Okay I got this idea from a picture I found on DA and I couldn't help but write about it. This has a femMarco in it which I believe is Marko hence the name. I hope you like and the title of this fic is the same as the title for the pic.

Caged Bird

Chapter 1 In A Cage

"So who is this little insect?"

"They said that her name wasn't known."

"She almost looks like a boy."

"Then shall we give her a boy's name?"

"A wonderful idea brother-sama."

"I suggest that we call her… Marko."

The three nobles stared down at the girl before them who was at the age of five. The tanned skinned girl with a mop of blonde hair covering one of her green eyes looked at the men and woman with little interest. The collar around her neck was loose but it was still impossible to get over her head for the girl had tried. She watched the men before noticing the look that the woman was giving her and the eyes made her flinch.

"I want this one." The woman said grabbing Marko's cheeks and squeezing them. "I can use her well."

"Maybe we can feed her that devil fruit that you found." A fat one said and the brunette grinned before dragging the girl. "Sister, we must mark her first."

"Fine but I don't want it on her back." The woman said ripping the shirt that Marko was wearing off and pushing the girl down. "I want it on her chest."

"Why?" the girl's father asked and the woman smiled.

"Because when she grows up and gains bosom, when men look at them they will see this mark and look down upon her." the woman said forcing the iron hot mark onto the small girl's chest emitting screams from the poor kid.

Marko lay on the ground and breathed heavily as the feeling of the burning skin denied shrinking and she felt sick. The woman who had marked her grabbed the small girl's hair and lifted her up, showing the bright emerald eyes underneath the blonde. A wicked smile grew on the woman's face as she stared at the young girl who was scared.

"You will never see light again, you understand me?" the woman asked and Marko looked in fear. "You will always hate me and you will grow strong because you dislike me."

"Sister is rough." The fatty said and the woman dragged the girl away.

Marko looked at the cuffs on her hands and the taste of the fruit that they had forced her to eat still lingered in her mouth. As soon as she had eaten it, they had made her show what powers lay in the fruit. Marko had been scared when she burst into blue flames and turned into a bird thing.

The nobles that she was forced to be a slave for had jumped for joy when she saw the rarity of whatever the devil fruit that she had eaten was. Marko watched her hands and smiled as the blue flames flickered in her hand. The girl's eyes shined as she saw them and closed them before ceasing the flames as the noble woman came in.

The brunette smiled at the girl in the cage and placed a mirror behind the girl who was only wearing an oversized shirt that fully revealed her mark. Marko looked at the mirror and watched her reflection before the woman easily whipped the girl's face and smashed her against the cage bars.

"You are going to stay in this little cage for a while." The woman said and Marko glared at her. "You are a bird and you are to stay in your cage."

Marko curled in a ball and looked at the mirror that was placed by her head. It had been ten years since she had been made a slave and exhaustion was something she knew nothing about. The girl had been forced into this cage that she had to take care of. Her bigger body barely fit in it and Marko could no longer stand but only sit as the black bars that caged her in. She never saw sunlight and the only actual light that she saw was her own though it was just warm fire. The noble she was a slave for appeared to have a fear of the dark forcing Marko to be her nightlight.

Marko looked at the straw that twined through her bare feet and the dirty dull gray shorts and button up shirt that fully revealed the long healed scar that marked her a slave. Her small chest could be partially seen and Marko wished to cover it but was refused for her mark was to be seen. She had gotten her cuffs removed but like all slaves still wore the neck ring that prevented her freedom.

Marko looked up when the door opened and a woman walked in but Marko looked away as she saw her mistress. The woman chuckled as she reached through the bars and gently stroked Marko's chin even against protest. The woman smiled friendly though the girl was not fooled before carefully opening the door and looking at Marko. The blonde stared at her before she followed the gesture that was given to her and jumped out of the iron cage.

For this was the first time she had walked properly in a while, Marko was very unsteady and her legs were weak but that was fixed when the woman whipped the ground. Marko instantly straightened up and followed the woman out of her dark room and into a lightened hallway. Marko narrowed her eyes at the light for even when she did walk around it was always in the darkness of her caged room.

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret." The woman said as she dragged Marko behind her. "I really do love birds."

The woman spoke nothing as Marko was walked through the whole entire building of Mariejois. The girl looked around but caught eyes with no one, especially those of other slaves. The girl watched the ground and waited for her mistress to speak though she had no intention of answering fro to her there was nothing to say. The woman brought Marko out of the palace grounds and through the large gold and marble gate till they came to the edge of the Red Line where the palace was placed on.

"But you know what I love even more?" the woman asked and Marko turned to her for she had been gestured to go to the edge. "I like to see them fly."

Marko's eyes widened as she was pushed off of the cliff and began to fall down the edge of the Red Line. "A bird who doesn't know how to fly can die." The woman said as Marko disappeared through the clouds and soon her shadow was gone as well.

Marko stared at the sky in shock as she watched the silhouette of her mistress disappear as she fell into a blanket of clouds. Marko felt the coldness rush through her as she went through the clouds but she never looked up. Marko reached for whatever it was that she wanted to grab but found out that nothing was there.

The blonde clenched her out stretched fist and closed her eyes as tears began to fill them as she realized that there was nothing she could do. She had never learned how to transform or control her powers for all she had ever been allowed to do was light the room a bit. The girl felt tears began to poor out of her green eyes at the realization that she was going to die without life having given her anything.

"I-" Marko looked at the sky and watched as her tears flew above her as she fell towards the ground before shouting out to the world what she truly wanted.


Marko's voice echoed through the sky though no one could hear it for she was still high above any person. The girl became determined as she screamed once more and her voice echoed however far it could. Marko closed her eyes and thought, she thought back to when she had first transformed and what it felt like to have those wings on her back.

The girl opened her eyes as the familiar warmth enveloped her and she saw the blue flames lick at her skin. Marko welcomed the heat as it surrounded her body before she felt herself change completely. Marko turned and lifted her head and opened the beak she now wore and hollered at the sky one last time before flapping her flaming winds once more.

Marko felt accomplished as she flapped her wings to stay airborne but she then realized that she had no clue as to how to fly and once her wings folded she fell. The phoenix tried her hardest to stay airborne but found it hard to unfold her wings now that the wind rushed past her even greater than before because of the weight that was added to her due to her transformation.

Marko closed her eyes as the change she had undergone disappeared and she turned back into a normal person. The girl couldn't open her eyes for now that she was out and in the open, the effects if being a slave that were not considered when being one took over her and she continued to fall to the ocean below.

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