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Those of a Feather

Suzaku had grown to hate birds as of late. This hatred spawned from how much the damned flying things reminded him of those damn eyes. In all his eighteen years, he had never thought he'd hated something as much he hated birds. He had hated Britannia at age ten; he lost that hatred after he met Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia, a prince and princess tossed from their home to become political hostages and the victims of quite a few attacks from a few Japanese youths (Suzaku himself included, on one incident on their first day in the Kururugi manor). He thought he had hated himself at age seventeen; he lost that hatred to some degree after Princess Euphemia li Britannia helped open a way to change her country from the inside. At that same age he thought he hated Lelouch, who was Zero; he kept this hatred until more recently. But his hatred for birds was caused by a much larger hatred.

He hated the garnet tinted eyes Lelouch was now sporting; them and their damned bird-like symbol that contained the power called Geass.

"You're a scornful one, aren't you?" C2, another of his favorite things to hate, chimed as she looked out a nearby window. He stood against a wall and watched her with a small glare on his features, watching the birds flutter away. "Lelouch is offering you a chance to achieve what you want and still you dragging your head in depression."

He scoffed and tilted his head up a bit out of pride. "He forced his will upon me a year ago and took my will from me. I feel I have the right to be a little resentful, don't you?" He asked bluntly. She finally shifted her gaze from the sunny garden and the wildlife to the man across from her.

"You have made you strong dislike of Geass clear but-"He held up a hand to silence her, emerald orbs glinting like a blade.

"You are mistaken; I completely loathe what you call the power of the king," He hissed coldly. His face remained in its mask of indifference though a new glint of rage was in his eyes. C2's face remained equally composed before she let out a small humming noise.

"In yet you clearly love Lelouch, am I right?" She asked while slipping from the plush window seat she had been lounging on. He glared a bit more at her.

"I loved Lelouch; I hate what he's been turned in to because of-"

"If memory serves, it was the Geass I gave him, not you, that saved him from being killed in the ghetto over a year ago. Am I right?" He flinched at her words. She smirked lightly at him. "I will not defend Geass and say it is the greatest power to be had for I am not in the mood to lie. I have had no pizza so far today and have no idea where Lelouch has hidden Cheese-Kun, so my mood is a little lacking, but I will say that if used the right way Geass could save the world. After all, isn't it the hate for Geass and the corrupt Emperor who wields it that will save humanity from destruction and bring about the ultimate peace?" She asked as the door opened. They both perked up and looked over to see Lelouch walk in, still wearing the Ashford uniform.

"Did I interrupt something?" He asked calmly, regarding each of his comrades and taking in the thick tension floating between them. C2 waved a hand casually, as if to clear away the strain in the air.

"Only an argument of semantics," She said casually, flicking a long strand o hair back over her shoulder. She brushed past Lelouch. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go find Cheese-Kun and some pizza."

"You better not be planning to use my credit card; just go ask one of the chefs in the palace kitchen to make you one," He stated sternly, glaring at her calmly. She shrugged and walked off, shutting the door behind her quietly. Suzaku was watching as Lelouch's fake violet orbs shifted from the door to him. He could meet his gaze right now.

"So now what will we do?" Suzaku asked calmly. Lelouch chuckled and walked toward the restroom adjacent to the bedroom. He left the door open and Suzaku watched with a small scowl as the other removed the contact, placing them in their special case.

"I assumed that much was obvious. First, we'll update our attire into something a little more imperial and then we'll set our plan in to motion. It's not that difficult at all, really," He said as he walked out, red eyes transfixed on the other. Suzaku stared just above the others head, not wanting to make eye contact but wanting to be discrete about it. Lelouch had always been a terribly observant individual, however, so the hope of keeping it to himself was short lived. "My, you really do hate this power of mine, though it will bring a world of peace into fruition. How strange of you."

"That power… It will always be something corrupt and terrible, no matter what it is used for. Saving the world doesn't change what you've done with it or bring back the lives you stole," He said coldly.

"And by this you mean Euphemia, I assume?" In the blink of an eye, Lelouch found himself shoved between the wall next to the bathroom and Suzaku's hand, closed tightly around his neck. It was snug but not tight enough to halt his breathing. "My, I hit a sore spot, didn't I?"

