The trip back into town is pleasant and relatively uneventful until we reach the pokémon center. As my savior approaches the doors of the pokémon center they part automatically to allow a teen with a charmeleon by his side to walk through. My rescuer steps to the side to let the teen by, but the teen freezes when he spots me and his eyes go wide as saucers. "It's that Riolu!"

I immediately press myself a bit deeper into my rescuer's cleavage, and then relax. I don't have to run anymore! I giggle and stick my tongue out at him before shoving my face in my rescuer's cleavage again, after all I have no reason [i]not[/i] to. She gently pets my head as she walks into the pokémon center and I look around. Ever since meeting Mewtwo, I've been a bit curious just how much like the games, manga, and anime this world really was. Now is a chance to see where things were the same and where they differed.

The pokémon center resembles a hospital, which makes sense. I look around me at the other people and pokémon gathered around. Some are injured, some aren't. Doesn't surprise me really. Even the anime had pokémon getting hurt, and that was a fairly 'ideal' version and the one I've been living in has seemed a good deal more dog-eat-dog than that.

In a very short amount of time we arrive at the front counter where there is no Nurse Joy. Well, there is a nurse, and her name is Joy if the name tag on her blouse is to be believed, but she doesn't look anything like the Nurse Joy from the anime. First off, she's not white with pink hair; she's black with an afro bun thing on the back of her head. She looks at me and raises a brow, then pointing at me she says, "You sir, are a notorious little son of a gun." She glances up at my guardian and chuckles, "And you, Gina Palmissano, are the last person I expected to come marching in here with him. How in the hell did you catch him when all the best trainers for miles could barely keep up with the cheeky bastard?"

"Apparently he has more in common with my little tyrant than just being a scrappy little monkey." Gina chuckles, "I offered him a bar of dark chocolate and he practically jumped into my pokéball."

Nurse Joy stands up and chuckles, "Well, come on back and I'll go through the initial check up and get you started on all the necessary paperwork for an exotic pokémon. Though I trust you have more than enough experience with keeping little super powered monsters in line."

Gina follows Nurse Joy into the back of the pokémon center, down a hallway and into a room that doesn't look too different from any examination room that I've been in before… well, except for the fact that it has a chansey in it.

Nurse Joy whispers something to the chansey and the pink pokémon quickly hurries out of the room. Turning back to us she smiles at Izzy who is still nibbling happily on what was my chocolate bar. "Alright you little terror, you're first."

Izzy grins as she hops up onto the examination table. Nurse Joy pulls out some sort of handheld scanner and waves it around the little girl. Suddenly the girl is surrounded by a red glowing field, and the scanner beeps. Nurse Joy quickly turns and looks over as a digital display lights up with a bunch of text and numbers. Even though she has set the scanner down, Izzy continues to glow for nearly a minute as Nurse Joy examines the data on the screen. I can make out a few of the words on the screen, like 'Type', 'Level', and 'Move Pool'. Finally the glow disappears and Nurse Joy nods, "Alright, you're doing real well. Almost hit your next level. How's the blaze kick coming? Gina told me that you finally got Stretch to teach it to you."

"I've almost got it." Izzy replies with a grin, "But it catches my pants on fire, and Mommy won't let me go anywhere without my pants."

"And rightly so." Nurse Joy chuckles, slapping Izzy on the back, "Alright, hop on down to make room for Whitey."

Izzy jumps down and runs over to grab my tail, pulling me out of Gina's arms. [Hey!] I yelp as Izzy throws me over her shoulder, and then onto the examination table. I land with all the grace of a sack of bricks and it hurts. However, the soreness I feel from my earlier battle is nothing compared to the hurt my brain is feeling right now. This girl has pokémon abilities? How is that even possible?

I almost don't realize Nurse Joy is waving that scanner thing over me until I begin to glow. Unlike Izzy's glow, mine is two colors, red and white swirling together like something out of Dragon Ball. I'm a super saiyan beyotch! I giggle and turn to look at the screen with Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy lets out a low whistle, "Level forty. No wonder you've managed to kick all the local trainer's butts, your power levels are on par with the rising stars in the league. However, your hit point energies are close to zero right now. Most pokémon don't fight to that point." She turns to me with a scolding tongue, "You shouldn't fight that hard unless your life actually depends on it. A pokémon whose energy hits absolute zero becomes fragile as glass and irreparable damage can occur from even weak blows!"

