Author's Note: This is just a little drabble I came up with in class after watching the Breakfast Club one weekend. Forgive me if it seems fragmented or brief. Anyway, standard disclaimer applies. Please review! I'd love to write more on this character. He's quite intriguing.


Before Saturday, John Bender was of the persuasion that the entire world could go to hell… himself included. He might as well already be there.

By Sunday, his entire world view had changed. John Bender did not pray, but if he did, he would have prayed for this change to last. It scared him. John would never admit it, but what happened on Saturday scared him more than anything; more than his father, even more than his lack of control in his own life.

What if Monday came, and it was the same as the Monday before it?

What if Claire Standish never looked his way again?

John wasn't one for what ifs. They were dangerous thoughts. What ifs created dreams and dreams only led to disappointment in John's world. John had learned long ago that if he never allowed himself to want anything, he would not be disappointed when it did not happen.

But God, how he wanted Claire Standish.

He had never really looked at her before…

Well, sure, he had looked at her before, but he had never really seen past the preppy clothes, the red hair, the flawless skin, the long and slender legs, the perky little-

John stopped himself. Somehow, being so lustful didn't seem appropriate anymore.

There was a real person in that gorgeous, richie girl. Who would have guessed? Certainly not John Bender.

Not before Saturday, anyway.

Today… Today was Sunday. Sunday viewed by so many as a day of hope… Sunday… the first day in a very, very long time that seemed, somehow, different to John.