Here is the next chapter of the Lion Terminator, here we go.

Chapter 5: Rescuing Nala

It is now, July 2, 2006, three years after Judgment day happened in the Human world, but for the animals it has not happened yet, but there are signs of possible Judgment day that might happen in the Pridelands, the Pridelands are now nothing but a wasteland, Scar's rule as king had made things worse then what they were, after Mufasa died, in about a three miles away, blue flashes came, then they disappeared, in the spot was the Human Terminator, The Human Terminator looked like a teenaged Human, white skin, brown hair, and blue eyes, he went into a big lifeless human city, he found clothes and a pair of sunglasses to wear, then the Human Terminator found three weapons he chose, he chose an AK-47, an Uzi, and a Franchi SPAS Model 12 shotgun, then the Human Terminator found a Troop transport truck with a motorcycle on it, the Human hot wire the truck and then heads for the Pridelands.

In the Pridelands, Nala is crying on the floor of her cave, she had her chance to escape, but were captured by the Hyena's, Scar then announced that Nala is to be terminated tomorrow morning, but however that will never happen, Hyena's were watching over Pride Rock, then one Hyena saw a Troop transport truck heading at him, before he could call back up, he got crushed, and the truck crashed into Pride Rock, the Human Terminator got out with the shotgun on his back, with the Uzi in his left hand and the AK-47 in his right hand, he walks up to Pride Rock, when Hyena's toke a look, they got shot with the AK-47, everybody heard that shot, The Pride heard it, even Scar heard it, the Human Terminator was on a mad shot out, he was killing Hyena's left to right, then when Scar tried to confront with the Human Terminator, he got shot, but only severely wounded, The Human Terminator looked inside a cave and found a Lioness on the ground then she looked and stood up, the Terminator walks in then he asks, " Nala?"

Nala was surprised as she says, " Yes."

The Human Terminator gave Nala his hand and says, " Come with me, if you want to live."

Nala sniffed his hand the licked as to says, ' Thank you.' Then both Nala and the Human Terminator left the cave, they got back on the truck, the Human Terminator got on the motorcycle, Nala hoped on, as the they both rode away from the Pridelands, while they were getting away, the Hyena Terminator saw Nala escaping with the Human Terminator, the Hyena Terminator chases after them both, the Human Terminator saw the Hyena Terminator coming at them, since he used the Uzi and decided to save the AK-47, the Human Terminator uses his shotgun, then pulled some smoke grenades and they escaped, the Hyena Terminator had failed again and heads back to Pride Rock, Nala and The Human Terminator stopped the motorcycle, Nala starts thanking the Human Terminator, " Thank you for saving me."

" Your gratitude is not required." The Human Terminator said.

Nala asks, " Who are you?"

The Human Terminator says, " I am Skynet Model T 101, other wise known as the Terminator."

Nala then asks, " What do you mean?"

The Human Terminator says, " I am a machine from the Future."

Like Simba did years before, Nala didn't believe it until she saw the Human Terminator was fixing himself, she looked at his left arm and saw that inside the skin was a metal arm of a Terminator, she then started to get scared, but knew that the Terminator means no harm to her, then Nala asked, " What year are you from?"

The Human Terminator put a glove on as he says, " 12 years into the future, you must be taken some place safe."

Nala got back on the motorcycle, when they started moving again, Nala asks, " Where are we going?"

The Human Terminator just replied, " To a safe location."

Nala is now safe, the Pride were talking about what just happened earlier, they talked that Nala's escape with the Human Terminator, they now saw hope for the Pridelands, the Human Terminator and Nala made it to place where they can stay for the night, Nala falls to sleep, as the Human Terminator just stood guard.

I hope you liked it, see you later, everybody.