I nod solemnly. I'd been in many long fights in the past couple weeks and a few of them involved trainers withdrawing pokémon who were too hardcore to know when they were beat, and actively scolding them in front of me. I think that may have been what happened with that ratticate I fought my first day here. He may have been lower on HP than he let on, and he hit absolute zero, and so he died.

Slowly a grin creeps across my face. I'd always been kinda curious whether there was actual 'levels' or if that was just game mechanics necessary for the mathematical algorithms to work, and I guess now I know that it is both. And I've gained thirty levels in just a few short weeks! That is some serious level grinding!

Nurse Joy however, is already back to examining the data from that glow scan. "Hmmm, that is odd though. Usually pokémon that evolve based on happiness are already evolved by that level. Especially since if the stories about this guy are true, that when he was first spotted he was only level ten."

[You try having every trainer in a radius of 50 miles trying to hunt you down.] I growl, rolling my eyes and folding my arms over my chest, [There is very little to be consistently happy about!]

Gina reaches out a hand and scratches my head gently, and I can't help but smile. That feels really good. Nurse Joy chuckles, "Though now that he is going to be living with you, I suspect he'll evolve before too long."

Izzy's eyes light up and she begins to clap her hands and jump up and down. "He's going to stay with us?"

About that same time, the chansey returns holding a clipboard with some legal looking documents on it. Nurse Joy takes the clipboard and starts filling in information. Gina smiles at Izzy, "Yep. I caught him, so we get to keep him." She looks at me, "That is if he wants to stay anyway."

I nod emphatically, because there is no way I am going back out there. Not with the upper tier trainers like that tracker starting to come around.

Gina takes the clip board from Nurse Joy and begins signing the documents. She glances down at me, "I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you don't want to be called 'Whitey' or 'Riolu' forever. Am I right?" She giggles and holds out the pen and clipboard to me, "Care to give your John Hancock?"

[You better believe it!] I lean forwards and grab the pen in both paws. I quickly try to scratch out my name on the right space. When I'm done, the result is pretty abysmal. I mean, I had been clinically diagnosed with dysgraphia (it's like a writing version of dyslexia, and it also means your handwriting is going to be crappy forever) back when I was human and actually had thumbs then too. Naturally, I wasn't exactly expecting it to look like textbook print, but damn that signature is pretty bad.

"Well that is interesting." Nurse Joy remarks as she leans in and examines my work, "He signed on the right line. Unfortunately I can't tell what the hell this is supposed to be."

"Well," Gina points to the first letter, "This is obviously a 'T'. The rest is about as legible as a doctor's signature."

[Oh come on!] I exclaim indignantly, [That looks nothing like doctor's signature!]

"No, that doesn't look like a doctor's signature." Nurse Joy disagrees.

[Thank you.]

"It's way worse than that." Nurse Joy continues with a snicker. "He clearly has more than one PhD."

[GWAAAH!] I let myself fall backwards onto the examination table with a thud. Both ladies look over at me and laugh. [I give up. You can call me Mr. Squiggles for all I care.]

"But it is really interesting that he can read. I don't think I've ever encountered a wild pokémon that knew how to read." Nurse Joy says after she stops laughing. "And he at least knows how to write, even if he can't do it very well. Well, at all really."

[I'd like to see you try and write with paws.] I growl, holding one up, [Then we can talk about my writing ability.]

Nurse Joy smiles at me, "And he clearly understands everything we say. Many wild pokémon can't. He really is a very special pokémon."

"Yeah, but what do we call him? He obviously has a name already." Gina points out, "It wouldn't feel right just taking that from him."

"Well, his signature has the letter T in it at the beginning, and it is about as legible as a doctor's. How about Dr. T? You can always add the rest of his name later once he can make it known."

Suddenly my mind is filled with the image of Mr. T in a white doctor's coat. I snicker, [Dr. T pities the fool who don't take his vitamins every day. … I am almost okay with that one.]

Gina nods and looks over at me, "You keep working on your penmanship, and we'll get your name changed eventually. Until then, is Dr. T good with you? Or maybe just 'Doc'?"

