"Sofia, honey, get in here!" my mother's shrill voice yelled out of the house. I sighed and continued to stare at the clear night sky. There were never any clouds blocking the sky in Texas this time a year, though I wished we didn't live so close to Houston, so I could see more stars. I guess the suburbs would have to do until I could get out of there.

Lying down in our back yard, staring up at the sky, I could hear my mother talking on the phone quite clearly from our unnecessarily big house. True to southern fashion, our section of the suburbs was one of oversized houses, large backyards, soccer moms, rat dogs, mini vans, and block parties. It scared me sometimes how perfect our lifestyle was. Every house in our beautifully organized town was pristine, looking like it had come straight out of a magazine, mine included. Everyone's dream house was my nightmare. I hated the perfection that manifested in every corner of our home, from our giant kitchen, to our perfectly groomed bichon frise.

I have a thing for chaos, one might say. In an attempt not to feel like I'm intruding in my own home, with its plastic covered couches and perfectly symmetrical coffee table, I make myself completely comfortable in my room I take pride in keeping a total mess. The chaos makes the rest of the house bearable, or, as bearable as it can get.

But a closed off room will only keep one sane for a short amount of time, at least until they get hungry and have to sneak downstairs for food. So, as a confused fifteen year old living in a perfect hell, I spent the majority of my time outside, lying on our perfect back lawn, staring up at the sky and watching the puffy white clouds float past, or gazing at the largely disordered stars that stayed scattered across the black abyss above like salt across a tablecloth.

"Sofia! I mean it! Get in here now!" my mom's heavily accented voice screamed out of our back door. I sighed, picked myself up off of the ground, dusted myself off, and walked towards the door. I swung it open and saw my mom standing at our kitchen counter, chomping away on a leftover biscuit from dinner and talking on the phone.

I sat down at the island in the middle of the kitchen and grabbed an orange from the bowl next to me as I watched my mother blab into the phone. "I know, Jenny, I know it's hard! You deserve better than him!"

Once I got all the skin off of my orange, I took one of the little triangles and popped it into my mouth, waving at my mother with my free hand. She covered the bit of the phone you talk into with her hand and leaned it away from her mouth.

"Hey, honey, go upstairs and get ready for bed, it's late," she whispered just loud enough to be audible over the loud sobs coming from her friend over the phone. I nodded and got up off of the stool, bringing the orange with me upstairs.

I pushed open the door to my room, feeling as if a thousand weights had been lifted from my chest when I spotted the familiar messiness. I kicked off my flip flops, throwing them into the sea of clothes on the floor and stepped inside, not bothering to avoid the stuff on the ground. I opened the door to my closet, seeing that all that was inside was a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Satisfied with that, I pulled them off the now bare shelves and put them on, walking out into the bathroom to clean my teeth, and once that was done, venturing back into my room to curl up and go to sleep.

I took the clothes off of my bed and threw them on the floor with the rest of my closet, climbing in and feeling sleep take over me as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The last thing I remember from that night was staring up at my ceiling, half asleep, and hearing the faint noise of the country radio station on in the background, and although that was perfect, and the way I fell asleep every night, I couldn't help thinking something was wrong.

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