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It had taken Alex two weeks to work through the odd combination of confusion, exasperation and arousal she'd felt after her blowup with Bobby in the ladies' room.

It was gratifying to know – finally, for certain – that he loved her, wanted her, but that man's timing! And choice of venue. Aah well, after ten years, she should have been used to it.

She'd gotten herself so worked up over the idea that he thought he could just breeze back into town after a year and go back to the way things were, that when she realised that he actually wanted things to be different, it was too much of a surprise, and she needed a major block of time to re-adjust.

But after hours every night, sitting on her sofa with a glass of wine thinking, she realised that it was OK, that he'd gone, and OK that he'd come back, and yes, it was OK that things would be different now… very different.

How different was evidenced by the big, warm hands that seemed to be touching her everywhere under her hoodie. She and Bobby were leaning close together… she could smell his toothpaste, and a tiny hint of sweat. She wanted to kiss him, but she was quite nervous, actually. She covered her anxiety with banter.

"A long time, huh? We talking months, or years?"


Their lovemaking was a catharsis for Alex, both physically and emotionally. The feeling of Bobby, warm and heavy over her as they moved together, stirred her body to life in a way that had eluded her for more than a decade, and affected her so deeply that it drew from her, between his soft murmurs, three words that she had only said to one other person. It was soon, but it felt right to say.

After was only a little awkward. She held tight to him, but unnecessarily, as he seemed reluctant to leave her body. She felt hyper-sensitive and invigorated, but relaxed, from every inch of her skin down deep into her bones, as if she'd just been tickled by a hundred deft fingers.

When she told him so, of course he just had to reach down and tickle her waist. Her resulting deep belly laughs finally pushed his softening cock from within her, which only made her laugh even harder. When her unladylike guffaws finally diminished to giggles, Bobby began kissing her all over her sweaty face, whispering I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, in between every kiss.

"You're not offended?" She asked a few minutes later, as Bobby reached for some Kleenex to clean them both up.

Bobby's face, so soft and relaxed and happy, turned quizzical. "About what?"

"Me laughing. Not every man is OK with a woman laughing her guts out right after…"

He smiled as he fished her panties out of her purse. "Is that your litmus test?"

"It is now," she joked. "Nice aim, by the way."

"Thank you," he said in mock seriousness, nodding in her direction as he slid her panties back over her legs. "But Alex," he said, gripping her knees and sitting between them, "You aren't going to be testing anyone, is that clear? Not ever again." The dead calm on his face took her breath away. It was a look she had barely ever seen on him, even in the darkest moments of their most serious cases. While his mien stole her voice so that she could only nod, it awoke something in her cunt, and without a thought to how unlike her it was, she reached out her arms to him, begging for his touch.

He refused her embrace, wagging a finger at her, but she allowed him to take both her wrists in one hand and hold them loosely over her head as he leaned over her. "And Alex," he murmured as he looked at her intently, "We aren't going to be discussing any men – or women – at any time remotely connected to lovemaking. OK? And we're going to be making love a lot," he whispered in her ear.

"No talking about you-know-what when we're making love, huh?" She asked between bites.


She bounced up and onto his lap. "How 'bout when we're making love?" She cackled when he choked on his beer, then screamed when he smacked her soundly on her ass.

"I'll make you a deal, Eames. You go ahead and try, because if you can talk about anything but lovemaking when we're lovemaking, then I'm not doing my job right."

"Taking your new job seriously, huh?"

"You know me, Eames. I'm all about the job."


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