This remake of The Servant Girl may be slightly different in ways. Do not be alarmed if there are missing elements or new ones.

God how he hated it. "It" being anything he could get his hands on. His undying fury was getting the better of him as he picked up a bookcase and launched it across the fine dining hall of his family's castle like it was a pebble. It caved in and shattered, expelling the innocent books everywhere.

Two hundred years. Two hundred agonizing, distressing, tormenting, insufferable years he waited. Patiently at times. Other times his absolute frustration consumed him and sent him into a sissy fit of fury, such as now. He blew his raven hair out of his eyes in a huff of annoyance.

In an attempt to calm down, he called out to his brother. "Itachi! Come here!" He snarled out. Sasuke hands were fisted his fury causing his nails to lengthen into talons. A small line of blood dripped down his hand as his razor-sharp talons cut into his palm.

The door to the library opened almost silently, but to Sasuke's trained ears it was as if someone announced his brother's arrival. From behind the heavy wooden door emerged none other than Itachi Uchiha. His long sleek black hair was held behind his head in a loose ponytail. Itachi's expression resembled that of a child's at a funeral. Absolute Boredom. Itachi was accustomed to Sasuke's fits; in fact he could predict them almost to the exact second.

"What is it now Sasuke?" Itachi's silky voice echoed through the vast library. Sasuke huffed in response not sure what to say. Itachi rolled his eyes, a smirk plastered to his handsome features. Sasuke was just too predictable sometimes. Itachi knew why Sasuke called him; Sasuke wanted someone to comfort him. He just was bad at showing it.

"How long has it been now? One hundred, One hundred-fifty years?" Itachi spoke, casually planting himself in a fluffy armchair. Sasuke crossed his arms across his chest and growled out.

"Two hundred and seventy five." Itachi chuckled, "You're so desperate foolish brother." Itachi teased. Sasuke walked with godlike grace over to the colossal window at the end of the library and stared out of it, deep in thought.

"I don't want to wait anymore." Sasuke spoke quietly. Itachi sighed and got up from his seat and walked over to his brother. Sasuke was the spitting image of his brother, except for the fact that Itachi a few inches taller and Sasuke had a hairstyle that resembled that of a popular domesticated bird.

"Why are you so eager? We all meet them eventually, its fate." Itachi said placing a hand on his brother's shoulder. Sasuke sighed, calming down. His talons shortened into regular finger nails and his once blood red eyes turned back to their original shade of onyx.

"I feel alone and empty. I'm tired of this feeling." Sasuke's voice was vacant and monotone. Itachi huffed, "Oh I see. I might as well not be here then right?" Itachi remarked sarcastically.

"That's not what I-" Sasuke began, but Itachi interrupted him quickly. "I know. I was the same way for a while."

Sasuke sighed again, "Can you do me a favor?" Sasuke's usually cold and uncaring mask that he usually wore was long gone and the soft and caring Sasuke was showing.

"That depends on what it is." Itachi said removing his hand from his younger brother's shoulder. Itachi smirked, "I'm not going to go on a hunt for your mate if that's what you're hoping for."

Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha were vampires. But not just any vampires. Purebloods. Both their mother and father were vampires; there was not a single drop of humanity in either of the two Uchihas. They wielded the inconceivable power that only vampires could posses. No one dared challenge them; no one even dared to look at them in the wrong way. Sasuke, although he resembled an extremely handsome and sexy seventeen year old, was in reality four hundred and twenty-three years old. Itachi appeared to be no more than twenty two, but was actually five hundred and sixty-four.

When Sasuke was still only a fledgling vampire, his senses and abilities just beginning to surface, their trusted uncle Orochimaru had slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan in cold blood. Itachi and Sasuke were the only survivors. The Uchiha's enormous castle was now home to five, Sasuke, Itachi, their friend Naruto, the spiritual leader of the vampires Kakashi and their advisor Neji, as well as numerous servants and slaves.

"No, could you get Ryuu to summon Karin, the noblewoman." Sasuke almost pleaded. Itachi huffed, "Her? She barely matches your riddle, and she's stuck up as well."

