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Inside My Scrapbook by Anne Raven

Chapter 13: Queen

Li Yelan was a queen in her own right. She had beauty and brains. She wielded the wealth and power of one of the most influential clans in Hong Kong. She had it all.

But like the chess piece she so often compared herself to, she knew she wasn't the most important character in the game.

Li Xiaolang was the center of the family and if he falls, they all fall down with him. That was why she had always felt conflicted when dealing with her only son. She was proud, very proud, of what he has accomplished but she dismayed knowing they were not yet enough. This was why she had always been strict with him. Being strict though does not mean that she can't be generous.

And like the queen that she was likened to, Li Yelan made a generous act – letting her son fall in love.