Ivan stared at the formal letter in his hand, his mouth set into a thin line. Well, this was quite bothersome. Apparently, his visa had decided that it was to expire if he didn't find job in a week. Apparently, the message had been lost in the mail. Apparently, he was going to be sent back to Russia by next Wednesday.

Ivan liked his home country, he found America to be obnoxious with its wealth and quite wasteful. Still, the weather was much nicer here. It was warm in the summer and there were sunflowers growing about. It only snowed in winter, and only then it was a mere few inches. He disliked snow very much.

Yes, Ivan liked Russia but not enough to return. Natalia was in Russia and wherever Natalia was Ivan was sure to be as far away as possible. Natalia was frightening, possessive and creepily enough, had an incestuous desire to be wed with him. He did care for his younger sister, but not enough to bed with her. Ever. Unfortunately, his opinion never really counted when it came to Natalia.

So, Ivan refused to go back to the country currently housing his mentally unbalanced sibling. He'd much rather stay in America, where it was warm and filled with interesting people. People like Arthur, Francis, that other man and his twin Alfred. Especially Alfred. Ivan smiled unconsciously, still standing in front of his mailbox with the letter in his hand. There was a large space between him and the crowd of people wanting to get to their mail but not daring to come near. He had that intimidating affect on people.

Excluding Alfred of course. The moron never had accepted the term of 'personal space', and was a very hands on talker. Always with the pointing, the pushing, the hand motions in order to make a point. It was quite amusing to watch. Listening, though, was much more difficult because he spoke in circles and about things of little importance. Such as a program on TV, a happening in some comic of his or most likely, complaining of whatever his half brother Arthur had done to get on his nerves.

Alfred, annoying as he was, happened to be Ivan's only actual friend. They fought more than they talked, some ending in hospital visits, but at least there was some interactions. In most situations, Ivan sat and watched with morbid amusement. He enjoyed seeing his companions bicker and shout, giggle and laugh, observing it all with a child like curiosity. Yet never participating. Unless Alfred dragged him in, which he did often. Something about being the hero or some other inane nonsense Alfred babbled about.

Ivan stepped away from the mailboxes, ignoring the sighs of relief from those around him, and took the elevator to his small and sparsely furnished apartment building. He needed to concentrate on the matter at hand, staying in the country. Perhaps he could talk to Arthur or Francis, they were both lawyers. But, he never was on very good terms with either of them. They'd probably be relieved to have him out of the country, only being around him due to his affiliations with Alfred.

It did not matter though, Arthur was quite troublesome. Always yelling, always denying he felt anything for Francis when everyone knew they were fucking each other. (There had been many a night when they could actually heard them in action.) And he stole Alfred's attention with his mockery, taking away from his time to tease Alfred and enjoy his reactions.

Francis was also a nuisance. His promiscuous ways were intriguing at first but they got old, especially when he continued to flirt with Alfred his twin just to make Arthur jealous and then they'd be off for a quick shag in the bathroom. Alfred was never bothered by the others inappropriate gestures directed toward him, brushing them off as customary. It still didn't change the fact that Ivan did not like them one bit.

He sat down at his small kitchen table, dropping his mail on said table top. He sighed, leaning back to look at the piece of paper critically. So bothersome... He knew it would be impossible to secure a job in less than a week, especially because he intimidated all of his interviewers. There surely had to be a way of staying in the country.

He paused a moment before his lips curled into that creepy knowing smirk Alfred had tried to wipe off many times with his fist. A plan formulated in his mind and he beamed at his own brilliance. That could surely work. It would most definitely work. All he needed was to get to Las Vegas and buy some alcohol. Oh and get Alfred to come too.

His smirk turned into a grin as he flushed it out more in his odd mind. Yes. He very much like his new idea, in fact, it amused him to no end. He wondered what Alfred would look like in white gown... Because he would be sure to coerce him to wear one.

"Vegas?" Alfred repeated confused, looking at his Russian frenemy critically.

"Da. Vegas."

"Why?" He couldn't help but ask. Ivan was such a cipher, always shut in doing nothing unless Alfred dragged him out for drinks with the rest of the gang. Offering to take everyone to Vegas was just so out of character, and out of the blue too! Something had to be up.

"You recently earned a promotion yes? From fry cook to cashier?" Ivan stated, smirking as he teased the other. Alfred huffed rolling his eyes. "This can be a celebration for your achievements."

"Just because I like McDonalds, and happen to go there a lot doesn't mean I work there. You know I'm a cop." He snapped, and then he grinned evilly up at him. "At least I have a job still, Mr. Unemployed-yet-again." He mocked, jabbing his finger into the others chest. Ivan looked down at him, ready to defend his current joblessness.

"It was not my fault."

"You attacked that little girl!"

"She was disrespecting a sunflower."

"She was just picking off the petals in order to play 'He likes me, He loves me'"

"What you call picking, I call mutilation."

Alfred rolled his eyes, there was really no point in arguing with Ivan on this. Sunflowers were just some weird obsession of his he'd had since he'd met him back in college. It was still quite unnerving but Alfred had grown accustomed to Ivan's weirdness. Wait, what had they first been talking about? Oh yeah, Vegas.

"Where do you even have the money to take us to Vegas?" Alfred asked, suspicions rising. Seriously, this was really weird. But he did love Vegas... And if Ivan offered to pay for all his expenses he'd definitely consider going... Getting drunk and partying for at least one night seemed pretty nice right about now. He did love his job, but he needed some excitement in his life.

"It is of little concern to you." Ivan stated simply, enjoying the glare he received.

"Fine, I'll go. As long as you pay for everything."

"Everything but food. You eat for seven." Ivan countered, the glare now smoldering. Ivan giggled lightly.

"Shut up. Fine, I'll win more money then you and you'll beg me for cash and you'll regret making fun of my eating habits." He huffed, pouting childishly. Ivan giggled louder. Perfect, Alfred had agreed.

"But, Mattie's got to come. He's such a shut in. Which means Gil will have to go too. I dont know what Mattie sees in that asshole. And then if Mattie comes he'll want Francis to too. And if Francis goes, stupid Arthur goes. Kiku needs to come, he really needs to get away from his computer, which means his brother Yao will have to come. And he'll probably bring that other asian dude...Im Yong or something... Oh and since Gilbert's coming that means Ludwig will be dragged over, along with Feli. If Feli comes than Lovino will come to 'protect' him. So Antonio will probably stalk him to Vegas. With all us guys going then Elizaveta's going to sneak her way which means Roderich is coming too." Alfred counted on his fingers as Ivan' eye twitched. "Yeah, so that makes...like 15 including us." He declared.

"Change of plans. Everyone will pay their own way or not come at all." Ivan stated, his plan would fail if he had to empty his pockets for all the nuisances. His money should be focused on getting Alfred drunk enough. That part was key.

"Well fuck it I'm not going then."

Ivan sighed, "I shall pay only for your trip. The others can fend for themselves." He acquiesced. Since, really, Alfred was the most important factor in his scheme. Without him it was all pointless and he'd be spending his life in cold tundra, chained to his sister. The idea was not very appealing.

Alfred pursed his lips in thought, "Fine. I'll go. So when do we leave?"

"Friday." Ivan stated with a smirk that sent a shiver down the American's spine. Ivan was definitely up to something, something bad. Maybe he shouldn't of agreed to this... Shit, how did he always end up in these situations?

Ivan was grinning evilly, his plan was coming together. Now all he had to do was get Alfred plastered in Vegas, marry him and he would be able to reside in America for as long as he needed. The perfect plan.

He couldn't wait until Friday.

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