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How could he? She poured her heart out to him; they all did! And he spared them nothing but an apathetic glance, as if he was too superior to acknowledge them!

Hinata's uniform skirt bounced with every angry stride she took. Her only friend Sakura came to her, crying her eyes as another girl shot down by that oh so mighty Uchiha, Sasuke. Was he sadistic, was that the reason he caused so many girls so much hurt? He didn't reject their feelings gently, he didn't humour them; he didn't even try to look sorry or sympathetic.

She just didn't understand how someone could be so cruel!

Hinata turned the next corner; he always sat in the same place at lunch, surrounded by all his friends.

He doesn't deserve them!

Pure red rage built up in the normally shy girl; she was absolutely fed up with how many girls she knew he shot down. She had seen how he did it; he made it sound as if they were pathetic and desperate and weren't worth his time. He had the nerve to make fun of them!

No more! She screamed in her head, her frown now turning into a glare as she didn't notice all the students she passed by looking at her as if she was a rampaging beast.

There he was, standing there being admired and envied by her fellow classmates; it was ridiculous! She walked straight up to the gaggle of people she normally shirked away from; not many people noticed her, she was barely talked to besides Sakura, and even she didn't talk often with Hinata because she had so many of her own friends. Hinata never liked attention, but she didn't care if she was about to catch the eye of every single student and faculty member. She was just so angry!

"Hey Sasuke, you've got two for two today, and before lunch is over!" one of his friends cackled.

"I wonder what she's going to confess?" another one wondered in amusement.

"Hey does she even go to this school?" two of them discussed.

She didn't care. She didn't care. She didn't care!

She walked right up to him.

Sasuke gave her a tired glare, expecting the same thing every time, and straightened to regard her at his full height.

"Look, don't you have something better to do? You're wasting-"


He stopped his sentence when a white chock blinded his vision as the girl's outstretched hand was still at her side and Sasuke felt the full force of her hit burn his cheek; he moved his head from looking to the side back at her. He still had that damn bored look on his face.

How dare he?

She screamed everything, every frustration of having her only friend shot down; every single time a fellow classmate was plagued with the sadness that Sasuke spread; he was a virus for the heart.

"How dare you? How could you? Every day, you get hoards of girls that adore you and you can't even say one nice thing? Everyone admires you! Everyone loves you! Everyone wants to be you and you can't even acknowledge it because of your super-inflated narcissistic ego! Your devoid of empathy and kindness and anything else that's human! You're heartless!" She shrieked.

Her last words echoed throughout the hallway as every person stood frozen in place, staring at her. Sasuke's friends just stood there with their mouths wide open. Hinata had felt something emerge from her anger; her eyes began to sprout new tears. Why am I crying? Am I really so weak that I can't even be angry at him?

Damn him!

She started shaking, but she wouldn't back down. She looked up to stare him straight in those deep black holes he had for eyes. And she only got a cruel blank stare back.

"You insult me, and you end up crying?" he mocked quietly. Hinata clenched her fists.

"Well, a-at least I f-f-feel something! At least I have e-emotions!" she shot back.

It seemed like eternity that she stood there, in front of his scornful gaze, trapped in the icy abyss.

The silence was broken by the bell that signified lunch was over at it seemed to wash the old Hinata over the new. With burning cheeks, she turned without a word and stalked off. Slowly, the life in the school returned to normal.

"Wasn't expecting that" a boy muttered to the rest of the companions as they gathered their bags.

"Ready to go Sasuke?" a blonde clamped his hand on Sasuke's shoulder, who was still watching the direction the girl had walked away in.

"I forgot a book in my locker. You guys go ahead." Sasuke waved lazily, turning the opposite direction and walking towards his locker. The blonde shrugged at the rest of his friends and they walked to class.


Sasuke's hand was shaking terribly as he tried to pick up the heavy English textbook.

Damn! He cursed as he gripped his right hand with his left, trying to stop the shaking. The burning in his cheek hadn't stopped, but it was nothing compared to the tightness he felt constricting in his chest.

That one word that girl had screamed at him, her label for him, rang in his ears.




~Really Little Brother, you shouldn't be so heartless~

Damn her!


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