A Riddle is the only hints a vampire will get to find his or her mate. The short riddle gives very vague details of their appearance and maybe their personality. Only purebloods receive a riddle, and only purebloods can claim a mate. Normal vampires, or ones that were once human, can go through as many partners as they choose, but a mate is forever and the pureblood vampire will love no one else but them. When a pureblood baby is born the spiritual leader, Kakashi, will receive the riddle once the baby vampire has tasted its first drop of human blood.

"Please?" Sasuke turned to his brother and gave him the most pitiful look that anyone had ever seen. Itachi groaned, "I guess."

"Thank you Itachi." Sasuke could hug his brother, but his ego held him in place, so instead he flashed one of his rare smiles.

"Don't act all happy." Itachi joked before walking away from his younger brother. Sasuke only smirked.

Gleaming emerald eyes scanned her petite figure. Sakura Haruno pressed down her dress that fell past her ankles and dragged along the floor a bit. Hastily she peered out the window and sighed in relief, the sun hadn't risen yet, which was good. As long as the sun was hidden behind the horizon, Sakura was allowed to stay in her room and do nothing. This, to her, was the best thing in the world.

Turning back to the mirror she began to comb through her long pink hair. Sakura had always admired her hair; it was such an abnormal shade that she felt unique, even special. Normally, her long pastel tresses fell to just below her middle back, but as she expertly put the silky hair into a braid it only reached in between her shoulders.

Quickly, she checked the window once more and disappointment hit her stomach like ton of bricks. All though the sun was still hidden behind the horizon, the pink and purple hues began to paint the sky in an abstract masterpiece. Sakura sighed and checked herself once more in the mirror before leaving her room and shutting the door behind her. Her mind drifted as she swiftly made her way through the winding hallways and staircase's of the manor.

Her thin deep green dress was tattered slightly and was stained in places but covered her, and that was all Karin cared about.

Karin, known to most as a kind and loving noble was in reality of self-absorbed witch with her nose held high and stick up her butt. Sakura pushed the degrading thoughts of her master out of her head as she reached her door. With a pale hand, Sakura lightly knocked on the thick wooden door.

"Come in." Sakura heard Karin call from the other side. Quietly Sakura opened the door and entered the room. Karin was still in her bed, the noble's fire red hair lay messily across the pillow.

Silently, Sakura hurried across the room and swiftly opened the curtains, pulling back the thick red material, and letting the warm sunshine in.

Sakura smiled, "Good Morning Karin-sama. It's a beautiful day outside." Karin groaned in response. Although it took a while, but eventually the noblewoman sat up in her king-sized bed and yawned loudly.

"What would you like for breakfast this morning miss?" Sakura asked kindly, that bright smile still plastered to her angelic face.

"Lots of bacon and eggs, scrambled. But don't give me any large clumps ok? Oh, and orange juice with no pulp. Got that shimobe?" Karin said pulling back her thick blankets and standing up. Karin wore a thin nightgown that barely covered her breasts and stopped just above her mid-thigh. Karin's ruby eyes were hazy and had slight bags under them.

"Yes ma'am." Sakura answered before she exited her master's luxurious room. The kitchen was on the lower floor of the castle, in the far back corner. It took Sakura a few minutes to reach there. Pushing the heavy wooden door open, Sakura was not surprised to see Daisuke, the castle's cook.

"Good morning Daisuke." Sakura called letting the man know she was there. Daisuke was a tall man, not someone you would expect to find in the kitchen. His golden locks and bright green eyes were kind and warm. Daisuke was not that much older than Sakura, while she was 16 he was 18 give or take a year. Truthfully, he himself didn't know. He was brought here after his family was killed in a vampire raid, he was six.

"Morning Cherry Blossom! I made you some toast." Daisuke said cheerfully handing the pinkette a slightly charred piece of bread.

"Thank you so much! Karin-sama wants lots of bacon; a whole plate of it will do, and finely scrambled eggs." Sakura said as she delicately bit into her toast.

"Alright, do you want anything else?" Daisuke asked as he turned to start fixing Karin's breakfast.

"No thank you I'm fine." Sakura smiled. Unlike anyone else with a brain, Sakura was completely oblivious to the fact that Daisuke was in love with her.

