Days passed. A week. Yet Sakura would not wake up. After explaining why there were now two Sakuras to Naruto they had returned to the Uchiha castle and Sasuke had taken his unconscious mate to his room and hadn't been seen since. Kiba and Werewolf Sakura, now called Saku, were inseparable. The years apart had not hindered their strong relationship. Hinata and Naruto became more comfortable around each other and Hinata had even begun to stop stuttering around the fox demon.

Saku finally fed up with Sasuke holding himself and Sakura in his room had decided to put an end to the vampire's moping. As long as he was around Sakura, he couldn't mourn and heal. She detached herself from the possessive werewolf and darted for Sasuke's room. As she passed by the missing elder brother's room the pang of sadness returned and she shrugged it away. She approached Sasuke's door and knocked on it lightly.

The door opened fractionally and then slammed in her face. Saku scoffed and knocked again a little more forcefully. There was no response.

"Sasuke, you need to come out of there." Saku said with a soft voice identical to his lost mate. "You need to heal. You need to mourn and then move on with your life."

"No." Sasuke growled darkly behind the door. Saku sighed and turned then leaned against the cool wood of the door. She slid down and sat in the fetal position at the foot of the door.

"We all have accepted that she isn't coming back. It didn't work Sasuke. There's nothing you can do. Keeping her locked up in there isn't going to do anything." Saku said sorrowfully. "We need to give her a proper burial."

"I can't." He choked out. Behind the door Sasuke lay on the bed clinging to Sakura's limp body desperately. "Not yet."

"Sasuke, listen to me. You are pathetic." Saku said. Sasuke glared at the door wondering what she was getting at. "She was my other half! I have accepted he death. Why can't you?"

The door slammed open revealing an infuriated Sasuke. "She was your other half. She was and is my everything. Nothing can compare to her. Imagine, just for a second, if you lost Kiba. If you thought, even for a second there was a slim chance he would live, would you really just give up?"

Saku stared at him with wide eyes. He towered above her and his large booming voice sent a chill down her spine. "I-I….I don't know."

"Exactly, so until I am completely sure that she will never return to me. I will not put her in the ground, along everyone else that I love." He slammed his bedroom door shut and left Saku alone in the hallway. Be wildered she trudged back to Kiba where without a word she just embraced him. Not knowing what to do next.

It was dark but light. Warm but cold. Quiet but a million voices could be heard. Was this what death was like? Where were the golden gates? The choir of a thousand singing angels? Sakura felt like she was floating, like her body weighed nothing.

"Wow," Sakura whispered as her feet came in contact with an invisible ground. "This is strange."

She looked around and saw a vast amount of nothingness, but somehow she wasn't scared. She wasn't worried, or curious as to how she got here. She was at peace.

"Hello?" She called through the vast emptiness. Her voice echoed and then returned back to her. Sakura sighed and sat down. She lay down and put her hands behind her head. Resting her head on her hands; she stared at the blank sky and closed her eyes.

"Sakura," A voice suddenly called out, making her sit up in shock. The voice was forceful and almost scornful. The woman's voice sounded almost motherly. "Get up."

"Hello?" Sakura said standing up. She spun and looked in all directions, but no one. She was confused. If this was heaven, then why was she frightened? There wasn't supposed to be any fear in heaven. "Who's there!"

"Sakura, wake up." The voice was different now, it was deeper and pleading. Sakura's heart broke at the brokenness in the voice. It was Sasuke's. "Please, wake up."

"I don't know how." Sakura said looking up towards the voice. "I don't know how to wake up Sasuke!"

"You haven't died yet." The woman's voice returned but much closer. Sakura spun around and saw a woman that appeared to be in her mid-twenties with bright green eyes and light blond hair. Sakura examined the woman. She wore a white gown that seemed to disappear into the floor.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked hesitantly. The woman smiled and walked towards Sakura and raised her arms. Sakura took a step back for every stop forward the woman took. Sakura ran into an invisible wall. The woman cupped Sakura's face gently.

"You must die." The woman said with a sad smile. "You must die, so you can be reborn. Sasuke is naïve to the ceremony to become a vampire. You must be buried, and then you must dig your way out."

Sakura stared at the woman with wide eyes. Turn into a vampire? Was she going to be a vampire? "W-what are you talking about?"

"In an attempt to save you, Sasuke bit you. If, and when, you wake up you will be reborn as a vampire." The woman explained. "But to do that, Sasuke must bury you. For now, we will wait."

The woman backed away and from Sakura and began to walk away. Sakura not knowing what else to do followed the mysterious woman. The two disappeared through a thick mist into nothingness.

