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||SUMMARY|| Arianna- a young Cherokee girl from America. Mana and Neah- two orphan brothers trying to survive on their own. Follow these three youngsters as they live their lives to the fullest while being shunned by society. JOINT STORY WITH SONG OF THE FOURTEENTH

||WARNING|| There will be some bad language in these next chapters (courtesy of Neah).

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"Damn it, Mana! I do not act like a Jack Ass!"

"Keep telling yourself that."

Arianna was openly laughing as the quarrelling two continued. She hadn't quite witnessed Mana's playfully sarcastic side before.

It was pleasantly enlightening.

That was when she had an idea. She didn't want to leave the two just yet… so maybe…

"Kind Bear? Silver-Eyes? You guys want to help me paint my room?"

/| CHAPTER 5 |\

Painting and Yapping

Arianna excitedly led the way back to her house, not at all listening to Neah's loud complaining.

"-supposed to be working at the ruddy circus—why the hell are we helping her paint her room? We ain't gettin' paid for that! Goddamnit, Mana, will ya listen ta me? !"

"Brother, you know how I feel about you using God's name in vain."


"Silver Eyes, you're getting loud," commented Arianna airily, swinging her paint can to a random tune in her head.

Before said boy could give a biting remark, Mana spoke up again, "Arianna, are you sure your parents won't mind us coming over?"

"Of course not!" exclaimed Arianna. "u-ni-tsi—er, Mum—is always encouraging me to bring friends home. She says having friends is very important."

Neah snorted.

Arianna glared.

Mana quickly turned the conversation once again.

"And you're sure you want us to help you paint your room? We've never painted a room before…"

"Me neither!" admitted Arianna with a grin. "But that is what will make it fun. Oh, we're here!"

The three stopped in front of a rather large two story house. It was a little bit of a surprise considering it seemed to pop out of nowhere along the dirt path, looking much more magnificent than the smaller homes on either side of it. The two boys' eyes were openly wide and staring.

"You live here?" asked Neah in monotone, his expression suddenly blank.

However, Neah's strange attitude change did nothing to affect Arianna's excitement. For the first time, she had someone—no, people— invited to her house!

"Yep! My room is on the second floor—c'mon!"

She surprised the two brothers further by grabbing a hold of Mana's hand and dragging them into the home (Mana grabbed Neah's hand last minute much to the younger brother's protest, creating a rather mixed chain affect).

"U-ni-tsi! I am home!" the excited Cherokee girl announced upon entering.

However, there was no reply... T=the house was utterly and completely silent.

Arianna pouted a bit, staring around the fairly empty hallway. Since they'd only just moved in and not fully unpacked, no pictures graced the hallways plain beige walls, and nothing special stood out, making the house seem like an empty shell from where they stood.

"She must be at work," Arianna voiced, hiding her disappointment with a shrug.

She didn't see Neah and Mana share a glance.

"Well, I will be the one to give you a tur then!"

"'Tour', Dumbass."

Arianna suddenly put down her paint can, whirled around, and put her hands on her hips.

"Now, Silver Eyes, you are not allowed to act like a jackass in my house. Alright?"

Neah gave her a disbelieving look. "I can act however ta hell I wanna act."

Arianna seemed put off for a moment. Her mother had always taught her that once you entered someone's home, you were to obey their rules. So why wouldn't Neah?

Mana sighed, but before he could do his usual interference, Arianna seemed to have gotten her quick wit and voice back.

"Oh, of course. Sorry, I forgot that it is impossible for you not to be a jackass."

Mana snickered—Neah fumed.

"Now, let us explore my house!" announced Arianna with enough enthusiasm to make Neah swallow his anger and fume silently.

It was hard not to be infected by her sudden lightheartedness.

The tour went rather well—Arianna showed the two every single room on the first floor of the house—from the living room, storage room, and kitchen, to the bathrooms and any closet she came across.

Mana seemed a bit uncomfortable, however.

"Arianna, are you sure we shouldn't wash off or something? We're tracking dirt everywhere…" He eyed their bare feet. Indeed, they were leaving bits of dirt and dust sand everywhere they walked.

"You worry a lot, Kind Bear," said Arianna, with an amused grin. "It's fine—my job in the house is to clean the floors anyway."

Mana seemed even less encouraged.

Neah was oddly quiet, looking around with an incomprehensible look in his eyes. Now that Arianna thought about it, Neah had been acting a bit funny since they had arrived…

"That is everything on the first floor. Now, let's go to my room!" Arianna grabbed her earlier deposited paint can and ran up the stairs. Mana and Neah followed quickly, not really wanting to get lost in such a new environment.