Unlike what you would expect, vampires, werewolves and all the other mystical creatures were accepted into society, even admired. Vampires were the first to reveal themselves to humans, after many years of war, humans and vampires came up with a compromise. Humans cannot kill vampires and vampires cannot kill humans, as simple as that. The royal vampire family, the Uchihas, regulate this rule.

Sakura put a small film over Karin's goblet before pouring the orange juice through it; this caught all the pulp quite easily.

Once the mistress' breakfast was done and Sakura had bid farewell to Daisuke, she quietly made her way back to her master's room. Sakura had to be extra careful not to spill the tray of food she carried, although this was very routine and Sakura could probably run with it and not spill a thing, she was still careful .

Sakura lightly knocked on the door, and after receiving an aggravated answer she walked into the room. Karin was already dress in beautiful light pink dress that was decorated with white pearls along the neckline and waist. The redhead was seated at the small wooden table by the window where she usually ate her breakfast. Karin held a small piece of paper and was staring at it intensely.

Gently, Sakura placed the tray onto the table and stepped back to Karin could eat. Her eyes never leaving the paper she took a piece of bacon and savagely bit into it practically swallowing whole. Despite Sakura's growing hunger, she remained silent.

I'll eat later. She told herself, trying to ignore the slight pain in her stomach. A bright smile lit up Karin's face as she put down the paper.

"Shimobe! Guess what!" Karin squealed in delight. Sakura forced a smile, "What ma'am?"

"Look!" Karin said shoving the paper into Sakura's chest. She hastily read the note.

Dear Miss Karin,

You have been summoned by the Uchiha family to stay at their home. You will be informed of why you are there when you arrive. Leave as soon as possible. You may bring anyone you wish. A servant will arrive soon to escort you.

Sakura read and reread the note trying to make sure she read it wrong. The Uchiha family. Uchiha. She hadn't thought of that name in years. A lump formed in her throat, but she didn't show it.

"This is wonderful Karin-sama. What do think the Uchihas want?" Sakura asked, handing the note back to Karin.

"Well, I'm assuming it's to woo me." Karin said clutching the paper to her chest and staring at the ceiling, her mind drifting into wonderland.

"Excuse me?" Sakura asked politely. Karin was pulled from her daydream and scowled at Sakura.

"Do you listen Shimobe? They probably want to marry me!" Karin said, striking Sakura on the back of her head.

"I'm sorry Karin-sama." Sakura said lowering her head in submission. Karin began to eat her breakfast again, completely ignoring Sakura.

So, Sakura began to pack for their journey. "What dresses would you like to take Karin-sama?" She asked, entering her master's oversized closet that held hundreds of luxurious gowns.

"All of them!" Karin yelled giddily. "Yes ma'am."

Sakura worked, while Karin ate. While Sakura folded one of the thick garments delicately a metal goblet found its way to her "oversized" forehead. She cried out in surprise as the silver object made contact to her forehead. Sakura lost her balance and fell back onto her behind, whimpering slightly.

After a few seconds, Sakura pulled herself out of the daze and saw Karin glaring at her. Sakura stood, her dress now covered in orange juice.

"Karin-sama, I'm so sorry!" Sakura said bowing as low as her body would allow. Sakura halfway hoped the floor would swallow her.

"There was pulp in my drink shimobe!" Karin screeched. "How could you make such a stupid mistake! I ask for one simple thing and you can't even get that right."

Sakura whimpered slightly but hid her throbbing pain. "I'm sorry Karin-sama." She whispered. Karin furiously crossed her arms.

"Good. Now, brush my hair." Karin ordered. Sakura hastily made her way to the noblewomen's oversized bathroom and grabbed the silver brush. Karin sat in her chair, munching on some bacon when Sakura returned.

"I'm back." Sakura spoke, letting her master know she was there. Karin remained silent as Sakura went to work. As she gently brushed out the tangles from the woman's fiery red hair Karin began a conversation.

"I never thought to ask, but is that your natural hair color?" Karin asked, scowling slightly as Sakura tugged on her hair to remove a knot.

