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Chapter one

It had been 3 hours 46 minutes and 56 seconds since the attack in the Trager's household and exactly 3 hours 15 minutes and 13 seconds since Cassidy had been killed or…what Kyle would rather say…'had died'. It wasn't Kyle who killed him though nor was it Jessi. It was Tom Foss. Fortunately Cassidy was careless and forgot to send the same message that he sent the Tragers to Foss, who was keeping an eye on the Trager's house when he just happened to hear a crashing sound…

Kyle's breathing became heavy as he tried to comprehend what Cassidy had just told him…'I'm your brother'. He released Cassidy and took a few steps back.

Cassidy didn't give him any chance, he quickly reached for the taser and electrocuted Kyle with it, sending him backwards, screaming in pain. It happened at the exact same moment that Foss came through the door. Seeing Kyle lying on the floor he didn't hesitate a second, he pulled out his gun and fired it. Cassidy's body collapsed, hitting the floor.

Kyle was dazed. He didn't remember much, (or he didn't want to) but he remembered Foss attempting to calm him down, assuring him that he would take care of things. He remembered watching Foss grab Cassidy's body. He heard him calling the Tragers and informing them that he was home and that they should come back to the house, and then, Foss simply took off.

Kyle was still shaking from what had happened when Jessi and Amanda entered the house. He looked at her with watery eyes and started walking towards her. Slowly he pulled her into a hug.

She looked at them with wide eyes, trying to adjust to the scene before her. It hurt her to see them, to see Kyle seeking safety with her. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard him say, "Jessi I need you …" After that he slipped into unconsciousness.

When his family came back from the Rack, they didn't know what had happened. The only thing that they knew was that Kyle was lying on the couch, sleeping. His head was in Jessi's lap and tears were coming from her eyes. Amanda was standing there watching them, a look of confusion and shock written all over her face.

Both Jessi and Kyle spent the night on the couch. Jessi didn't want to move and chance waking up Kyle and none of the Tragers wanted to disturb him. From the condition of the kitchen, they all knew that he'd had a rough night and hoped that by the morning they would find out what had happened. Stephan suggested that everybody should go to sleep.

Nicole was the first one to wake up, though it wasn't like she had slept much, or anyone else for that matter. She wasn't surprised when she found both Jessi and Kyle in the same position that she had left them in the night before.

Jessi was awake and she was staring at Kyle's face as he slept while playing with his hair. Nicole tried to figure out what was going on inside of Jessi's mind, hoping that she might know something about what had happened.

"Good morning Jessi," Nicole said.

Jessi reflexively took her hand off Kyle's hair. "Oh! Hi...Nicole! Good morning…Sorry I didn't see you," she replied awkwardly.

The soft sound of their voices and the slight movement was enough to wake up Kyle, who was surprised at first.

This isn't my tub…although this is more comfortable, were his first that he looked up and saw Jessi. By the time he realized where he was, he heard Nicole's voice.

"Jessi, did you get any sleep last night?"

Oh! This isn't good I hope that Nicole doesn't get angry, Jessi thought to herself. She was about to answer her when she felt a change in Kyle's heart rate. He's awake. Jessi smiled…mostly to herself…and looked down, forgetting that Nicole was standing in front of her.

"Hi! You're finally awake. I was worried about you...How are you feeling?" she asked Kyle with a sad smile.

Kyle simply stared and…also forgetting about Nicole…smiled at Jessi. Although everything about last night was still playing in his mind, somehow her smile made that fade away. She is always here for me…how could I have missed that… how could I have missed her?

"Good morning Jessi. I'm fine. I hope you didn't mind spending the night here." Oh my god…what did I just say? Of course she wouldn't mind. I'm such an idiot, Kyle thought.

"Uh…No I didn't…I'm glad that you're fine." Jessi looked at Nicole and then back to Kyle unable to believe that he could think that it would bother her. "I…should probably get up…I need to take a shower," she said and Kyle immediately lifted his head from her lap. She got up and quickly made her way towards her room. A few seconds later she went upstairs to the bathroom.

Kyle just stood there. "Good morning Nicole...I'm sorry if I scared you last night but I'm fine now…I need to go to my room. I think I need a shower too," he said with a fake smile.

"It's okay Kyle," Nicole said, trying to calm him. "I'm glad that you're fine. I'll go make breakfast. Maybe you could join us after your shower."

Half an hour later everybody was awake and gathered around the kitchen table.

"Dude! When are you going to tell us about last night?" Josh asked breaking the awkward silence.

"Josh!" Nicole, Stephan and Lori said in unison.

"Oh Come on. Don't tell me you're not dying to know. It's about time Kyle tells us." With that Josh turned to Kyle and said, "So Kyle would you like to share the story with us about what happened last night…"

Kyle told them about what Cassidy had done and the threats that he had made. He didn't keep anything to himself; he even told them about their relationship, that they were brothers.

"What happened to Cassidy?" Nicole asked with a curious tone and Kyle looked down at his plate before answering.


