My heart was raising as I ran across the empty metro station. Looking left and right I spot a table "ammo", I thought and I ran up to it. As I patched myself up I couldn't help but think "why me? Why must I be the one alone? Its not fare, why I am the one left for dead?", I stand there silent, listening for any sudden movement, breath, anything. And then I heard it echoing off the lonely walls of the station. A low rumble ling of dead souls pressing down onto the cold cement floor my breath quickened as I knelt down on my knees and locked my gun into rapped fire mode. Waiting. Waiting. And then RAWR! They came at me arms flailing there hands grabbing, snapping. There horrid cry sounded like laughter and all I could do was shoot blindly into the herds of creatures. I smelt it before I could see it the stench of a thousand rotting corpses lingered to my nose and the sea of zombie parted. charging strait towards me was the MEGA ZOMBIE. I couldn't move. I couldn't breath all that I new was that I was going to die. And then as if something god like exploded inside of me and I though "no im not going to die not today", and I uprooted myself and bolted down the stair case toward the subway tunnels.

It was cold, dark and damp in the tunnels but anything was better than MEGA ZOMBIE. I see a small opening and I crawl into it. And I wait hoping that MEGA ZOMBIE will run past me. I slow down my breathing and I see the puffs of breath in front of me become less frequent.

I heard running, then grunting, and then two dead hands grabbed me by the neck and lifted me high—