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Suns and stars: hey everyone I was listening to a song called need you now by Lady Antebellum and I immediately thought of Karen and Harry from love Actually hope you like it it's my first love Actually story so please go ease on me and it's short to sorry

Title: need you now

Author: suns and stars

Pairings: Karen / Harry

Genre: hurt/comfort

Warnings: OOC sadness

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own love Actually

Intro: Karen and harry separated after Karen found out Harry had been cheating and he moved out the day after he came back from his business trip

1 month after Christmas Harry got back from his trip and they tried to patch things up they tried talking making time alone for themselves and even marriage counselling but nothing worked, Karen just could not trust him nor forgive him although she loved him dearly in the end she asked Harry to leave. Harry mind you begged and pleaded with her to give him a second chance.

***flash back 1 month ago***

It was the night he got back from his trip their kids were asleep and they were in their room. "Karen please I'm sorry give me a second chance if not for me then do it for the kids" Harry pleaded with his wife who had gotten out HIS suitcase and began packing his things. "no Harry there is just something's in life I will never forgive and being cheated on his one of them" said Karen as she finished packing his suitcase and handing it over to him. "Now please do as I ask do not make this harder on your self and leave" said Karen. "can I at leased say goodbye to the kids?" asked Harry.

"There asleep Harry" said Karen.

"Please Karen" Harry pleaded. The woman sighed alright but don't wake them" said Karen harry nodded and left to go say good bye to the kids. Afterwards he walked down stairs only to find Karen standing by the door with the door open he looked at her one last time "give the kids my love" said Harry before walking out of the house. When he walked out Karen closed the door lent back against it and closed her eyes. then went back up stairs changed and got into bed before letting the tears fall.

***the following morning****

Karen decided she needed time alone so she asked David and his new wife Natalie to take the kids and they did giving her time alone, however when she walked into the living room after saying dropping the kids off she saw all the photos of her happy life a life that is no more thanks to my lying cheating husband and that two faced woman Karen thoughtangrily. Then in a fit of rage she swiped the photos of the mantle and watched as they crashed to the floor

****end of flash back***

Karen now sat in her house alone, it had only been a month since she found out her husband Harry had been cheating on her with another woman. Karen realised he was cheating the moment she opened the gift he gave her on Christmas morning. She had thought it had been the expansive necklace she saw in his coat pocket a few days before Christmas, only to find out the gift as given to another women and all she got was a CD.

Karen sighed she sat in the living room the pictures of their happy family their picture perfect memories now lay shattered on the living room floor she had smashed the photos to the floor the moment she was alone.

Now she sat by the fire feeling numb like she didn't know what to do that hardest thing for her was she still loved Harry Karen looked at the clock to see that it was 1:15 am Karen sighed got up and walked around the house stretching her stiff muscles.

She looked around the house and saw nothing but memories suddenly the tears came poring down her face she went to the phone and as soon as she picked it up wanting to call harry and tell him to come home she re thought that idea and slammed the phone back down on the receiver before wrapping her arms around herself.

She felt she was losing control of her self and the one person that could help was no longer there yet he was also the reason for the pain .

Karen sighed before going to get a broom and dust pan to clean up the glass after after cleaning up Karen went upstairs she went and had a shower. Karen now stood under the shower crying her heart out and beating her fists against the shower wall while cursing the man she loved. After her shower she got out changed and stepped out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. Karen walked around to her side of the bed pulled back the covers and sat down.

just then Karen happen to glance at her bedside table where a framed photo of her and Harry stood she looked at it before putting it face down and crawling into bed she lay curled up in a ball and cried herself to sleep.

****Harry's new apartment****

meanwhile in an apartment in London, it had been a month and 2 days since his wife asked him to leave Harry now sat on his sofa in his new home with a bottle of whisky in his hand. His clothes were ruffled and his hair was a mess there were dried tear makes on the man's face how could I have done such a thing Karen is my life my love my wife the mother of my children how could I have hurt her so badly and for what a women who thought she could have anyone she wants even if that man was married just flaunting her body around the office hoping to get what she wants. Harry new he was getting drunk but really did not care. He would rather be numb then feel the pain

She got that bloody necklace which by the way cost me my marriage dame that women why the hell did I even consider her advancers thought Harry as he took a swig of his whisky he then glanced at his front door wishing his wife walked walk though the door and tell him to come home.

