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It was early summer; the team had the whole school to themselves. Today was just a relaxation day, since there were no monster sightings. Monster Con level is at 5. Everything was running smoothly. Today was going to be a great day, or so they thought.

In HQ at 10:00am

Jake and Felix were already at HQ, Stockley would be arriving around noon. Hayley was on her way to the school. Meanwhile something was stalking her, unaware she continued walking. Jake and Felix were playing a video game Felix brought from his house. Stockley was still sleeping at his house since he was up last night watching cartoons. "Hey Felix, where did you get this game?" Jake asked, eager to know so he could go buy it. "Uhh…I can't really recall the place, but I think they sell this game at the pawn shop" Felix answered is a friendly voice. "Sweet, I got to go see if they have it after we're done here for the day" Jake said in a excited voice

Jake and Felix continued to play the game, at the end of the game, Felix congratulated himself on winning the game. Seconds after that Jake and Felix's watch com went off, it was from Hayley, but nothing was heard only the beeping of the watch witch meant she was in trouble

Jake and Felix quickly exchanged worried glances. They soon rushed over to the weapon room. Jake grabbed his blaster and a circutron. Felix grabbed his blaster and a freeze ray. Soon they got onto their battle cruisers and headed out, they took the back trails following the arrow on their GPS installed into their battle cruisers. They then heard a loud high pitched scream, it sounded like Hayley. Jake and Felix quickly got off their battle cruisers and grabbed the weapons.

They quickly ran up a large hill and there, rate in front of them was Hayley, on the ground.

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