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He gave a sigh as he tied up yet another victim with his special rope.

"Don't these people ever learn?" He muttered, glancing at the terrified, blubbering child. This one was the third tonight, all from the same part. "You all aren't a very bright bunch, are you?"

"He floated over to the first person tied up in the line, a man in his mid-forties, and the father of on of the two crying children. He squinted his sack-cloth eyes at the man, his frown turning into a grin.

"You know that if you're really trying to scare children, you should use that mirror girl, or the bio-exorcist chap, not me." The floating specter chuckled, flying circles around the man. "For one, their rituals are much more complicated, and therefore more terrifying, and as for me all you have to do is say my name."

"Hey, what happens if someone says your name once you've already kidnapped 'em?" The man said, ignoring the ghost's advice. "Do you let them go? Eh, Candle Jack?"

The specter glared.

"No. I hold on to you longer." The ropes tightened around the man. They loosened around the children, however, releasing them.

"W-wait, why're you letting them go?" The man asked, eyes widening.

"I think they have learned their lesson." He turned to the children. "Right, little ones?"

"Yes, sir!" They both hiccupped, wiping their eyes.

"Good. Now, as it seems you haven't, I'll just be taking you with me." The ghostly figure grabbed the rope, and began dragging the man behind him, as he started to scream. The specter turned.

"It's good to be me," He said, smiling. "But remember, dear readers, DON'T SAY MY NAME."

The ghost cackled and disappeared, the man with him.


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