Doc. It's a good name. There have been lots of cool Docs. Doc Holliday, Doctor Jones, Doc Ock, Doc of Snow White fame, Bugs Bunny's catch phrase, and The Doctor. Okay, the last one was reaching a bit and one of those was a cartoon dwarf. Still, it certainly beats the name I gave my riolu, 'Fluffy'. I nod at Gina and she smiles, scratching out my chicken scratch signature and writing in 'Doc'. "It's official, your name is now Doc until your penmanship improves."

Nurse Joy takes the clipboard and signs her name on the witness lines. "Well, we should probably put him in the rejuvie now."

Nurse Joy picks me up and carries my out of the examination room. Gina and Izzy aren't far behind as Nurse Joy brings me to a room with a couple large machines. Shifting me so that she has a hand free she opens a door on the side of the machine and places me inside. Closing the door again she plunges me into darkness, but that only lasts for a short time before I begin to glow red and white again. The glow grows stronger and stronger, and I can feel a humming in every part of me. It's kinda like a full body massage, even internal, but it feels really good.

The door opens and I hop out onto the ground. Stretching my arms, I roll my neck and it cracks loudly. I feel sort of like I've just had a hot shower. Well, almost. I haven't had the pleasure of hot water in any form since… the morning before I became a pokémon. In fact, I don't think I've had a true bath since Mewtwo's place, and even then it wasn't hot water. Sure, he had warm water which was nice, since it meant I didn't have to risk hypothermia to be clean, but it wasn't the same as having a mirror foggingly hot shower.

Gina picks me up again and sets me on her shoulder. It's not as awesome as nestling between her tits, but it's better than walking. "Alright, Doc, Izzy, it's time to go home."

I'll admit it. I'm kinda excited to see what sort of place I'll be learning how to be a pet pokémon in. To my surprise, Gina takes me to the pokemart. For the first time I can see that there is actually two floors to the pokemart, though the second one is only accessible from the outside, by using a rusty set of metal stairs out back. Gina unlocks the door and kicks it open.

The sight that greets me is not at all what I expected. It's an apartment, and a small one at that. In one corner is a small kitchenette with a folding table set up near it. There is a couch that has seen much better days and a small TV on a particle board stand with an ancient looking VHS/DVD player connected to it. I think the carpet may have been white at one time, but that stopped being the case a long time ago. "Welcome to our humble home, Doc."

I go to hop down, but Gina grabs me and chuckles, "Not yet, you need a bath. We all do." She quickly leans over and scoops up Izzy as she tries to make a break for the door. "Oh no you don't. You are both gonna be scrubbed up good."

I'll be honest, bath time was equal parts awkward and sexy. Awkward because I was sharing the tub with a preschooler who wanted to do naked wrestling with me, and sexy because I got to help Gina bathe. She's actually a bit on the heavy side, but that's okay because there is absolutely nothing wrong with a soft curvy girl. Not in my book anyway, especially not if she has knockers like Gina's. Her breasts were even bigger once she got them out of her bra. I mean, when I sat in her lap it was like having two really soft pillows resting on my head and shoulders. She hugged me at one point while we were in the shower, and felt like a hot dog nestled in a really soft bun because they are just that big. It was awesome, and the best part was she thought it was cute that I was so eager to help her, which means I'll probably be able to help her again. Good times, my friends, good times.

After the shower, Gina dresses Izzy in her pajamas and then throws on some shorts and an oversized T shirt. Then we all head to the kitchenette where she whips out a couple eggs and a frying pan. In moments, the smell of cooking eggs fills the apartment. I climb up onto the table and sit there with my legs hanging off the edge. From what I've seen there is no sign of a third member of the family. No man shoes in the bedroom closet, or any sign of male clothing either. It's kinda odd really, a couple of sisters living on their own in a run-down apartment like this.

There is a clinking noise behind me and I turn to see three small plates with scrambled eggs on them. Izzy takes one, as does Gina and she pushes the other towards me. "Dig in, Doc."

You don't have to tell me twice! I go to pick up a fork, but then realize that I can't use forks or knives or any sort of eating utensils. Most everything I have eaten out in the wild has been either seeds, apples (which are oddly abundant), large bugs (not bug types), or the occasional bird's egg. Oddly enough there are nonpokemon creatures in this world. Just not as many as in my world. I had always believed that the existence of pokémon would have precluded the evolution of ordinary animals in this world, but there are definitely normal animals in this world. Anyway, everything I have eaten has been finger food or things I could eat in a single bite. Scrambled eggs, unlike free range bird eggs, are neither.

