|| A_F_O_R_G_O_T_T_E_N_P_A_S_T ||

||SUMMARY|| Arianna- a young Cherokee girl from America. Mana and Neah- two orphan brothers trying to survive on their own. Follow these three youngsters as they live their lives to the fullest while being shunned by society. JOINT STORY WITH SONG OF THE FOURTEENTH

||WARNING|| As it says above, this is a JOINT STORY with SONG OF THE FOURTEENTH (my other FanFic). This means that the possibility of spoilers are practically 3 in 4. Therefore, updates on this fanfic will be slow to keep the suspense and plot running smoothly in SONG OF THE FOURTEENTH. Another thing you should be aware of: Mana and Neah will be OOC. Why? Because Hoshino hasn't revealed Mana and Neah's personalities so far in the DGM manga (as of now, DGM Chapter 199 is the latest chapter). Therefore, I will be creating their personalities, so don't be disappointed if you don't like the way I've written (*typed*) them. Also, Arianna is OC. My character. Copyright to me. No stealy, or I'll sic Chikita on you. Do be aware that many details in this fanfic will most likely be made up, or molded with my ideas and those bits that have been revealed in the DGM manga so far. So please don't think that this story is completely on track with the DGM plot. Confusion with plots isn't fun. I would know.

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/| CHAPTER 1 |\

Happy Birthday

Arianna didn't know how to feel.

Stares. Eyes were on her. Watching her every move; scrutinizing her copper skin with distaste.

Whispers. Their voices low and eager to gossip about her—the savage. The Cherokee girl from America.

Frowns. Disapproving her presence. Her very existence.

Should she feel angry? Angry at the people that judged her so negatively?

Sad? Sad that she wasn't accepted by them?

Or should she even care? She didn't know them—these pale humans called "Brits"—and they didn't know her. Why should she be bothered by it all?

Why did she feel so empty? Was this the "loneliness" that her people had talked about back home?

And why were these feelings so strong today? True, it was only her third day living in England amongst the pale humans; but ever since she had arrived, the feeling of belonging in this foreign land had never once occurred to her…

Was it because it was her Birthday today? Was that why these feelings were suddenly welling up her throat, holding her in such a tight, unmerciful grip?

She lowered her head and picked up her pace, trying to get her young legs to move a bit more quickly through the crowded street of people. The crowd of pale humans. The "Brits".

The cobble stones under her feet were foreign to her. It was no surprise when she tripped, her feet having been bred to tread over forest grounds, not paved streets. However, she didn't make a sound. Arianna merely picked herself up, rubbed her scratched hands against her now dirty dress, and continued, trying to be as invisible and unnoticeable as possible even as the crowd parted for her.

No one wanted to touch the Cherokee girl. It was like she was diseased—undesirable and filthy.

Frustrated tears pricked her eyes, and she bit down on her already abused lip.

It was her birthday.

All she wanted was someone to sing her "Happy Birthday". She didn't even care if it was not in her native tongue. English would be perfectly fine. Heck, just a simple "Happy Birthday, Arianna" would suffice.


All she wanted was someone to acknowledge her day.

Her special day.

The day of her birth.

Her ninth Birthday.

Yet, no one was there to do it. Her mother and father were busy, still moving things into their new house. Her mother had been too busy trying to find a job—a place that would accept her Cherokee background and let her work. Her father was… well… he was busy, but he was also…

The earlier held-back tears spilled, trailing down her face.

Her father was… changing. Back in America, he had been happy and kind; even though it had been only a couple of decades since the Revolutionary War, and his side, Britain, had lost, making things rather tense. Now, back in his homeland, her father had been slowly crumbling… Yes, he was still kind, but not happy. Not anymore. Every once in a while, Arianna would even have trouble reading her father's face.

That was what scared her the most.

She sniffled quietly, breaking away from the main streets and heading towards the more secluded areas of the small city.

Maybe she could sing herself "Happy Birthday". She knew well that she was gifted with a singing voice, even at her tender age of eight... no, nine. She was turning nine...

She couldn't turn nine until someone sang her "Happy Birthday". Therefore, since no one would sing it to her, she would sing it to herself. No matter how much it hurt her to do so, to admit that only she cared about her own Birthday.

Her mind made up, though still conflicted, Arianna ventured off even farther, breaking out into the outskirts of the city and closer to the forest that bordered it.

However, no sooner had she done so, two voices drifted to her ears, laughing and chatting.

Sounding so happy.

The complete opposite of what she was feeling.

Arianna quieted her footsteps—being bear-foot had its advantages—and turned the corner of the last building within the city grounds.

Her hazel eyes landed on a pair of boys, around her age, who were drawing figures into the dirt with sticks. They had similar looks, no doubt brothers. In fact, they seemed to be the exact same height and were both wearing identical clothing—trousers, dress shirt, vest, and a red ribbon tied around their necks. The only real difference between them seemed to be their hair; one had seemingly spiky chestnut brown hair, whilst the other had longer and darker brown hair pulled into a low ponytail.

The one with the spiky hair gave a crooked grin, and grabbed his brother's dirty dress sleeve, trying to get his attention. The one with the long hair turned away from his drawing and looked at his brother's. The two immediately broke into laughter and wide grins.

Arianna's earlier frustration suddenly sparked, flaming inside of her.

It wasn't fair! Why didn't she get to laugh like them? Why didn't she have anyone to play and smile with?

Why didn't she have anyone to sing her "Happy Birthday"?

Anger and jealousy taking over her, Arianna stomped over to the two, her eyes flashing. She stopped behind them and put her hands on her hips, drawing herself to her full height.

"You two!" she barked, her tone rivaling that of the city night guards.

The two boys turned around—complete surprise decorating their dirt-smudged, young faces.

"Sing me 'Happy Birthday'!"

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