"Your power killed all those Japanese, your power killed Euphemia and your power is going to kill you!" He snapped lowly, glaring at those damned eyes. Geass, the Power of the King, was nothing more than a curse upon humanity. Its very existence was a loathsome, contemptible concept that fit better in a science fiction novel than in the real world. "Don't sit there and tell me that your power is good, Lelouch. I won't be as easily fooled as you were."

"You speak of the sins of Geass in yet what of the good deeds it has done? What of the lives it has saved? And what of the lives it will save? If you would just think of that-"Lelouch was cut off when Suzaku's lips mashed against his painfully, teeth knocking and a small cut coming to his lower lip.

"You need to learn to shut up," Suzaku said, glaring at him calmly. Lelouch blinked then smirked lightly, opening his mouth again to retort. He was again silenced, the knick on his lips stinging a bit. "For once will you just shut the hell up and listen to me?" He hissed out after pulling away. Lelouch held Suzaku's blazing gaze, despite the fact the fingers around his throat were twitching to keep from clamping down tighter.

"Then why don't you find something interesting to say?" He responded calmly, feeling a small nugget of pride at how the brunette holding him in place deflated at the words. He waited a moment before continuing. "You claim to want to help me achieve my goal of a peaceful, gentle world, in yet you continue to battle with me over the means we'll be using to accomplish said deed. If I want to hear you prattle on about useless tripe, Suzaku, I'd be more than open to telling you so."

Suzaku sucked in a breath before his glare returned in full force. 'Those damned eyes,' He thought, watching the flicker of the Geass in the paler male's eyes. Those eyes were taking everything away from him, step by step; the Geass owned by the Chinese man who had captured Nunnally had taken his darkest sin and secret from him, Lelouch's Geass took away his right to die as well as Euphemia, and soon enough Lelouch's Geass would finally take away Lelouch. "You clearly don't understand my tactics, Lelouch." He said darkly, leaning in closer so that their lips were a mere hair apart. He waited, watched, for some sign of annoyance or indifference in the other's eyes.

Instead he was gifted with a look of curiosity and, if he wasn't misreading it, excitement over the closeness.

This kiss was unlike the first two that had been mostly used as moves to silence and release frustration; this one was filled with a well mixed balm of rage, fear and hunger from both parties. Despite the dizzying effects of the lip lock, neither party would close their eyes, remaining fixated on one another out of pride. Or at least, on one end it was because of pride. For Suzaku, it was because he couldn't relax until those eyes were closed and he didn't have to worry about them being transfixed on him. When the need for air became too much they separated, continuing their study, and Suzaku slid his thumb over to unhook the clasp of the high collar of Lelouch's uniform blazer wordlessly.

Lelouch scoffed lightly, glaring at him a bit. "Do you intend to take me against this wall? And do you intend me to just let you?" He asked coldly. Suzaku smirked a bit and chuckled low in his throat as the collar parted. His other hand joined in, pressing the buttons free of their purchases, and continued to watch the other male as a spark of bewilderment came to those eyes.

Lelouch had never liked it when people ignored his questions, after all.

"I am your knight, which means that I have special privileges," He began calmly before pushing at the fabric, trying to get it off. Lelouch seemed to understand and, since he was such a neat freak and knew Suzaku would mostly rip the fabric if left to handle it alone, calmly slipped his arms from the sleeves and shrugged it off with his shoulder. "Not only that, but in a physical battle you would not be able to beat me. And your Geass is useless on me know, so I am basically the ultimate force to defeat you. So considering these factors, I will do what I want with you when I want to and however damn well I please."

"It appears I'm starting to rub off on you, with all the analysis that went into that explanation," Lelouch mused with a chuckle. Suzaku reached up and lightly stroked the others cheek, making him jump a little bit, before it reached his hair and gave a sharp tug.

"No. I am nothing like you and will never be," He said coldly before against assaulting Lelouch's mouth with his own. This time, he pressed his tongue in and explored the moist cavern, pressing into the other's tongue and gliding around to claim the expanse as his own. His fingers tightened on the others hair, making him release a small whimper, before he pulled back to examine the other. He smirked lightly at how the others chest heaved and the faint mist of pink dusting his pale cheeks. "Clearly you like this."

"And you don't?" Lelouch retorted with a small smirk, his knee brushing up between the other male's thighs and against his clothed manhood. The tanned male let out a small noise of surprise before letting out a growl mixed with a bit of delight. This caused the other to smirk and tilt his head downward a bit, forcing them to make eye contact. "Perhaps you aren't equipped well enough to be in charge of this."

