw why it was rated M. Sex. Always sex. Faith refers to it as an excuse to keep young America from knowing what really goes on in the real world.

He was so focused on the game that he hadn't noticed Faith moving from her computer to the couch. Private played for another hour before falling asleep. Faith sighed and took the controller.

"Trust me kid, I did that to," Faith said then chuckled at herself.

Another one-shot. I think the more Private's around Faith, the more he loses his innocence. R&R.