"Kyle did you …?" Jessi began with concern but she couldn't finish the question. Did he kill Cassidy? I'm the one who was supposed to get revenge for what happened to Sarah, not Kyle. He wasn't supposed to kill him. This is all my fault...

Everyone was looking at Kyle, just the thought of him doing something extreme like that scaring them.

"No," Kyle replied. "It was Foss…" Kyle was glad that Foss saved his life but it was the first time that he had witnessed someone actually being killed, since Adam survived the attempt on his life. "I don't think killing him was necessary though..."

"No!" Jessi exclaimed. "He deserved that Kyle. He had it coming…" A single tear fell and she quickly wiped it away, trying not to look fragile.

"Why is that?" Josh asked curiously.

"Because he killed Sarah…" Jessi, replied, her voice as soft as a whisper, her tone full of pain and sorrow.

"What!" the rest of Tragers gasped in shock.

"Jessi I'm so sorry…" Nicole said. She tried to find the right words to console the brunette, but she couldn't. She thought about the day that Jessi was sick and when Kyle told her that something might have happened to Sarah. She didn't think about the possibility that she could have been killed; she thought that Latnok might have forced Sarah to leave. The idea of Jessi witnessing her mother's death was just too horrible to imagine.

A few hours later in Kyle's room:

"I wish I could forget everything that happened last night," Kyle said.

"I know…I can't believe Cassidy is your brother," Jessi replied. "But…if you want, I can help you with that."

"Help me with what?"

"I can erase your memories…you know…so when you do start to remember…like now…" Jessi said as she started to put her hands on Kyle's head.

"No!No... I didn't mean it like that," Kyle said, quickly taking a few steps back away from her hands.

"Then what did you mean? Because that's the only way that I know of to make you forget," Jessi said, a little confused.

"I didn't mean it like that. I don't want to forget about that forever, just for an hour, a day, just not to think about it."

"I don't know how to do that…Oh! How about we do something else…go training for example or watch a movie." Jessi hoped that Kyle would choose the last option because she could easily turn it into a date since Amanda was out of town. Apparently one of her relatives was very sick, so she and her mother left hours ago. Amanda had come by before leaving to check up on Kyle and to tell him that she was going out of town. Jessi knew that Amanda didn't tell him that she wanted him back yet so she thought that she may have a chance, that she could convince Kyle to pick her…to choose her.

"No, but I know a way."

"What is it?" Jessi asked, very curious.

"Last time when I was sad and in pain when Amanda broke up with me…"

Oh! Amanda…God what does he see in her? She's so boring and innocen ….I better stop thinking about this. He could hear me …

Kyle kept talking to her "…so Josh and Declan took me to this bar and it worked. Though I still don't remember what happened that day but I'm sure that I didn't think about Amanda, and I think that I had a lot of fun…"

"So your idea to forget is to get drunk…That actually might work…So do you want to go to this bar? Josh and Lori and Declan can come with us ...I should go tell her. What time do you…"

"It's a good idea but maybe we shouldn't invite them," Kyle said, interrupting her. "How about just the two of us. I think we can use a night without Latnok or anything else…and we don't have to go to the bar. We just need somewhere private. Like I told you, I want it to be just 'us'. " Kyle smiled at her, thinking that both he and Jessi needed to let go of those thoughts and memories even for little time and just have fun.

"Okay! No problem... How about 8 at my place …and I'll get the beer."

This is so much better than I could imagine, Jessi thought to herself.

Jessi's apartment at 8 o'clock:

"How did you get the beer? I thought you had to be 21 to buy some," Kyle asked curiously.

"If I told you then I'd have to kill you," Jessi teased.

"What? …Why?" Kyle was shocked.

"I was joking of course, but really, it's a long story. Maybe I'll tell you later." She smiled. "Oh I forget to tell you Kyle. I brought a movie with me. I know you don't like romance, so I brought an action movie its called Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

They sat next to each other on the couch and watched the movie during which Jessi drank about 6 beers.

"I feel…" Jessi said before Kyle interrupted her.

"You're buzzed …." Kyle told her, his eyes brightened as he explained. "It's a reaction from the alcohol."

"What?...I'm buzzed?" Jessi let out a laugh and put her head on Kyle's shoulder.

Kyle was surprised but he didn't mind at all. In fact he put his arm around Jessi's shoulder and pulled her closer. Kyle remembered watching as Mr. and Mrs. Smith were pointing guns and shooting at each other. He was confused how people could do such a thing to each other and then he became more surprised as Mrs. Smith ripped the shirt off her husband and then…nothing.

When he woke up in the morning he didn't open his eyes but he could feel that he was sleeping in a bed and he was relaxed. It was similar to when he spent the night in Jessi's bed, except last time when he woke up Jessi was gone and now he could feel her head on his chest. As he tried to put his hand on her back he felt something soft.

Skin…bare skin! With that thought in his mind, he opened his eyes and realized that he and Jessi were naked in her old bedroom…

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