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Song: Misguided Angel, Cowboy Junkies:

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DeBordieu, SC


This was supposed to be our vacation and I was nervy as a young foal! The only time I relaxed was when I was feeding, or when Edward was awake. His sleeping form taunted me from the large bedstead set across from me. The sun was rising, but my human lover was not.

Edward alone made me timid as an innocent boy in the first throes of love. My palms sweaty, sort of, with his proximity, my mouth dry, apart from the venom that swilled like saliva with the smallest gander of his brawny forearms and wide wrists. The twists and turns of his muscles made my hair, and my cock, stand on end. I liked to tweak the fine copper wires that made filigree of his chest just so I could hear Edward whimper in that deep, gravelly voice and curl his naked luscious big pink red and wet cock up to mine.

Morningwood, HA! I had perma-wood! I never slept so the idea of morningwood was ludicrous, and I was hard as fuck most hours of the day and night.

This was ridiculous! I was a manly man, a hunter, a predator, a vampire! And yet my knees knocked when Edward looked up at me from beneath the cascading black feathers of his ridiculously long eyelashes. Taking all of me in with his deep forest eyes.

Singularly unaware, unaffected, or just fucking oblivious to the threat I encapsulated in the strength of my fingers, power that I barely needed to exert to kill instantly, and the raw slice of my teeth that could mezzaluna over skin like slicing through stalks of herbs, Edward had approached me.

Sexy, self-assured, handsome, so sensual with his come hither eyes and his loping gait that spoke of hours spent bedded and feverishly fucking, he had no compunction when he tried to snag the cab I was flagging down.

Insanely, for one inherently graceful, I fell off the curb, at first simply surprised, put-out and pissed off that any mere human would dare cross my path.

When his hand lashed out to pull me to the sidewalk before I could crush a car with my unyielding frame, I almost collapsed again.

Just though his touch.

And he felt it too.

Brokering peace, we shared that taxi. I couldn't stop staring at his hair that tossed about the crown of his head like it, itself, had just had the most savage sex!

Smiling so wide that his curvy red carved lips looked big enough to eat, he unabashedly took in my growing erection that was held tight in the crotch of my jeans and twined his fingers together as if to keep them from touching me.

The smoky air inside the cab turned muggy and heavy with immediate desire.

En route, my house was first, a Charleston Single in the French quarter of downtown Charleston.

He knew where I lived.

The persistent, beautiful, robust mortal man stalked me, staked me out. Introduced himself as Edward and again my gut plundered to my toes when we clasped hands over my own name.

With his rarified air, I could never have turned Edward down when he asked me out. Always the marauder, it was, in fact, nice to be pursued.

Within days of our first date we were bound. Quickly, inextricably! In under a week, Edward had fucked me blind.

Different, new, fresh and something I had never looked for in another man, woman, and not even in another vampire, the immediate feeling I had for Edward was overwhelming and all-reaching. I didn't want to be perfidious, but once again I was cowering and scared to tell him the truth.

He hardly even blinked when I admitted I was a vampire! Nodding his head succinctly, Edward eased his tapered fingers through mine across the table where he ate breakfast and I pushed my soppy disgusting sunny-side-up eggs around the plate. As if I had just told him I preferred my eggs over easy.

When the reality sank in, Edward asked questions. Born and bread in the south, he had a sassy southern drawl that made me want to eat the honey-dipped words that dripped from his mouth. It took Herculean effort to concentrate on his un-fucking-ending questions when all I wanted to do was get him back in bed, or topple him to the floor, or stand him up against the wall. Hours and days of queries while he put on his sexy specs and jotted notes as if there would be a test forthcoming.

Some were so preposterous it was cute and I couldn't stop myself from pitching forward to softly kiss his pursed thoughtful lips. Some were more serious and galling. Tendencies I didn't want to admit, inquiries I didn't want to answer.

What did I eat, had I ever killed, when had I died, when would I die, why didn't I age?

Animals, yes, in the 1800's, never, because I was undead.

A nagging sadness ached inside of me. A yawning void that grew, little by little, at each passing year.