Suzaku glared at those eyes transfixed on him, mocking him, before he grabbed Lelouch and kissed him much rougher this time, shoving his tongue inside while his hands ripped open his shirt, not caring at the buttons that scattered and danced to their feet. He could hear Lelouch try to protest, try to fight for dominance over him, but held him in place by catching on perk nipple between his fingers and rolling it. He smirked a bit and pulled back, watching the other flinch and moan softly, eyes half lidded. "Do you still think you can take charge?" He asked smugly.

"Now you need to shut up," Lelouch hissed quietly. Suzaku blinked then sneered at him lightly, giving the other's a nipple a sharp tug, and the other yelped again in response. "Would you kindly stop doing that?" He seethed, the faint blush darkening.

"Sorry, but I'm afraid that I'm not in a position to fulfill that request. You can take it up with me after we're done here," He said calmly before moving his hands from Lelouch's chest to his hips. He scooped the other up, forcing him to wrap his legs around his waist. He then leaned forward and sucked hard on the raven haired male's throat. He was going to be sure to leave at least a few bruises to the flawless skin. He smirked a bit at how the other shifted, moaned and whimpered. "You sound like a bitch in heat." He mumbled softly.

"Fuck you," Lelouch ground out through his teeth, screwing his eyes shut and trying not to cry out. The noises he was making were already embarrassing enough; he didn't want to give Suzaku something else to snicker about. Suzaku smirked as he pulled back a bit and looked at the other male, his appearance disheveled and his eyes clamped shut.

"I will if you just admit that I'm right about your damn Geass," He purred lowly, leaning forward and lightly flicking Lelouch's ear with his tongue. The other opened his eyes and glared at him, still panting a bit.

"You've never been right about anything in your whole life, Suzaku," He said as calmly as possible with his heavy breathing, "and I'm certainly not going to sit here and stroke your ego." Lelouch saw the spark of rage that flickered in the other's eye and should have thought better of his statement.

'Stroke my ego? This isn't about my fucking ego!' Suzaku snapped to himself, his insides twisting and contorting with loathing. On the outside, however, he maintained a cool glare at the other. "Very well. I guess I'm done playing nice then," He said before carrying Lelouch over and tossing him on the bed. While Lelouch scrambled about on the plush bed, Suzaku very calmly removed his own black jacket and tossed it off to the side. He grabbed Lelouch's hips and pulled him underneath him as he set his knees on the bed, his feet just barely dangling over the edge. He glared down at the ruby orbs watching him with a mix of curiosity and fear. While he held that despised gaze he worked the belt out from around the other's waist and getting his pants open. "You really don't get it, do you?"

Lelouch responded with a small snort, dismissing Suzaku's words, and turning his head away angrily. The male hovering over him saw this as a blessing of sorts; it was a signal that Lelouch didn't care what happened next and the other wasn't looking at him with those eyes. He pushed off Lelouch's black slacks calmly. He blinked, making a mental note to mock the other for the black bikini briefs, and just stared for a moment before removing them as well, watching as the other male's arousal peaked into the air at full mast. He paused for a moment, watching Lelouch shift and blush a little out of embarrassment, before opening his own trousers and freeing himself. "Let's see if you have enough brains to know what you're doing," Lelouch grumbled, turning his head back and leering at the boy above him.

"Like you have anything to base it off of; no one else would have wanted to touch you," Suzaku said coldly. Instead of the other backing down or seeming downhearted he seemed a bit pleased with the answer. Or at least that's what he took the other's smirk to be a sign of.

"And I doubt that you ever locked lips with anyone else; especially not Euphemia," Suzaku had to admit that when he forced himself into Lelouch in one fast thrust and made the other let out a rather pained cry he was a little satisfied, especially at how his eyes widened and registered with pain. He paused, taking calming breaths, while he watched the other mutter curse words and glare at him softly. But the fact that there was pain and tears, making his Geass gleam in a weak and almost sickly light, only made Suzaku feel that much more justified. He had torn Lelouch down after what he'd done to Euphemia and yet somehow, instead of returning to the innocent yet arrogant boy Suzaku had cared so very deeply for, he turned into a much more terrifying beast that had looped even Suzaku in to his plans.

