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Davis left the room to test the sample. Stockley and Felix we're resting their heads against the wall. It would be a few minutes till the results would be in. It seemed like the clock was against them, instead of time passing quickly it passed unhurriedly. Jake's coffee eyes looked directly at the girl he treasured with his entire heart. Her body looked so frail. He felt a tear come to his face, seeing his girl in so much hurt. In everything they've been through she was so powerful, so tough, so alive, but now she looked the complete opposite. Her eyes were bloodshot and every breath she took sounded hoarse. There was only a bit of her hazel eyes still glistening between her eyelids.

"Jake…" Hayley said as a tear came to her face and slowly made a trail down her pale face.

"What is it Hayley?" Jake asked as he got closer to her and looked deep into her eyes.

"It's…It's getting…hard to breath" Hayley slowly said and a coughing fit followed.

"Oh my god!" Jake said as he looked at his troop leader and team member.

"Get Davis!" He literally screamed at his team.

Stockley got up and ran over to Jake and Hayley, while Felix ran out into the hall and started yelling for a doctor to come over.

"*cough* *cough* *cough*"was all Hayley could do and every time she'd cough the pain increased in her lungs. It hurt when she took a breath. It hurt when she moved a limb. It hurt when she blinked her eyes. It hurt every time she made the slightest movement.

"Calm down Hayley" Stockley said as he helped Jake tried to calm her down. Hayley still had tears falling every once and awhile as she took every breath.

"Where's the doctor!" Jake spat out as he also was trying everything to get Hayley to calm down.

Soon the doctor and a couple nurses ran into the room.

"Get the monitors going" Davis ordered his nurses to do as he walked over to them.

Hayley continued her agonizing coughs, it just wouldn't stop. Her heart was racing as fast as a race horse's. It was beating an insane amount. Her body shook as if her body was in an earthquake. Her coughs continued to get worse as the nurses attached the wires onto her body.

"Hayley you need to calm down, we're right here, please" Jake said as the nurses plugged in the machines and typed away at their computers for answers to help her.

"Davis her heart is beating at 170bpm" The nurse said as she watched the monitor go ballistic.

"Test results are back, the toxin is abrin, from a lethal plant there is no antidote for it" Katie (One of the nurses) said.

"You have to do something!" Jake yelled at Davis.

"Jake calm down, we will try everything to treat her"

"Jake...*cough*…help…" Hayley coughed out. As she reached out and grasped his hand.

"You're going to be alright Hayley, just calm down a bit please" Jake pleaded her. Hayley leaned back onto the hospital bed. Jake placed his hand on the side of her face and held it there. His thumb stroked the side of her face and he looked down at her figure.


"What Hayley?" I asked her as her coughs receded for a moment and she stopped in mid sentence. He looked deeply through her eyes, her shaking stopped and she seemed at peace.

"I love you Jake…Collins…" Hayley said as her eyes fell beneath her eyelids.

"She's flat lining" Katie said.

"No..." Jake said, unable to handle that Hayley's heart was failing her.

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