Naked and fucking gloriously sinewed, Edward stretch and rolled in his sleep and the sheet tangled down beneath his hips, displaying the succulent cock that hardened beneath my flattering gaze and the wild cool wind that whipped the drapes in and out of the casement.

The satiny cotton sheet slid farther down to his thighs - I may have helped it along a little bit, but who was I to deny his masterpiece shaft from its first breath of morning light?- catching in the swelling hold of his balls and nestling there just as my mouth wanted to. I was envious of a fucking scrap of cloth!

That was the true meaning of morningwood. I licked my lips and wished I still had him on my tongue. But I'd taken a shower soon after he fell to slumber, washing the cake of sex and sand and seaspray from my body.

Completely naked, almost complete, I had sat back in the plush recliner to watch over Edward's dreams and await his waking to a day that would finally never end.

Each wistful mumble, sighing rumble, scissor of legs and tenuous sleepfull stretch caught in my throat. Made me think about every part of Edward over my shoulders, against my back, between my fists with his hands rough from work making a devious wander south over my chest and abdomen to my cock.

I stood for a moment, ready to pounce.

Then sat back down with my dick slapping against my thigh and then up to my stomach.

Once he had plied his cock, a slick wet teasing thing, all over my body, bidding me to keep still. From the sensitive shaking undersides of my arms, between my thighs, prodding my sac and slipping over my erection, plunging into my navel, against my throat, finally he laid his ponderous length against my lips but would not let me open my mouth.

I begged him with my eyes as he dribbled drops of cum into the corners of my mouth.

His breathing just as harsh as mine, he pulled away and rasped, "Lick your lips, Jasper."

Groans and growls spilled out of me as I sucked his treat down my throat and tried to yank him over my body so our naked bodies could collide.

But Edward sat between my legs, shook his head, and made me watch him as he took both our cocks in his two hands and rubbed venom to cum and cock to dick until thinking, focusing, looking, breathing became futile efforts.

I could have overpowered him in a heartbeat, but I would do whatever he fucking wanted, whenever he wanted!

He made me grovel before allowing me to widen his stance and pull him over, onto me.

Certainly I'd been with men, women, vampires alike, but this was different.

This was everlasting.

We'd lived together, as husbands, mates, helpmeets for three years.

And now Edward was twenty-six to century and a half.

Everything I had been before him became a moot point.

And he never once asked for it, never complained; never even outright spoke of the fact that every tolling year took him further down the road of death while I remained static.

He was too proud for that.

I could think of nothing else.

I was getting myself all worked up because something enormous was beginning and something gigantic was ending and I no longer knew which way was up unless I was with Edward! In reality, I just wanted to work him over for the fourth time this day. Blast his damn human nature that made sleep the most irritating necessity.

In our seaside cottage at exclusive DeBordieu, the formerly prosperous pre-Civil War coastal realm of South Carolina, Edward and I were taking a break from real life to idle in this borderland of God.

It seemed fitting for what I had planned.

My soul was strong, and Edward's spirit an undaunted thing.

There were midafternoons on the dunes, wrestling like boys in the sand, splashing wildly in the surf, holding hands, walking the beach, toeing up seashells that had already been inspected and left for us late wanderers. Not a single whole sand-dollar remained.

While he napped and rested from my insatiable passionate greed, I feasted off the plentiful game. Fey deer gamboled through the orange-red-grey wash of evening and saw me hidden in bracken and hardy vegetation sampling the musky blood of mammals.

And still Edward slept on.

I had ulterior motives for bringing him to this colony; my intention wasn't just to make sultry love to him from the dusk of one day to the dawn of the next.

I groaned in frustration…perhaps, intentionally, a little too loudly and right close to Edward's ear, contemplating the manifold ways I could enclose that pink shell that turned bright red during orgasm in my mouth while my hand trembled over his exposed cock with piercing longing to enclose it.

The frigid breeze of my breath fired goosebumps over Edward's upper arms as I inclined closer to him, willing him to wake. To need me as much as I desired him.

Sloping to his side, facing me, slowly blinking open his sleepy soft viridian eyes, the pout of dusty siesta made his lips fuller over the hushed nettle of his voice, "What's the meaning of this?" Pulling up on his elbow that dented the goosedown mattress, Edward scrubbed his face with his hand, rasped the dark auburn stubble that stippled his high cheeks, square jaw, and strong neck in a pointillist pattern that felt like ten thousand tiny pinpricks on my skin when he rubbed his beard's growth over me.