And to think that in order for the perfect world to exist Lelouch, the one to create it, would have to be taken out of the equation.

Suzaku waited a moment until Lelouch's swears ended and he blinked away the tears as best he could. He began thrusting brazenly, watching how the other's eyes widened and narrowed when he went in and out. When he felt something warm and wet beginning to leak out of the hole, he knew it was blood but refused to offer an apology. The longer he stared at the other, the longer his body moved along with the thinner frame beneath him, the more he longed for Lelouch to not have put his life in to a time line for the history books and the more he wished for that damned power, that damned curse, to disappear from existence.

Suzaku winced a bit, snapping from his thoughts, when he finally registered just how tight and warm Lelouch was. While continuing his thrusts, he slipped a hand between them and watched the other snap his eyes shut and let out a hoarse cry as he slowly stroked him. 'How very interesting, Lelouch. Who would have thought you did like being made someone else's little bitch?' He thought with a low chuckle, groaning when the other's walls clenched tighter. He angled the thrusts a little higher and was stunned at how loud and high pitched the other got. He aimed for that spot again, brushing his thumb over the tip of Lelouch erection at the same time, and smirked at the loud cry he was awarded.

He kept going, making sure to drag it out by changing tempos, trying to make it last as long as he could just because, for once, Suzaku was the one in control of Lelouch.

"The sheets have been ruined," Suzaku perked up and glanced over from his perch lounging on the bed. Lelouch was walking around in his slacks and exiting the bathroom, the contacts placed back in his eyes. "Well, I guess that works out since I was planning on replacing them anyway. The blood and other fluids are just an excuse."

"When have you ever needed an excuse to do anything?" Suzaku retorted calmly, watching the other cross the room to the window seat C2 had been reclining in earlier. He heard a small chuckle come from the other.

"Yes, I guess you're right about that," He said, watching a few birds flutter about in the air outside the window. He sat, flinching slightly, before gently resting one hand on the cool glass. "You've always reminded me of a bird, actually."

Suzaku flinched and looked over, eyes turning a more jade tint out of surprise. He quickly put on a stoic mask, just in case the other was to turn around and look at him. "And how am I like a bird?"

"Certain physical attributes are the same," He began to explain calmly without turning, "like being skinny yet muscular, having a tendency to not be picky over what you're eating, having a brain the size of a peanut and such." He started, making Suzaku flinch and glare at his back. "When you're I the Lancelot, you can fly like a bird and even outside of the Lancelot, you are rather aerodynamic. And don't try to argue that point with me; you know what you look like when you do that weird jump-spin kick of yours."

"If those are your only point that is a very weak comparison," Suzaku snorted calmly, trying to not take too much offense to the other's remark. Lelouch held up a hand and ticked one finger in Suzaku's direction, scolding him without speaking.

"The other point I have, that is by far the most important, is that you and birds have a bad tendency by being captured by cats," He said blandly. He finally turned, meeting the bizarre look he was awarded from the chocolate moped male. He gave a small smile that Suzaku wasn't sure was happy or tragic. "You see, I am the cat and you are the bird. You are tricked in by my apparently kind and friendly demeanor but once you get close enough, my claws find purchase in your wings and keep you from escaping. This leaves me with complete control to do what I deem with you. But unlike most birds, you will have the ability to escape once you pluck out my eyes. And once you've left me blind, I will release you and you will finish the deed with a few well placed blows, free to fly away back into the endless expanse of blue with the other birds like you. And then, you'll all be the wider in knowing how to avoid dirty cats like me who will only tarnish your world."

Silence followed Lelouch's words before he stood and groaned lowly, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in his rear end. "Any way, I'm going to get to work on having things started. I suggest you put yourself back together and get out of here before I send one of my newfound supporters to tend this; they won't ask you questions but I doubt you want to be seen with your family jewels hanging out," And with that, he left a blushing and stunned Suzaku to put himself back in his trousers.

Suzaku then looked outside at the birds. "I guess it makes sense, but what if this bird doesn't want to be set free?" He asked the open air. He then sighed, got up and put back on his shirt. He was going to catch up with Lelouch and do his duty as his knight by standing guard; until the final moments in the future, that is, when Suzaku would end both their lives in one swoop.

Because what world would be a perfect world without Lelouch in it?


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