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Suns and stars: ok the Karen in this story is kind of like me in a way because I cry a lot when I've been hurt but I also get angry who doesn't I've been cheated on and it's not nice and I NEVER FORGIVE so yeah Karen may never forgive Harry also i'm sorry it's taken so long i've been busey working on other stories also just to let you know this and my little mermaid story a day above the sea will be slow updating because i'm working on other stories from my david boreanaz's wife 247 account although i hope all will stick by me even with the VERY SLOW updating now enjoy the long awited 2nd chapter and i hope to see reviews lots of them and thank you to the readers who already reviewed ch 1 they made my day

Title: beautifully broken

Author: suns and stars

Pairings: Harry/Karen

Genre: hurt/comfort/ friendship

Warnings: none

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own love actually

Intro: after coming back from seeing Harry at the mall Karen is suck in a rut on weather or not to forgive her husband

Karen walked through the door and into her silent empty house. Normally it was loud because of the children Bernard and Daisy. However they were still with her brother and sister in law, so the house she returned to was silent. Karen sighed as she closed the door before leaning back on it.

Harry why must you hurt me so thought Karen as she pushed against the door took her coat off and hung it up, before walking into the kitchen to make her self a cup of tea. After she made the tea she grabbed her coat once more. Then bundled herself up again and walked outside.

When Karen stepped out side she walked over to one of the outside chairs and sat down with the hot tea in her hands. Karen looked over at the backyard at the sow on the ground and smiled. She remembers back when her kids were small and how all of them herself her husband and their 2 kids used to be outside drawing winter and ether making snowman or snow angel or even two on two snowball fights.

But now that was all gone thanks to her husbands Stupidity if he wasn't happy he should have told me thought Karen as she took a sip of her Tea Karen sat out there just drinking her tea and hoping the cold will numb her pain Karen gazed over at the backyard.

As soon her cup was empty Karen stood up walked back inside and put the cup in the sink before heading upstairs. Karen now stood in her doorway of her bedroom it felt weird after many years of marriage what was once theirs now suddenly became hers. Karen shook her head walked in and sat on her bed before reaching over and turning on the small CD player. she suddenly froze because out of the speakers came the voice of Joni Mitchell the song playing was from the new album that Harry had given her when she thought it was the necklace.

She had forgot to get the CD out of the player before heading off to the Christmas concert that night.

with a shaky hand Karen picked up the case which was on top of one of the speakers she looked at it for a second and want to break it in half but instead slammed the case back on her dressing table before turning away and sat back on her bed.

Right now she really missed the kids but most of all she missed her husband oh stop crying you silly woman he's not worth your tears she told her self fortunately at that moment the phone rang.

Karen got off the bed and walked out of her room and down the stairs and walked over to the phone and picked it up

Karen: hello

Daniel: hello Karen

Karen smiled when she heard the voice of her long time friend on the other line

Karen: hello Daniel I thought you might have been busy with Carol

Daniel: oh she's here I just thought I'd ring and see how you were since well you know

Karen's smile slipped only David Natalie and Daniel new of Karen and Harry's septation

Karen: oh that's sweet of you but 'm fine really

Daniel heard the hitch in her voice

Daniel: I know your lying Kar

Karen half laughed half sobbed

Daniel: that's it I'm coming over

Karen: Danny no you've got Carol and Tommy there not to mention Sam I couldn't ask you to just up and leave them to come see me

Daniel: Sam is with Joanna and I'm sure Carol would understand that is if I'm aloud to tell her

Karen: yes you may tell her only so she knows why your leaving her and Tommy there all alone

Karen then heard him talking to Carol in the background he then got back on the phone to his friend

Daniel: she told me to give you her love and that she's sorry to hear that and to get my sodding butt over there

Karen laughed

Daniel: I'll be over shortly just stay away from the kitchen knives

Karen: Danny if I stay away from the kitchen knives what in the world am I going to throw at the pictures of Harry I've got pinned to the back of my bedroom door

Daniel laughed

Daniel: don't worry Kar we'll find something else to throw at the pictures on the back of your bedroom door

Karen Laughed and gave a happy sigh

Karen: thanks Danny

Daniel: your welcome see you in a little bit

he then hug up once Karen heard the dial tone she put the phone down. not long after there was a knock on the door Karen walked over a small but happy smile graced her lips as she opened the door.

Although the smile slipped once she saw who it was it was not her friend but her husband " Harry what do you want?" asked Karen to Harry she looked tired and her eyes were all red he immediately felt guilty all over again.