Then he smirked as awareness settled in, like the sheet caught up in the nest of his groomed pubic hair, falling to hide all but the lovely ripe tip of his cock.

I wanted to fuck the smirk right off of his face!

Eros exploded my heart.

Eroticism combusted my body.

Shaking off my novitiate's feelings, I plucked Edward's mouth with my lips. Nibbled and wet his delectable flesh. Sifted my hands over the breadth of his chest, the depth of his tummy, reaching behind to grab his ass, hard.

With a blast of laughter detonating his being, Edward toppled back and pulled me over him, and I wrestled that motherfucker of a cockblocking sheet to the end of the bed!

Silencing his amusement, I kissed him passionately, working over, into, under every crafty slippery surface, and took my lips lower to nip at his chin and rake my tongue over the bright bristles that tried to make acupuncture through my tastebuds, futilely.

By the time I was done kissing him, Edward's jaw was thoroughly chafed, his lips chapped. Vividly crimson, raw, ruddy, ready.

Circling above me, Edward plastered that greedy mouth to my pecs as his reedy eyes took all of me in, mumbling, "Hominy…"

Frowning through the intense swamp of heat his licking made of my skin as it moved from nipple to nipple, touching and tasting each of my ribs on both sides of my torso, and deep down into the cut of sinew that were cliffs just inside my hipbones, I questioned, "Hominy?"

Nuzzling all around the base of my shaft and nothing more so my head cracked back into the mountain of pillows, pushing out white feathers through seams, Edward muttered, "Yeah, hominy, honey. Boiling, boiled, kernels, puffed, perfect posole…your nipples. I could eat them all day long."

Fuck. Me.

I knew I'd said that aloud when Edward chuckled into my cock.

I lost all sight, thought, worry, every-fucking-thing, when he creamed his beautiful mouth over me and sank like the clouds of heaven onto me!

Clawing the bedding so as not to rip apart Edward's hair tickling my thighs and grazing a scratchy silky beat over my pelvis, I growled and cried out. Two long air-tight tugs tore me apart!

He liked my cold cum down his throat, likening the texture and flavor to vanilla ice cream.

Who was I to deny him pleasure? Nourishment?

I couldn't wait to have Edward inside of me, thrusting, unbreakable, and unbearably rigid. Not yet. All of my form, inside and out, was so inflexible that I feared for the safety of his cock should he fuck me solid.

Soon though, I would know the gratifying sensation of him playing in and out of me.

I ran my hands through my hair, enticing Edward with my flexing biceps, jutted my hips up so that my cock nudged his nose that was buried in my balls, and lifted him up over me. The swag of his shaft dipped to my tum, beat twice, and then raised back up to its proper perpendicular stature.

Fumbling for the lube on the nightstand, I sat up against Edward. Locked his legs around my waist. Tangled one hand in his locks and lipped and sucked his mouth while I reached behind him to make a wet sheath of my dick.

So fucking ready for him.

"Already, baby?" Edward smiled into a kiss that went from soft to harsh in a heartbeat.

Huskily, I moaned, "Christ, yes."

"Well, darlin', your turnaround time is impressive," he simpered, sampling the lobe of my ear.

"Morningwood," I tapped the column of his cock, "Permawood," I stroked myself up and down, twice.

"That could become a problem, if not handled properly, Jasper," Edward lifted up with his feet planted flat on the bed at my sides and his arms braced on my thighs.

Coming down onto me, he moaned out a heavy thing.

I curled one forearm around his waist and held him as he arched backward.

Reveling in the feel of that tight hot clasping swath enveloping me.

The tightest of tight ring of muscles clamped the base of my cock, the hardest of hard soft smooth buttons of tissue teased my head, fully seated inside of him.

Eroding back out of Edward, my ass met the bed and I pulled him up, almost off of me.

"FUCK!" Edward shouted.

"Yes," I growled.

The soles of my feet twitched and curled into the mattress like into silty sand wearing away beneath Atlantic breakers.

