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Dirty Little Secret

Harry Potter loved Severus Snape. He didn't know how, but he knew it had started in his sixth year when he found out that Severus was a spy. In the beginning it had been great, but now... now it just felt like Harry was his dirty little secret.

And Harry couldn't do it anymore. He'd given Severus Snape four years of his life, but had next to nothing to show for it. There were no pictures, or mementos from silly trips or vacations. There were no wilted flowers just because. There weren't even any love notes. He had given the man four years, hoping that one day his love would be returned but it never was.

With a heavy sigh Harry looked around the sparse living room that didn't even look lived in, the only sign of life the large white and gray cat sleeping on the sofa, before heading to Severus's bedroom. It wasn't their bedroom; it was Severus's just like they were still Severus's chambers and only Severus could e change the password.

He began to gather up his meager clothing, though most were still in the suitcase that was stored under the bed, and Harry had to swallow thickly. He had no idea how he had been so blind, when it was so plainly obvious that he was nothing more than a convenient fuck to the older man.

Severus hadn't even bothered to clean out a drawer for him, or a shelf or two in the closet.

He leaned heavily against the open suitcase, and took a deep breath. Something brushed against his leg and he glanced down to find the cat leaning against his legs. It gave a pitiful cry and Harry picked it up, the cat cuddled into Harry's chest. The cat was the only thing of Harry's that Sev-Snape had allowed in his rooms, namely because he couldn't stand listening to it as it howled outside the rooms, somehow managing to break every silencing spell he knew.

"I know Mulder, but what can we do? We can't make someone love us, when he's incapable of love in the first place," Harry offered as he gently massaged the cat's neck, causing him to purr.

Harry set Mulder on the bed and finished stuffing his clothes into the suitcase, suddenly angry. No, he was furious that he'd given so much to the man and gotten nothing in return. Furious that he'd let himself be used and treated like trash.

All he'd ever wanted was someone to love him, a family of his own, and he thought he'd be able to get that with Severus, but apparently he was wrong.

Biting back a sob, he closed the suitcase and scooped up Mulder before storming from the rooms, completely oblivious to the raging magical storm he left in his wake that practically destroyed everything.

As he dropped Mulder onto the bed in his own set of rooms, Harry was suddenly grateful that Sev-Snape had made him keep the chambers that McGonagall had gifted to him when he'd become the Charms professor when Flitwick had retired.

Harry himself collapsed after a quick trip to the bathroom, and try as he might, he finally gave into the tears and sobbed himself to sleep. Mulder curled up against his front, purring softly.


Severus let himself be pushed into his rooms by a very needy, very demanding Draco Malfoy. He didn't put up much of a fight as Draco shoved his tongue down his throat only to coax Severus's tongue into his own mouth. Fuck, but the blond knew how to use that tongue of his. Severus's cock hardened at the thought of what that mouth could do.

Through the brutal kisses and greedy hands that tore and fumbled with too many buttons, somewhere in the back of his mind, Severus knew he shouldn't be doing what he was doing because he had someone, but as Draco's hand wrapped around his cock, he didn't care.

He didn't care that Harry had been loyal and faithful and everything he needed for four years. He didn't care that Harry was supposed to be waiting for him in these rooms, or would be arriving soon.

He didn't care about breaking the one thing the best thing that had ever happened to him. Of course, he would never actually admit it because it was Harry Potter and the boy was going to find someone better for him and leave him, if he already hadn't and was just playing Severus for the fool.

In his haste to bed Draco, wanton, needy, beautiful, poisonous Draco, Severus never noticed that the clothing that had been piled on the chair in the corner of his bedroom was gone, or that the infernal beast of a cat that wound around his legs every morning in an attempt to kill him was gone. Or that the beautiful giving, loving brunet that did what he could please Severus was nowhere to be seen.

But Severus was a very focused individual, whether his attention was on you, or a potion he was brewing, or the book he was reading, whatever he was doing at the time had his undivided attention. So as Severus pounded into the willing ass of Draco Malfoy, he never once actually thought about Harry.

And how Harry had been the only one to stand up for him at his trial, how he'd been the one to argue for him and defend him.

He let Draco suck on his cock, and guide Severus's hands to his ass and spread the lube his own entrance so he could impale himself on Severus's cock. He rode Severus hard and let Severus pound into him, moaning and keening like a professional.

But above all Severus never once noticed the pleased smirk that Draco wore as he was pounded into.

Harry had tried to warn Severus that Draco was plotting something; planning to hurt Harry somehow. Harry had tried to mend fences with Draco, but the blonde wouldn't have it. Draco hated Harry, and Severus turned a blind eye whenever the pair were together and let Draco do or say whatever he wanted to Harry. Often insulting everything about Harry and implying that Severus was sleeping with him, or that Harry was sleeping with everyone else.


It had been almost three days since Harry had left his rooms. He'd had one of the elves bring him food and clear it away but he couldn't bring himself to leave. He didn't want to, couldn't, face Malfoy and Sev-Snape, didn't want to see them flaunting their relationship about. Besides he was doing a major clean out of everything. He didn't realize that he had accumulated so much stuff.

