Sorry It toke long I had to get help from other authors for help I am to write a story about lions and humans fight in a war against the machines called Terminators, how Lion Terminator is sent back to the lion king cast from Skynet, other Terminators, Scar, Zira, and many other treats.

The year is 2031, In once region called the Pridelands, in the year 2018, after Judgment day, the machines started killing humans than a few years later the machines attack the Pridelands, killing a lot of animals, but the pride stayed strong, after the machines attacked the pride goes to war with the machines, after a war started with the Lions and the machines, the Humans from Los Angeles and many other destroyed cities in America came with John Connor the leader of the Resistance, and Kate Connor the second in command of the Resistance, meet with King Simba and Queen Nala, along with Princess Kairi and Prince Kovu of the Pridelands, after they're first meeting, Simba, Nala, Kairi, Kovu, John, and Kate agreed to help each other out in their together against the machines, in the year 2022, After Simba and Nala passed away in peace, Kovu and Kairi became the new King and Queen of the Pridelands, they attack the machines and later found out that a Terminator has been sent back in time to first terminate Simba and Nala, just when they thought that hope was gone, the lion have found a new and improved Terminator called the model T 202, reprogram it and send it back in time to save Simba and Nala's younger self's, they send the new Lion Terminator, 19 years in the past, in the year 2003, the same year that Judgment day happened for the Humans.

The Terminator looks similar to Scar but not all the way, the person that is doing the voice of the lion Terminator is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the voices for the lion king cast is the same, can't wait for your review, see you soon, bye.