My cock was the outgoing tide, the incoming surf.

His sweat both woodsy cedar and stinging seabreeze.

The air we made, the moans we stole were all steamy, briny, pure and misty and mingled between lover's utterances and mighty tumultuous salty shouts, shoals.

Pounding like the surf, I plundered in and out of Edward, pushing with such force that he bounced upon my hips and sank back down like a ship's prow to ocean floor. White capped wavelets of my poison began to leak out.

Between us, above me, Edward's shaft was a Redwood of the Pacific Northwest I had known intimately. Tall, swollen, bright-headed. Streaked like rosy emulsion, his elite erection eclipsed anything I had ever seen. Carved with veins, cut by the shelf of his canopying head, his cock was resplendent!

Drops of unguent lifted up and out and tracked down. I gathered those dribbles in my fingers and brought them to my mouth.

And rhythmically moved until all became clasping gasping frantic currents of hurricanes over the ocean.

Sound sucked out, my cock was sucked in. Edward's spattered streams of cum up my chest. Silent howls and inert clenched muscles and open mouthed mute screams!

I jerked hard and thought I would never stop.

Edward laughed and grinned and bellowed through my unending orgasm. When I had breath enough, I sniggered into his neck, holding him tight to me. Loving this man.

Folding us over into a heap of replete limbs, muscles lax, sleepy as if overtaken by tryptophan, Edward snuffled back into slumber almost immediately while I embraced him in a dreamy trance of my own.


Resplendently reclined on the rough woolen sofa in our rustic red-tin roofed cottage, a fire roasting in the fieldstone fireplace that built its way from scaly blue slate hearth to timbered cathedral ceiling, awaiting his evening meal like the king he was, Edward was replenished after a day's worth of snoozing and a hot shower.

The burning pyramid of driftwood made greenish blue phosphorescent smoke that leapt out of the brazier before it was sucked up the chimney and out into the coldening night.

Padding over the uneven pine floorboards until my feet fell into the coarse old Oriental rug, I smiled at the sight of him.

My man.

Eyeing, most unwholesomely, my body that was naked but for a pair of racy skimpy boxers, Edward looked to the heirloom tea tray I carried.

Usually it held his evening meal. Oddly turned on by the image of him eating, I had taken to cooking for my mortal lover. Another means of showing my adoration for him.

Tonight the service was all but empty.

In future, Edward would not need human sustenance.

"What's the meaning of this, Jasper," Edward asked the same question he had not eight hours before, this time properly understanding the implications of the sole wineglass and the uncorked bottle of 2006 Lamborn Serendipity Vintage Zinfandel.

I decanted the rich crimson drops into his glass and watched the legs of wine following crystal.

Much like his blood would soon fall into my throat.

He held the upperhand.

Always had, always would.


I would give Edward anything. I wanted to take everything.

Even this.

Placing a wide silver band upon his left ring finger, I bent upon one knee, beholden by his wide smile of acceptance that he could not hide behind the wine he slowly imbibed.

With the glass empty and set aside, Edward licked his lips tainted by tannin and grapes and whispered, "Yes, Jasper."

My husband, my timeless mate.


~Yeah, sigh~

Misguided Angel lyrics:

I said mama, he's crazy and he scares me
But I want him by my side
Though he's wild and he's bad
And sometimes just plain mad
I need him to keep me satisfied

Misguided angel hangin over me

Heart like a gabriel, pure and white as ivory
Soul like a lucifer, black and cold like a piece of lead
Misguided angel, love you til I'm dead

I said brother, you speak to me of passion
You said never to settle for nothing less
Well, it's in the way he walks,
It's in the way he talks
His smile, his anger and his kisses

I said sister, don't you understand?
He's all I ever wanted in a man
I'm tired of sittin around the t.v. every night
Hoping I'm finding a mr. right

Misguided angel hangin over me
Heart like a gabriel, pure and white as ivory
Soul like a lucifer
Black and cold like a piece of lead
Misguided angel, love you til Im dead

He says baby, dont listen to what they say
There comes a time when you have to break away
He says baby there are things we all cling to all our life
Its time to let them go and become my wife