"Yes." Sakura answered plainly. Karin nodded her mind seeming to be elsewhere. Sakura wondered what troubling thing Karin could be thinking about.

Once Sakura finished she brushed through all the hair once more just to make sure before she spoke. "All done." Sakura said proudly.

Karin stood silently and walked over to her bathroom, Sakura followed. "What dress would you like to wear today?" She asked.

"I don't need you now. I will get ready by myself. Gather my brother and any other servants I might need. We leave tonight." Karin ordered. Sakura nodded.

"Yes Karin-sama." Sakura quickly left the room and hurried down the hall towards Suigetsu's, Karin's half brother, room. After many twists and turns she made it to the nobleman's room. She lightly knocked.

The door opened to reveal a seventeen year old boy a bit taller than her with aqua blue hair and deep purple eyes. He smiled at the sight of her, showing off his razor sharp teeth.

"Well Sakura-chan, this is a surprise. What do I owe the pleasure?" He asked licking his lips. Sakura smiled. "Have you finally accepted my offer of becoming my woman instead of working for my sister?" He asked.

"I'm sorry but no. Karin-sama told me to inform that she is being summoned by the Uchihas and would like you to accompany her." Sakura said politely.

"Will you be going?" Suigetsu asked raising an eyebrow. Sakura shrugged slightly, Karin had never said she was taking Sakura. Sakura hoped that she didn't

"I'm not sure." Sakura spoke twiddling her thumbs. Suigetsu smirked, "Well if she doesn't bring you then I will."

"No, it's fine. You don't need to do that." Sakura said waving her hands in dispute. "Besides, you already have Hinata-chan; one more servant would only be a burden." Hinata Hyuuga was Suigetsu's personal servant, like Sakura was to Karin. Although she was supposed to be the heir to a powerful clan, her father had made some bad bets and had lost her to Suigetsu in a card game.

"But I won't bring you as a servant. I will bring you as my woman." Suigetsu spoke huskily. Sakura blushed slightly.

"Suigetsu-sama, I appreciate your offer, but I am a peasant and you are a noble. You would be better off with someone of equal status." Sakura replied. An arm snaked around her waist causing her to gasp slightly. Suigetsu pulled her to him.

"I don't care about that." Suigetsu whispered in her ear. Sakura stuttered for an answer, but found none.

"Suigetsu-sama, I need to get back to Karin-sama." She stuttered out finally. Suigetsu released her and smiled.

"I'll see you late then." Suigetsu said smirking. Sakura nodded and began to make her way to the kitchens to see Daisuke.

When she finally pushed open the swinging kitchen doors a sense of relief washed over her. Quickly scanning the room, she found her brunette companion almost instantly.

"Daisuke." She called to him, distracting him from his work. He smiled at the sight of her; he sat down his cutting knife and wiped away the grime on his hands on his worn pants.

"Sakura-chan, I didn't expect to see you until lunch time." He said with a brilliant smile on plastered onto his face. Sakura giggled.

"Karin-sama needs you and some other servants to accompany her." Sakura said getting straight to business.

"Where?" Daisuke asked his blue eyes questioning. Sakura's mood fell slightly at remembering the destination.

"She has been summoned by the Uchihas." Sakura replied. Daisuke's eyes widened a bit. "Really?" He asked, making sure it wasn't a joke.

"Really. I'm sorry for such a quick visit but I need to get back to Karin-sama." Sakura said turning to leave.

"So who should I bring?" Daisuke asked before she could leave. "Whoever you think will be needed. Maids won't be necessary, but a couple of Karin-sama's closer servants will do."

Daisuke nodded and smiled. Sakura half-heartedly returned the smile before saying, "Well, I need to get back to Karin-sama. I'll see you soon Daisuke-kun."

"Alright, have a good day." Daisuke replied with a small wave. Sakura returned the wave as she exited the kitchen and trudged back to her master's room.

Knocking lightly Sakura waited for a reply. A feeling of dread entered her stomach that Sakura couldn't identify. After a short reply from Karin, she entered the spacious room. Karin stood in front of the table, blocking the contents on it.

"Miss Karin, your brother and some other servants will be joining on your trip to the Uchiha manor." Sakura informed as she shut the door behind her.

