'Stop calling, stop calling, I don't wanna think anymore. I left my head and my heart on the dance floor!' Farrah Montgomery performed her final twist in the air and landed in the arms of her fellow cheerleaders, indicating the end of their sequence.

The audience in the bleachers erupted with applause and wolf-whistles. The girls pranced off the court and sat with everyone else, watching as the next group of cheerleaders from a different school took centre court to perform.

Farrah lifted her water bottle to her mouth and took a swig. "Good job everyone," She commented, "I think we're in with a real shot of winning the inter-county finals." She tightened the ribbon in her long blonde hair.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Courtenay replied, lowering her voice. "This group are pretty good too." "Maybe, but they'll have a job to keep up with us Seabreeze girls!" Harmony grinned, crossing her arms.

The three girls attended Seabreeze High School in Daytona, Florida. They had made friends on their first day at school and had all tried out for the cheer squad on the same day. Now they were all seventeen, and in their senior years, and still as close as ever.

Farrah was made head cheerleader when she was fifteen and had done a good job. The Seabreeze Cheer squad had won many awards under her reign. She smiled to herself as she remembered her first day as a cheerleader; the day she had finally felt like she fitted in.

She was snapped back to her senses as another round of applause echoed around the gymnasium. She turned to Harmony. "How did they do? I was in my own little world for a second." Harmony laughed and replied, "Pretty good I guess, but one of the younger girls slipped up when they did the cartwheels."

"That's too bad," Courtenay sympathised, "She must've been so embarrassed. I would be!"

"Shh, they're announcing the winners!" Farrah whispered. She held her breath.

"The runners up of the inter-county finals for cheerleading are as follows: Mainland High School in third place and Spruce Creek High School in second. The winners...Seabreeze High School!"

The bleachers exploded with applause and cheers. Farrah and her friends took to the court one more time for the presentation of prizes. As she lifted the trophy, she could only beam! This really was the life!

The bus back to Seabreeze High School was very lively. Ms Delta, the coach of the cheer squad got the girls to sing all the way back to school.

"Another medal to add to my collection! We couldn't have done this without you." Courtenay grinned, cupping her medal in her hands. "Your choreography is what wins us these things!"

"Oh no, come on Court!" Farrah replied modestly, "I mean we have our wonderful coach to thank, and you girls are great. What can I say?"

"Just take the compliment!" Harmony laughed, nudging Farrah lightly on the arm.

The three girls were sat at the back of the bus, spread out across five seats.

"Now girls, I have to remind you that there are more tryouts when we get back to school. It should only take half an hour." Ms Delta announced from the front seat next to the driver.

Everyone groaned. The girls were tired; it had been a long day for them.

"Can we not just lock the trophy away and go home?" Olivia Westwood called from one of the middle rows.

The school bus turned into the school drive and dropped the girls off outside the building. It was deadly silent. Lessons were still under way, but not for much longer.

The girls managed to have a quick rest before the bell rang, and a handful of girls piled into the gymnasium ready for tryouts.

Farrah and her friends recognised most of them, but there was one girl who stood out. A girl she didn't recognise...

"Who's that?" Farrah whispered, pointing to the girl on the right side. She had golden coloured hair, was not very tall for her age, and piercing blue eyes. She was very pretty and very slim but muscular.

Courtenay and Harmony both stared for a few moments. "No idea." Harmony whispered back. Courtenay turned to Farrah. "I've never seen her before. She must be new." She said.

Farrah simply nodded.

Ms Delta turned on the CD player and signalled to Farrah. "Okay. Who's up first?" She called.

Half an hour dragged on, and Farrah was becoming bored. She didn't know what it was, but most of these girls had nothing original to offer. They all did cartwheels, various dance and gymnastic moves, but nothing interesting or unusual.

Farrah and her friends were about to give up hope, when it was finally the new girl's turn.

"Name please?" Farrah asked.

The girl confidently approached Farrah and shook her hand, looking her straight in the eye, smiling. "I'm Destiny." She introduced. "I'm new to this school."

"Hi, well I'm Farrah. And this is Harmony, and this is Courtenay." Farrah replied, indicating the two girls sitting either side of her. "So are you ready?"

"You bet." Destiny replied. The music started, and almost immediately Farrah regretted the doubt she first had. It was like a firework had been let off in the gymnasium. The entire Seabreeze cheer squad sat astounded by the girl's performance.

She performed various twists, flips and impossible gymnastics on the mats. When her tryout was over, the entire gymnasium gave her a standing ovation.

Destiny dazzled everyone with her smile and curtseyed. "Thankyou." She cried.

"Results from the tryouts will be pinned on the bulletin boards on Monday!" Ms Delta called as the girls left the hall. Farrah and her friends had the entire weekend to make their decision... Like they needed to!

"There's no question about it. Destiny is a definite yes!" Farrah exclaimed as she and her friends sat in her bedroom that night.

"That girl was like a firework! She was amazing, the way she just burst into life!" Harmony cried, taking a bite of pizza.

"She was definitely the best. The others just didn't have as much je ne sais quoi!" Courtenay agreed.

"Okay, so Destiny... Yes! Who else?" Farrah asked, writing Destiny's name on the top of the list.

"I liked Roseanne too. She did a pretty good split, and she was pretty fast and efficient." Courtenay replied, picking a mushroom off her pizza slice. "She was the auburn girl that went fourth."

"I liked her too. I also liked Emma, the one who transferred last year. She wasn't too bad." Harmony chipped in.

"Right, just one more." Farrah said, writing down the names in her neat handwriting.

The girls pondered long and hard before Farrah finally spoke. "I liked that girl, Summer, too. She was good."

Once they were all agreed on names, they looked over their list and nodded triumphantly.

"Right, now that's over with, who's up for watching a horror movie and eating snacks till midnight?" Farrah laughed.

The girls all giggled and turned out the lights, switching on a DVD. As Farrah curled up in her warm duvet, she thought back over the day's events, then paused as she realised that Destiny's name seemed familiar. She shook it off, she had never seen her. She couldn't be anyone she knew.

Could she?