Hey all; long time, no updates! Sorry about that, but I have come to update you all with some new knowledge in regards to my recent absence, all my upcoming fanfics as well and the fanfics still left uncompleted under my name.

So, I will be finishing The Little Mermaid and Seven Seas Romance at the very least; updates will just take some time since Tsukiko and I are both very busy people. I'm currently at school from ten in the morning until six at night on Tuesdays and Thursdays, trying to get a better paying job, and awaiting the day that I can embrace my car. The car will be mine on the 21st but I need another job that will give me more hours so I can make the repairs, get gas and pay for insurance. I also have school payments since my FAFSA still hasn't gone through (UGH!) so I have been putting myself out there as far as job hunting. School, job hunting and my occasional shifts at my current job are part of the reason I haven't been able to update; completely out of my control but I still apologize for it.

My second reason (which I consider one reason, because the two points I make are related under the same main basis), however, is slightly more complicated than all that; I've kinda been losing my muse in regards to the Code Geass fandom. To be more precise, I've grown wary of my one-shots but I also don't really have any new ideas (since I'm scrapping the ones I came up with alone that I put on my profile; my joint fics with Tsukiko, however, will still be written as far as I know.) Also, on a less important note, it seems that less and less people are out their reading and writing fanfic (specifically for the main pairings I support, since they are the only ones that matter anyway :D) but this is only about 2 percent of the reason I'm sort of losing my obsession with SuzaLulu; for the other 98 percent, please take a look at my new profile pic. It's very cute, ne?

It's a new fandom of mine.

Now, I must admit that getting hardcore into another fandom as severely as Code Geass (in which I really, really want to write fanfiction instead of studying like the good little college student I should be should be doing) has been strange for me; sure, I'm a fan of Bleach and Naruto but with the exception of a few pairings in each, I'm not too grounded to the fandom in a way that makes me want to write for them. I've written one Bleach fanfic, but that was a gift for a friend and more just me seeing if I could still write fanfiction very well before getting ready to dive into something new. Pandora Hearts is a phenomenal series that I would highly recommend; the heroes are likable yet flawed and, most shocking to me, is that the villains are just as likable and flawed as the protagonists. Gil and Oz, the two in the profile picture, are by far my two favorite males characters (my number one being the hilarious, slightly psychotic Lady Sharon) and I fell the two are sorta absolutely made for one another; if you read the series than you'll understand what I mean. (And yes, I am pimping Pandora Hearts; I want an American release of the anime which means that the fanbase needs to get bigger! ^^;)

The final reason for my lack of updates is that I've wanted to try and spend a little more time showing my original fiction a little love. These last few months (ever since I got into the Code Geass fandom, to be specific) my original stories have kinda been shoved onto the back burner. Plus, most of my recent plot bunnies have been more geared toward making my own characters than shifting the cast of another series to meet the mold I've created. Does this mean I don't get the occasional Code Geass fanfic idea? Absolutely not; I currently have a little bit of an idea in my head that would basically be a sort of antithesis to my story Against All Odds. I need you guys to vote on my new poll, actually, to see if I'll run with that idea or find another use for it. Lastly, as always, if you are interested in reading my original fiction just send me a PM (or, if you don't know how to PM, request I send it to you in a review) and I'll send it to you; I'd love to get some feedback on where I can improve. (God, I am just pimping shit all over this, aren't I?)

So, now, in regards to upcoming fanfics…

I mentioned an antithesis to Against All Odds, yes? It's called Freezing Feathers and will be a bit more confusing than my other fanfic; it will follow the similar plot of angel-versus-demon but Suzaku will be a normal human, lengthy and detailed explanations of almost everything will be involved, it will have a pretty heavy amount of limey-lemony action and that's all you get from me right now. If at least seven people vote saying that they would read and review this story I will type up the first chapter when I can and upload it on the first or second day or March. Why seven? That was how many reviews I got for the first chapter of my first SuzaLulu fanfic (yes, I remember that without looking, too, because more reviews have been posting for that chapter since; I remember because I had never received so much love for a first chapter and it really touched my heart… sniffle… :'D)

Lastly, my next uploading fanfic under the joint-fic concepts will be Salvation. There is also a third party helping with this fanfic; the always fantastic and splendid Skiperella! She, Tsukiko and I will be working together to post that story as soon as possible; we are currently trying to fine tune a few little details but it should be posted up shortly. I'm not sure if this will be on my account, Tsukiko's account, or Skiperella's account but I will post something on my profile once a decision is made so that you know who to go to in order to read it and review it.

Sorry that this was so long (and that I did so much pimping of things) but I feel that when a writer wants to do something they should let the readers know the reasons why. I hope you don't mind that I pretty much told you everything; I wanted to make sure you all knew the full reason for this or that. I also hope to see you all in the near future; whether you be reviewing my fanfics, original fics, or both! You guys are totally worth the time and effort I put into everything I write! ;D