Sasuke walked through the halls silently following the werewolf girl's scent. His heavy footsteps echoed through the tall ceiling of the hallway. It was weird that Saku was in the library. She had told everyone that she couldn't stand the dusty books, yet there she was sitting in the fetal position in a large fluffy chair staring out the large window.

"Saku," Sasuke said capturing the werewolf girl's attention. Saku turned to Sasuke with a puzzled look. He noticed that she was holding a book, The Legend of Werewolves. "I want to give Sakura a funeral."

"I'm glad you're finally accepting it." Saku said with a sad smile. "We will have it tonight. Twilight was her favorite time of day. Sometimes in her sleep, we could talk to each other. We would play games and talk about everything."

While Saku had been rambling, Sasuke had already left. She blushed and scoffed feeling foolish for rambling. She opened the book and began to read where she left off.

Twilight came faster than Sasuke wanted it to and Sakura had been prepped for her funeral. She wore a mint green dress and was lying in a light wood coffin and looked as if she were sleeping. Sasuke stroked her cheek gently. After talking to Saku, he hadn't said a word to anyone.

Naruto walked up behind Sasuke and gently put his hand on his shoulder. Sasuke shrugged away from him and walked away from the rest of the group. Naruto sighed and closed the coffin. He made sure it was sealed before gently settling it into the ground. Both Kiba and Naruto began to cover the casket with dirt until it was completely buried.

Hinata clung to Saku trying to hold back the tears. Saku kept her head high and refused to show weakness in front of Hinata. Suigetsu walked up to the freshly turned dirt and laid a bouquet of white roses on top. Sasuke stared at the ground lost. What would he do now? He had devoted his entire life to finding his mate. He found her and now she was dead. There was no longer any purpose in his life anymore. His only other motive for living was to kill Orochimaru, but he was dead too. There was nothing. There was nothing left for him here.

Sakura followed the woman though the white mist in silence; the woman had not said a word to Sakura or even looked back to see if Sakura was still following her. Sakura sighed, "Where are we going?"

"I'm taking you home." The woman replied. Sakura huffed. She was sort of sick of this woman's confusing answers. Sakura suddenly felt a strange sensation in her chest. As if something were pulling her, dragging her forward. Sakura looked ahead in the direction of the pull and saw a black hole. It was in the shape of a door and the edges gleamed with light. "It's time for you to go."

Sakura took a step forward, but then turned around. The woman was smiling at Sakura. A feeling of nostalgia crept into Sakura's stomach. The woman ushered her forward, but Sakura stood still. What if this was the wrong door? What if this door didn't lead back to reality, but to death?

"It will be ok Sakura." The woman spoke comfortingly. Sakura took a deep breath then stepped into the black abyss.

She opened her eyes and saw darkness. Was she dead? She reached for her chest and felt nothing. Well that was maddeningly unhelpful. Even if she were back, she'd be a vampire and would have no heartbeat. Suddenly, it was as if someone had turned on the lights. Her eyes met wood. She reached her hands up and touched the wood. She looked around and realized that she was in a coffin. Trying not to panic, Sakura pushed on the lid, but it wouldn't budge. She tried again, and again, but nothing happened.

"Is anyone there!" Sakura yelled, her own voice echoing through the coffin and hurting her now delicate hearing. "Someone, please! Get me out of here!"

Sakura thought with horror that what if she never got out of here. She would never die. She would spend the rest of eternity, starving and alone. She thought of Sasuke. If he had buried her, then she couldn't be far away from the castle. Wouldn't that be cruel? Having you mate think you dead, but in truth you're actually alive and just outside their front door?

Sakura closed her eyes and listened for anything. It was silent for a moment, but she could faintly hear someone sobbing. It sounded like…."Hinata!"

Her funeral must not have ended yet. She screamed at the top of her lungs, "Sasuke! Naruto! Kiba! Hinata! Suigetsu!"

Sakura felt tears stream down her face, in joy or horror, she didn't know. Sakura could hear a rustle begin on the surface. She heard Naruto's voice yell excitedly. "Did you hear that!"

"Naruto, stop." Sakura heard Kiba say seriously. "You're just making everyone more upset. She's not coming back ok?"

"NO! Naruto, I'm back! Please!" Sakura yelled in response to Kiba. Sakura searched for a weakness in the wood, but found none.

"I heard something. I'm sure of it." Naruto's voice spoke darkly. Sakura swore if she got out of this she would make Naruto a bowl of ramen the size of a swimming pool. "So, shut up so I can hear."

Sakura guessed that Naruto was pressing his ear to the ground searching for a noise. "Sakura, if you alive down there. Please, make a noise."