Arianna's room, to put it plainly, was of good size… and simply square. There was nothing too special about it, besides its size, of course.

Her bed had finally been moved into the room the day before, pushed against a corner and little crooked. Other pieces of furniture included a plain desk, dresser, and book case.

Oh, and only one wall was painted. Rather messily too. It seemed as if Arianna had merely patched spots of the wall with blue paint, not even bothering to do layers but to paint spots that may have looked too light.

"Bloody Hell..." muttered Neah. "You sure suck at painting."

"Hm?" Arianna looked up from where she'd been rummaging in the chest for the old empty paint can.

"Nothing!" said Mana quickly, grabbing his brother from behind and holding a hand over the younger's mouth.

Arianna gave the two a funny look (Mana was now struggling to keep Neah in control whereas Neah looked beyond pissed off at being held back and shushed) before shrugging and tossing the old paint can on the floor.

"Okay! I am going to pour half of the paint in here so you two can share. And—" she rummaged in the chest again, "—here's a couple extra paint brushes."

In no time, the three set to painting.

"Shouldn't we set something on the floor so the paint doesn't get on it?" voiced Mana frowning as a large glob of paint left Neah's paintbrush and plopped loudly on the floor. It wasn't the first either.

However, it seemed as if Arianna cared even less than Neah about the floor, for there was paint all over the floor around her in much more admirable proportions.

Mana sweatdropped.

"Nah, the floor needs paint too I think," giggled Arianna as she caught the look on Mana's face. She dunked her paintbrush back into her bucket and brought it out to wipe a thick blue streak of paint on the wall. It was then that she finally realized the color of paint she'd bought was slightly different from the color from her first can. She pouted for a minute at this revelation… then realized that the shade of blue she'd created reminded of her someone…

The kid with the platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes…

"By the way, who was that 'Sebastian' person?" spoke up Arianna to the two boys as she tried spreading out the too large amount of paint she'd put on the wall.

"Oh…" Mana paused in his own much neater painting. "Well, Sebastian—"

"Yeu mean 'Sebastard'?" corrected Neah quite seriously as he roughly slapped a glob of paint onto the wall.

Mana gave his brother a disapproving look before turning back to Arianna. "Sebastian ," he emphasized the name, ignoring his brother's look, "is someone you ought not to hang around with. He enjoys picking on people."

Arianna blinked, remembering when she'd been cornered by the boy and his cronies. "But… why does he do that?"

"He thinks he's better than everyone just cuz he's got money and shit," sneered Neah, his paint brush making another loud slap against the wall. "Says he lives in a privileged, special family—but everyone knows ta Elson family are nothin' but snot-nosed money grubbers and—"

"You shouldn't talk about the Elson family like that, brother," commented Mana warily.

"I'll talk however ta Hell I wanna 'bout them," scowled Neah, though he picked up his earlier discarded paintbrush and got back to work, even more silent than before.

Arianna watched the two for a moment before frowning. Neah had always had a way with words… but she'd never heard him sound so hateful towards someone—or people—before. It was a little surprising…

Surely there was a good reason for Neah's behavior though? After all, he didn't appear to be a hateful person… But…

Suddenly realizing she'd spaced out, Arianna picked up her paintbrush again and started painting, trying distract herself from such negative thoughts.

It wasn't good to think negatively. Negative thoughts led to bad moods, and Arianna didn't like bad moods. However, it seemed as if it was too silent. She glanced at the brothers from the corner of her eye, but they seemed distracted by their own thoughts. Mana was giving smooth brush strokes to the wall, whereas Neah was still practically slapping it on, causing little blue drops of paint to splatter everywhere. Arianna was just wondering how he did that without getting it on himself when he got a particularly large glob of paint and slapped it a little too hard against the wall…

Blue paint splattered all over his face...

Neah twitched violently.

Arianna and Mana burst out laughing.

And then Neah was letting out a string of curses- jumping up, slamming the paint brush on the floor.

"Bugger—fuck! What the Hell! Garrgh!"

"B-brother—calm down! Calm down!" Mana tried to break out of his fit of laughter as he stumbled up and tried to hold his brother down from releasing his anger on any inanimate objects—quite possibly the paintbrush or paint bucket.

Arianna, meanwhile, enjoyed the show through fits of laughter, once again feeling as lighthearted as ever.

For once, her room didn't feel like a cage…

Not anymore with her new friends here with her.

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