I glance over at Izzy and discover that scrambled eggs can be finger food after all. However, I still don't have the fingers to make that a real option. Maybe if I had a cup I could slide them into that and then have a much more controlled eating method. Then my stomach growls and I remember that I haven't eaten hardly anything for the past two days. Screw etiquette and cleanliness. I quickly shovel the eggs into a pile with my paws. Then, once they are all in one place I open wide and push the eggs into my mouth as best as I can. Suddenly I smell and taste something strong, something spicy. I look down at the plate again, looking carefully this time. For the first time I pick out a very slight reddish tint to the eggs and little red pieces of something.

Cheri berries. Ginna put diced cheri berries in the eggs.

I don't like spicy things, my taste bud are such pansies that even a little black pepper makes me want to down a tall glass of iced tea ASAP. Cheri berries are like jalapeño peppers, on steroids, and with a bad case of 'roid rage to boot. My vision gets blurry as tears spring unbidden to my eyes and I swallow the remains of the eggs that are still in my mouth.

I dive across the table and steal Gina's glass of milk and down it. Milk dribbles out of the corners of my mouth and tears run out of the corners of my eyes. When it is empty, I slam the glass back down and take a deep breath, and scream. The milk! It does nothing! Both Gina and Izzy cover their ears as I sprint to the sink and turn on the water. The cold tap water runs over my extended tongue bringing some relief, but even then I can feel the sting of the cheris. I hear a thump next to me and glance over to see a five pound bag of sugar. Gina turns off the water and pulls me out of the sink.

"Open your mouth."

I open my mouth and she pours raw cane sugar into my mouth. Immediately the sting fades, replaced by a sweet taste with only a hint of the initial burn. Gina stops pouring and I shut my mouth, letting the sugar slowly dissolve on my tongue. I relax, slumping forwards onto the counter with a contented sigh.

Gina chuckles, "Looks like Doc has no tolerance for spicy foods."

Izzy giggles as I swallow the sugar slurry in my mouth. Taking a deep breath I wheeze out, [Anything that involves cheri berries cannot be considered merely 'spicy', as it qualifies for the 'grounds for divorce' category of culinary heat. Besides, I've had some really bad experiences with spicy foods.] Blast seeds anyone? And that allure seed thing was a bit spicy smelling. I still have nightmares from that. Also, did I mention that in elementary school I had a bully pin me down and shove my mouth full of jalepenos? Yeah, I have a bad history with spicy foods.

"Don't worry, I'll be sure to leave the hot stuff out of your portions from here on." Gina says with a smile, patting my head.

I smile, [Thank you.]

"Alright, time to get ready for bed." Gina says, scooping me up off the counter.

"But I'm not tired!" Izzy objects, but Gina just ushers her into the bathroom where she sets me on the counter.

"Brush your teeth, then we'll talk about letting you stay up a little longer."

Izzy lets out a little huff, but quickly grabs a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. However instead of brushing her teeth she reaches over and grabs me by the dangly bits (the ones on my head, perverts). [Hey! Those are att-mphh!] I can't finish my objection before she stuffs a toothbrush loaded with cinnamon toothpaste into my mouth and begins to scour my teeth, and gums, and tongue. Fortunately, Gina quickly yanks me out of that situation and I quickly rinse my mouth out. However no sooner have I rinsed my mouth than a new toothbrush loaded with mint flavored toothpaste is shoved into it. Gina is a lot gentler with her scrubbing than Izzy was, but it's still weird having someone brush my teeth for me. After a bit Gina pats me on the head and pulls the toothbrush out of my mouth, "Alright. Head over to the bed room, we'll be there in a sec.

I rinse my mouth out again and jump down off the bathroom counter and hurry into the bedroom where the double bed is waiting for us. I leap into bed with a grin. The fabric is a bit threadbare in spots, but it is waaayy softer than the dirt or grass I have been sleeping on for the past few weeks. Between that and the fact I haven't really slept for the past five days, I'm almost asleep by the time Izzy and Gina climb into bed. As Gina and Izzy practically sandwich me between them an idea strikes me, one that I would have never expected to be able to try.

Squirming out from between them with a yawn I crawl on top of Gina and lay down on her soft belly with my head between her boobs. I smile, then yawn again. Between the soft warmth beneath me, my own exhaustion, and steady rhythm of Gina's heart beating I fall asleep in seconds. This very well could be 'the good life'.