"Good. Now, have you packed your things?" Karin asked never turning to face the confused seventeen year old rosette.

"I-I didn't know if I was accompanying you or not." Sakura stuttered. Karin sighed as if she expected it. In Karin's eyes Sakura was an infant, incapable of doing anything.

"Well, once we are done with this. Go pack. The servant from the Uchiha's has already arrived. We will leave as soon as possible." Karin informed. Her voice was scary calm for Karin. Usually Sakura could tell how Karin was feeling from her over exaggerated voice, but now, Karin was a blank slate that Sakura couldn't read.

"Alright, will you be needing anything else miss?" Sakura asked politely. Karin picked up something the clattered against the fine wood of the table. Sakura assumed it was something metal and the thought made her stomach twist in anxiety.

Karin turned to reveal several bottles of a dark liquid and in her hand she held a gleaming pair of silver scissors. Sakura was confused for a moment but then Karin pulled out a chair and motioned for Sakura to sit. Then, Sakura had a good idea what was going on.

Sakura sat in the chair uncomfortably. She felt the braid in her hair being undone and her long tresses falling in smooth coral waves. Karin testing opened and closed the scissors twice. Sakura heard the metallic scraping of the scissors and inwardly flinched.

As Karin sliced the scissors across her hair, she felt the weight of her hair leave, leaving Sakura with an empty feeling. When her hair was cut jaggedly above her shoulders, Sakura noticed Karin picking up one of the bottles. Pulling the cork off the top, Karin poured the thick black liquid on top of Sakura's head. The cool liquid made Sakura shiver.

Her hair was the one thing Sakura loved. It was the one thing that identified her and made her different from just any other maid. So as the dye covered her precious hair, she felt her identity being ripped away from her. Now she was just another face in the crowd.

The boiling sun beat down on Sakura's new black hair. Her new shaded tresses absorbed the suns heat and made her sweat profusely. Three days had passed since Karin had dyed Sakura's beloved hair. Since then they had been traveling day and night with few stops. While Karin and Suigetsu rode in luxury in a large carriage pulled by two majestic black horses, Sakura and all the other servants were forced to walk. Hinata and Daisuke walked with Sakura comforting her for the loss of her hair.

Sakura's brilliant green eyes examined Hinata; she wore a grayish-blue dress with short puffy sleeves. In honesty, Sakura was always jealous of Hinata. No matter what the dark-headed sixteen year old wore, Hinata always seemed to shine to look regal in anything.

"Sakura-chan, are you alright?" Hinata asked, concern written in her dazzling opaque purple eyes. Her dark hair was pulled up into delicate bun; stray strands of hair fell into her face.

"I'm fine." Sakura said with a smile. She wore a short sleeve grey dress that was almost threadbare. Sakura's now short black hair was pulled back into a small low ponytail. "My feet are just sore."

"Well we should be there soon. Aren't you excited? My cousin is their advisor and I haven't seen him since I was young." Hinata said with a small hint of glee.

"Wow that's amazing." Sakura replied. Sakura knew Hinata was important but to know her cousin was the advisor of the Uchihas just made the thought of Hinata being a servant that much more bizarre.

"Have you ever met a vampire Sakura-chan?" Daisuke asked. Sakura's stomach twisted at the question and she was faced with a dilemma. Tell the truth and deal with the consequences now? Or, lie and deal with the consequences later? Sakura sighed.

"Yeah." She said solemnly. Daisuke raised a blond eyebrow. Daisuke wore a plain brown shirt with black pants. Sakura wondered why Daisuke was even coming. The Uchihas must have their own cooks, why would Karin need to bring her own? The thought confused Sakura.

"Wow, where?" Daisuke asked in awe. The carriage stopped abruptly causing the three servants to jump. Sakura looked up to see a massive castle that haunted her dreams. It was strongly guarded. Armed knights lined the walls with the Uchiha emblem proudly on their chest. The Uchiha emblem of a red and white fan was on every flag that billowed in the soft wind.

"We are here." The driver of the coach said. Sakura could almost hear Karin's squeal of excitement. She couldn't help but sigh. Without saying it out loud she inwardly answered Daisuke's question. Here