After a while Harry pulled out his mobile phone and scanned though the address book for his wife's home number but in the and he couldn't call her and instead throws the phone at the wall before flopping down on the bed.

"I need you Karen" whispered Harry as he stared at the celling.

After what felt like an eternity staring at the ceiling Harry got up and went to the bathroom and had a shower. Afterwards he walked out and crawled into bed and fell into a restless sleep because every time he closed his eye he saw Karen's sad tear filled eyes as she confronted him the night of the Christmas concert.

***design agency***

the next morning Harry is in his office working finally he had enough so he gets up from behind his desk and walk over and opens the door "Mia please can I see you for a moment" said Harry. "Sure thing boss" she said with a smile and got up off her chair and walked with him into his office one inside with out turning around he said close the door Mia" the young woman sat down in the chair in front off his desk as he sat behind the desk. "What is it boss?" Mia asked sweetly while fiddling with the necklace he had given her.

Harry held out his hand looked Mia square in the eye and said "hand back the necklace Mia" the young woman looked shocked "what?" she replied clenched his jaw and repeated himself"I said hand back the necklace."

"But" said Mia.

"hand it over" said Harry.

"fine here" said Mia as she took off the necklace and handed it back to him Harry took back the necklace while saying "this piece of junk and you cost me everything by the way your fired get out pack your things and go" said Harry the angry words tumbled from his mouth. Mia left the office in tears. packed her things and left. Back in the office Harry sighed gabbed a small plastic bag grabbed the reseat and put both the reseat and necklace into the bag before going back to work. he stopped working around 12:00 noon. Harry got up off his chair grabbed the plastic bag and his wallet and car keys and left for lunch.

***the Mall****

Harry had gone back to the the shop and handed the necklace back and got his money back then went to get lunch as he walked into the small café he looked around for an empty place to seat after getting his lunch but instead what he found was his wife seating alone reading a book. He walked over to her, "Karen can I sit down" said woman looked to she her husband standing there a husband she had not seen in 1 month and 2 days she looked at him for a minuet or 2 before noddling.

"thank you" said Harry and he sat down across from her "how have you been?" asked Harry he had really missed her Karen looked up from her book and simply said "I'm well" then went back to reading a waitress walked over and Harry gave her his order without looking at her his eyes were instead on his wife "will that be all?" asked the waitress.

Harry nodded.

"It will be here in a moment" the waitress replied Harry nodded once again "how is everything at the office?" Karen finally asked after she marked the book and set it aside "I fired Mia and returned the necklace I gave her.

Karen looked surprised but quickly hid it "I see and now you'll be looking for a new secretary right" said Karen "yes" "I see" said Karen Harry then went back to his lunch after about 5 minuets of silence Harry spoke again "so hows the kids?".

"they're good they've gone to stay with David and Natalie" said Karen then out of the blue Harry looked at Karen and said "I need you Karen I miss you" startled Karen looked up what she thought was I need and miss you too Harry but what she said was "I know" there was no emotion behind it nothing.

Harry's heart deflated when he heard what she said he sighed finished his lunch and stood up Karen stood as well "I better get back" said Harry "yeah me to" she then grabbed her book and bag and they walked out.

"Goodbye Harry" said Karen as she walked passed her husband but before she could get very far he called out to her "Karen." His wife turned around "I love you" said Harry Karen just looked at him not saying any thing. Harry sighed again "tell the kids I'll pick them up tomorrow and we'll go out for the day that is if it's ok?" asked Harry.

"They're your kids two Harry" she whispered before turning and walking off Harry watched her go until she was out of site you have no idea how much I need you Karen He thought as he turned and walked off.

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