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We will be Happy...

The smell of eucalyptus fills my nostrils as a wait outside the police station. I stand between your imprisonment and your freedom, the wide, red expanse of land that stretches on for an eternity, one that I plan to spend with you.

There is still a part of me that that hates you for what you did. You took me away from all that I'd ever known. Sure, now I realise that that grey, dreary, concrete city is a fake place built over a land once beautiful, but if you hadn't have taken me then I wouldn't have known the difference. But now I do and that's why I'm here because I fell in love with a land and a person that I can't live without.

And you know what else Ty? I'm still wearing that ring you gave me. For ten years I've hidden it in my drawer, only putting it on at night thinking of you and the land I left behind in the colours that seem to mirror your painting shed.

I had to tell my parents about you, about us. It was really hard for them as I can imagine but I think that after all this time they're finally starting to realise that I'm not in shock. I told them about all the times we spent together, how my feelings towards you changed. They promised not to tell the media about it so we can be as we should have been, alone in our world of red expanse.

Wait! I can see you now! You're walking out of the police station, eyes glazed over, probably dreaming of the land you can return to. You don't look a day older than when I last saw you. It's as if no time has passed.

Then you see me. Shock is evident upon your face. Your blue eyes are bright and wide with surprise and then turn to pools.


The guard releases you and you run to me, smile bright with your whole face glowing. You grab me around my waist and swing me through the air before setting me down on my feet and gazing down at me, holding each of my small, white hands in your own large, brown ones.

Your smile suddenly softens as your eyes bore into me. "Why did you come back? Your letter said…"

I smile and then reach up and stroke your rough face. "Because I love you Ty."

I crane up onto the balls of my feet so that our faces are almost level and then we kiss for the first time, but not the last. I can taste the salt and the sand and I can smell the eucalyptus on you even now, like a sweet fragrance.

We separate and I rest back on my feet. I can see that your eyes are closed and a smile lingers on your face. You open your eyes and then look down at me.

"Let's go home Ty." Like two small children we walk towards the desert, holding hands. As we disappear into the distance I know that we will find our home here. Everything will still be as it was and we can continue on as if it had never happened, as if that snake had never bitten me. We will be happy.