He hadn't wanted much from Sev-Snape but a simple acknowledgement, the ability to say, 'Why, yes, I'm here with my partner Severus Snape, he's at the bar.' There were a few people who knew about them, McGonagall, the Weasleys and Draco Malfoy, but that was about it because Snape didn't want to announce it. Harry hadn't minded at the beginning because he was happy to be out of the spotlight. But now, he wanted to be able to hold the man's hand when they went out, not that they went out much, but on the rare occasion...

Oh who was he kidding? Harry wanted a real relationship. One like Ron and Hermione, or Neville and Theo, Arthur and Molly, or Charlie and Seamus... maybe not the last pair given their propensity for shamelessness in public while plastered, but the affectionate part where people would know they were together and wouldn't leer at them at the bar or grope their asses.

McGonagall had been very understanding when Harry had firecalled her to let her know that he wouldn't be able to teach for a few days because he'd come down with the flu. It was making the rounds again.

Severus never commented on Harry's absence from the table at meals and from his classrooms. Most of the staff was convinced that the man hadn't even noticed Harry's absence.

When Harry finally did make an appearance, he looked a little thinner and more run down than he had before. He gave them all a soft, sad smile before sitting next to Remus, as far from Severus as he could get.

"Are you alright?" Remus asked softly.

"No, but I will be. Just spent the last few days throwing up everything I've ever eaten," he replied as he poured himself a cup of tea, and doctored it to his liking.

Remus cupped the back of Harry's neck and gave it a gentle squeeze as Harry closed his eyes, "later Remy, please?"

Remus studied those too bright eyes when they opened a moment later but nodded when Harry whispered, "later."

They moved on to safer topics, like which students to be weary of and which students had the most promise. As he chatted with Harry, Remus detected a subtle shift in Harry's scent. He couldn't pinpoint what it was exactly and he doubted Harry knew or would tell him. He sniffed again, wracking his brain for what it could be, but he couldn't figure it out.

Minerva watched the pair, and smiled softly before turning to scowl at Severus, who was deep in conversation with Draco Malfoy.

"What the hell is going on?" she asked not realizing she'd spoken out loud, though if anyone heard her they gave no indication.


When Harry returned to the outside world, he insisted that he was over whatever it was that he had gotten. He wasn't throwing up as much, but certain smells had him racing to the bathroom. He could barely make it through the day without needing a nap, which usually hit him about halfway through his first class after lunch. The seventh year Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw group usually took to self studying when their professor fell asleep halfway through the lesson.

He refused to see Madame Pomfrey because he was sure it wouldn't last much longer. Of course he had a feeling he knew what was wrong, but he didn't want to face it; couldn't admit to it because it terrified him.

"I'm fucking fine!" he blurted out angrily one evening during the weekly staff meeting when pretty much everyone had asked him if he was alright; save for Snape, who would spare him a glance once in a while and ask about him being home later. Harry would always give some noncommittal grunt, if Snape hadn't noticed that he was gone then Harry wasn't going to tell him.

"Harry," Remus tried to begin, but Harry cut him off.

"I'm fine," he insisted. "I'm not throwing up as much, I don't have a fever and I can stay awake through that one class now."

"If you'd just let me-" Pomfrey tried to feel his forehead but Harry batted her hand away.

"Are we done?" he asked a clearly concerned but ruffled McGonagall, who simply nodded.

They all watched him in concern, none of them had missed the sad look he'd given Snape when the potion master had simply stood and left the meeting halfway through it.


Harry had to get out of the castle, it was just to stifling with everyone that was basically hovering over him, and waiting for him to break. He knew he should talk to someone, preferable Remus or Minerva, but he couldn't admit that he'd failed.

He decided to walk around the grounds, maybe visit Charlie and Seamus down by the lake, maybe he could talk to them. Instead he found Snape and Malfoy, with the blond on his knees in front of Snape. Harry's vision clouded with tears as he spun around and stormed back to the castle.

He should have known. Fuck! He had known, deep down, but he had refused to accept it.

It had only been three weeks since Harry had left Snape, but it felt like three years. And the man hadn't said anything, or done anything that even indicated that he'd noticed that Harry was gone.

Harry wasn't really surprised he hadn't because Harry really was just a bed warmer for Snape and he'd obviously found a new one in Draco Malfoy.

He ignored everyone as they tried to get him to stop, to talk about what was wrong, because he couldn't, not right then. It was too fresh, seeing Draco eagerly swallowing around Snape's cock as Snape all but fucked Draco's mouth.

Harry was halfway to his own rooms when he gave a wordless cry and slammed his fist into the wall, several of the students would later swear that they heard bones crack. They watched in stunned horror as their favourite teacher crumpled to ground in a motionless heap.

The teachers, especially Harry, would have been proud of how the older students handled what happened next.

Several of the younger students began screaming, and when that didn't walk up their professor the older students began to herd them out of the corridor. While the Headboy quickly moved to check on Harry, he commanded a fifth year to get Pomfrey and McGonagall.