Well, this is a quick fic about everybody's favorite psychopath musing about the similarities between him and Ryou.

YGO is not mine.

Smiles. What meaningless, pathetic gestures they are. Ryou gives them to everybody, all the time, and they always mean absolutely nothing. One can usually find a smile of one kind or another on my face, and their value is also absolutely zero.

Though he will always deny it, Ryou and I are more alike than he will let on. We have both seen horrors that quite honestly make a normal person crap their pants and scream for their mommies.

Not that Ryou and I even have mommies to scream for, anyway.

Ryou's smile has become so much a part of him that it is sort of frightening for me to see him take it off, so to speak. Sometimes I watch him cry in his room late at night, screaming and throwing his possessions around in a frenzy of tears and shouts.

He blames many people for what has happened to him.

He blames that other driver for killing his mother and little sister.

He blames his father for abandoning him.

For giving him the Millennium Ring.

For giving him me.

He blames the bullies at school for making him feel bad about himself.

He blames me for taking away his friends.

But most of all, he blames himself for his crushing inability to wipe that smile off his face and tell someone (anyone) how he feels. I was the same way when I was younger.

I blamed Aknamkanon for destroying my village.

I blamed the soldiers for obeying the Pharaoh's orders.

I blamed the whole country of Egypt for letting this happen.

I blamed myself for not being brave enough to stand up for my people. And still, I smiled and tried to be cheerful. But one day, I don't know when, I don't know how, something happened and the smile…broke. I believe that is when I became the batshit crazy psychopath we all know today.

I used to cry at night as well. I would scream and bawl and shout and beg…all in vain, of course. Until my smile broke.

So smile on, little Ryou. I'll be patient with you.

Until your smile breaks.