"Naruto! I'm alive!" Sakura screamed as loud as she could and without another word she could hear Naruto begin to dig. His rhythmic digging stopped suddenly and she heard Sasuke's voice.

"Naruto, stop. You're hearing things." Sakura's heart broke. She thought Sasuke would be the most eager to jump at the opportunity at her being alive. But he wasn't.

"I'm not!" Naruto yelled as he began to dig again. Sakura pounded on the wood, begging it to break. "I know she's alive down there. I heard her."

"Naruto-kun," Hinata spoke with her timid voice. Sakura heard Naruto's ails scraping at the wood of the coffin and her heart leapt.

"Sakura are you there?" Naruto asked from beyond the thick wood of the coffin. It was louder than it was on the surface, but still muffled.

"Yes! Yes, I'm here!" Sakura said as pushed on the lid of the casket. It wouldn't budge. It must be locked on the outside. There was rustling outside the casket and the clanging of the loc as it was ripped off. The lid opened and moon light flooded in. Even the pale light hurt her eyes, but as her eyes adjusted she saw not Naruto as she was expecting, but Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun." She said. His eyes were wide and his mouth open in shock. He stood frozen, but in a flash scooped her up and held her close. He buried his face in her neck.

"S-Sakura," Sasuke spoke in a soft voice. Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. "I thought you were dead."

"I was." Sakura replied. Sasuke pulled away fractionally and then attacked her lips. He kissed her with a passion that she had never felt before. Sasuke reluctantly pulled away and carried Sakura bridal style out of the grave. He gently put her down.

Everyone stared at her in shock. It was as if she was blossomed. Her once short pink hair had grown and reached her mid thigh. Her eyes were now an even brighter green. Her skin glowed in the pale light of the moon. Suigetsu was the first to snap out of the shock. He ran to Sakura and hugged her with all his might.

"I knew you weren't dead Sakura-chan!" He yelled happily. "They told me you were, but I said no! Sakura is too strong to die!"

Sakura giggled at his childishness and patted him on the head. He smiled up at her and she noticed the drying trails of tears down his slightly chubby cheeks. She stroked her thumb across his cheek wiping away the trail.

It was as if all at once they snapped out of their daze and came to hug her and touch wanting to know that she was truly there and not just a ghost.

"Sakura," A female voice said. Sakura turned to see herself in werewolf form. Sakura had not woken up long enough to know that Saku had been split from her, so seeing her was a shock. Sakura ran up to her and hugged her tightly. "Oh thank god you're alive."

Sakura stood frozen. Completely confused as to what was going on. She stuttered incoherently. Saku pulled away and smiled at Sakura's confusion.

"How….how is you here?" Sakura asked in shock. Saku giggled. "Did Orochimaru really succeed in splitting us?"

Saku nodded. "I don't know how he did it, but he did. Your human form had become too reliant of me and couldn't support itself when we became detached. That's why Sasuke bit you to save you."

"Is he dead?" Sakura asked. Saku nodded. Sakura sighed in relief. Sasuke then came up from behind Sakura and picked her up bridal style. "Sasuke-kun, what are you doing?"

"You're still weak. You need to rest." Sasuke replied. Sakura pouted.

"I'm fine." Sakura said grouchily. She turned to Naruto and smiled. "Oh, and I sort of promised that if you got me out of there, that I'd make you a bowl of ramen the size of a swimming pool. Would you like to cash that in now or later?"

Naruto beamed and grabbed Hinata's hand began following the couple to the castle. "Now please! Hinata, do you want some?"

"Sure, Naruto-kun." Hinata said with a light smile. Naruto whooped and bounded toward the castle. Saku whooped along with the blond and was hot on his heels. Kiba sighed slightly embarrassed by his mate's actions.

Sakura looked at Sasuke and saw he was deep in thought about something. Sakura touched his cheek gently. "What are thinking about Sasuke-kun?"

"Nothing." Sasuke said with a smirk. Sakura smiled. "Just a small thing."

"Oh, come on tell me!" Sakura whined jokingly. "I just rose from the dead; you'd think you'd open up a little bit more."

"Alright fine, I'll tell. But you have to promise to say yes." Sasuke said with a genuine smile. Sakura nodded. Sasuke leaned close to Sakura ear; his cool breath sent a chill up her spine.

"Alright I will." Sakura said. Sasuke chuckled softly. There was a pause that lasted only a moment, but it seemed like centuries. He finally spoke. He whispered in such a small voice Sakura thought that maybe she had heard him wrong.

"Marry me."

OK. Really sucky ending I know, but I wanted to finish the entire thing before I start rewriting. Please don't be mean to me. I know its bad; you don't need to remind me.