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Chapter 14: the decision

Jessi woke up slowly, shifting slightly until her eyes were fully opened, and she was completely aware of her surroundings. Surprisingly, she felt both relaxed and comfortable laying there. It'd been a while since she'd felt this way. She rolled over, so she was now laying on her right side. Looking at her open window, the day was still young; the sun had yet to rise, signing the beginning of a new and hopefully good day.

She realized that she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep again. It was 5 a. m. She had slept for over ten hours. It would take the family another three hours to wake up. She listened to his heartbeat. Kyle was asleep, too.

"Of course, why wouldn't he?" she whispered bitterly.

She was torn between staying in the bed so she could enjoy the comfort and going for a run to distract herself from the events of the previous day that were slowly beginning to creep back to her mind and overwhelm her with hopelessness and sorrow. She sat up, resting her head on the headboard. Then she reached for the picture of Adam and Sarah on her nightstand. She smiled a little at the sight of the couple Their happy faces and wide grins had always managed to brighten up her crappy mood. She took a good look at them and her mind started to wonder if she would ever experience what the couple had had. But quickly as her thoughts started on the matter, she pushed them away. There might be a good chance that after today's meeting last night might be the last night she'd spent at the Trager's household and the mere thought of that brought pain to her already broken heart. She shook her head, willing these thoughts away. Jessi rolled her eyes as she realized that she wouldn't be able to stop thinking about what might occur today. She hit her head couple of time against the headboard.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Why did I have to go and get drunk….

She huffed and jumped of the bed, the picture was long-forgotten. She regretted leaving the bed the instant her legs touched the floor.

She might have been comfortable when she had first woken up, but her body screamed in protest now. It hurt, all over her lower body. She almost fell on the floor. She exhaled deeply and winced. Her muscles were sore. No running for me today. She decided as she slowly massaged the muscles in her lower leg with her right hand and the left one was on the night stand, helping her keeping her posture. After sometime, she could no longer bare the intense pain; she threw all of her weight back on the bed. She inhaled in relief once her butt touched the mattress. She smiled mostly to herself but that smile was instantaneously gone when she was startled by the sound of something breaking. She jerked off the bed.

Checking whatever that she had broken, her eyes widened as she reached for the broken frame. Some of shards of broken glass were still attached to the frame; the others were laying on her mattress. Her hands were shaking;she didn't know why. The picture was fine, safe and intact. She gulped and looked the other way.

What was wrong with her? Why was she reacting so badly to what happened? It was just a picture.

That was not her and Kyle. That was Adam with Sarah in his arms. She had to remind herself again.

"No. It's not just a picture," she screamed in her mind.

That is the only and last proof of the love the Adam and Sarah had once lived, and it was okay.

She felt the tears form in her eyes. She run her fingers on their faces and unwillingly smiled through her tears.

Control yourself, Jessi.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and a shaky, forlorn sigh escaped her parted and trembling lips.

Once again, she decided to leave the bed.

Finally, Jessi managed to get a hold on her aching body and dragged it away from the bed.

She slowly limped toward her window. Staring at the horizon. The sunset is such a beautiful sight she thought. She closed her eyes, letting the warmth that was radiating from the sun that had yet to rise to envelop her. She hugged herself tightly. She was in so much pain, physically and emotionally. Pushing those unshed tears away, she breathed in and out. In and Out. Slowly inhaling with her nose and exhaling with her mouth.

Repeating that over and over, she suddenly found herself holding her breath to stop herself from crying and sobbing. She didn't know what to do, what to think. A million thoughts were going though her mind at the moment. About her mother, Kyle, Latnok and the fact that there was a chance that she would not be welcomed in this house any more.

"How dare he?" she screamed internally. Of all people, how could he say something like that to her?

Better her than you? Her mother was dead. Who was he to get to choose between the two? How could he be so selfish?

More tears continued to fall, and Jessi hated herself for that. She was acting like a child, being so damn vulnerable.

Screw him. She was the strongest, smartest, and fastest person in the whole world. And nothing, not even 781227 A.K.A. Kyle Trager would be able to stop her or stand in her way.

She will avenge her mother whether he liked it or not. Even if that meant that she killed that heartless killer Grace Kingsley.

She rubbed her eyes for a few seconds and then looked around.

The only way to get her mind of that matter was to go running. It help a lot.

Screw pain! She wanted and needed to feel the pain. She wasn't sadistic, but she was realistic.

She won't let herself drown in a sea of sadness, sadness and self-pity.

She had a chance to end it once and for all. She was Jessi, and she did not need him. She could do it on her own.

Nothing would stop her, not Kyle, not love, nothing. She didn't need the Tragers, that family because one day she would have her own family, and she didn't care if she might no longer be a part of their family. However, in some ways, they would always be hers no matter what happen. They took her in; she owned them that much.

So she went to her closet, pulled out her work-out gear, put it on and then as quietly and quickly as possible she left the house. Her legs carrying her away the second she'd closed the door behind her.


Her heartbeat was the first thing he searched for when he woke up. Kyle was surprised when he didn't hear it. He jumped off his bath tub and run quickly to her room with one single thought in his mind.

Jessi could have run away while they'd been asleep. He wouldn't be surprised seeing that she'd felt insecure last night talking to Nicole. He should have known better. Kyle should not have said those things to her about Sarah. Instead, he should have talked to her last night, apologized, got her to understand that he'd only wanted what best for her. He still does.

He opened her door and entered, and his worries were confirmed instantly-she was not there. Her bed was unmade and empty.

He noticed that her phone was still on her night stand. He checked it. There was a message. Hesitantly, he read it.

Come to Latnok as soon as you get this. We need to talk.

From Grace Kingsley.