"I came to see how you are" said Harry "I'm fine" said Karen "you don't look fine" said Harry Karen sighed "I don't have the strength for this please leave Harry" said Karen "I never meant to hurt you Karen I love you" said Harry.

"You should have thought of that before you gave that necklace to your Sectary or is she a little more to you?" asked Karen angrily "I returned the piece of junk and fired Mia I told you this already" said Harry "oh so what that's supposed to make it all better you think just because you told me that it's supposed to make me feel better and welcome you back with open arms I don't think so NOW GET THE HELL OUT!" Karen all but yelled. With a sigh Harry left but not before saying "I'm going to pick up the kids tomorrow."

"Call David and let him know" was all Karen said before closing the in her husband's face she walked into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa and cried. 15 minuets later there was another knock on the door. Karen got up dried her tears and went to answer the door. When she opened it she saw Daniel and wrapped her arms around him. with Karen still clinging to him Daniel walked in and closed the door.

Once that was done he lifted Karen into his arms with an arm around her back and the other under her knees he carried her into the living room and set her down "I'll be back" he whispered before getting up and heading to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. When the tea had been made Daniel carried both mugs into the living and set then down on the table before sitting down.

When he was sitting down he gather Karen in his arms again Karen Buried her head in his chest and cried after about 5 minuets Daniel pull Karen's head away from his chest and looked at her he then wiped her tears while saying "Kar sweetheart no one goanna wanna shag you if your crying all the time."

Karen's head shot up "oh just throw my own words back in my face" Karen joked before grabbing a throw pillow and hitting Daniel with it Daniel laughed "ok ok I'm sorry" said Daniel Karen smiled put the throw pillow in his lap and rested er head on it while bring her legs up and lad them on the sofa so she was lay down instead of half lying have sitting.

Meanwhile Daniel just sat there and ran his fingers through her hair. At around 12:00 Daniel looked looked down at Karen who had rolled on to her back and up at him "you hungry Kar?" she nodded Daniel looked at her "when was the last time you ate?" asked Daniel "not today" said Karen truthfully.

"Karen" Daniel sighed before lifting her head and standing up "I'm goanna make you some lunch and I'm staying to make dinner " said Daniel. "Danny" said Karen as she sat up Daniel who was walking out of the living room stopped and turned "don't argue with me Karen" the woman sighed.

Daniel smiled then walked off into the kitchen to make lunch for his broken hearted friend once in the kitchen he began making a salad sandwich while making it he thought to him self Harry you have no idea what your wondering eye has done to your wife.

After he finished making the sandwich Daniel put it on a plate and walked back into the living room only to see Karen curled up on the sofa with the mug of half drunk tea in her hands she look completely miserable sitting there.


the woman looked and saw Daniel sanding there with a plate she gave him a small smile set the mug on the table in front of her and took the plate with a quite "thank you" she then began eating when she finished she put the plate down and stood up and turned to Daniel "I'm goanna go for a walk would you like to come?" asked Karen.

Sure the air might do you good" said Daniel so the two walked out of the house "you wanna go visit the kids?" asked Daniel Karen nodded they got into the car and headed over to David and Natalie's estate.

When they got there, the pair knocked on the door and were greeted by Natalie as she opened the door "Karen Daniel how are you" although she said this to both of them she was in fact looking at Karen when she was saying it.

Karen smiled yet shrugged "I'm getting there" was her reply Natalie nodded and let them in "where's David?" asked Karen as she took off her coat "on the phone" replied Natalie "and the kids?" asked Daniel.

"Upstairs" said Natalie.

Just then David walked in "ah there you are dear listen I just off the phone to... David stopped when he saw his sister and Daniel "Karen, Daniel what a nice surprise" said David as he hugged his sister and shook hands with Daniel. Afterwards Natalie turned around and said "so who were you on the phone to"

"Harry I was on the phone to Harry he's coming to pick up the kids soon" said David Karen closed her eyes for a brief moment before opening them "I told him the kids were here when I saw him earlier and to call you" said Karen.

David nodded while Natalie went and got the kids seconds later Karen heard her kids feet running from upstairs and smiled she stood up and went to greet them Daisy saw her mother first.

"MUM" yelled Daisy as she and her bother Bernard ran down the stairs Karen opened her arms and hugged her child as Daisy ran into her open arms, she then let Daisy go and hugged her son.

then all three walked into the living room where Daniel Natalie and David were sitting "hello Daniel" said the kids " hey guys having fun with your aunt and uncle?" asked Daniel, Daisy smiled and nodded.

While Karen walked over and sat down in her seat next to Daniel, "so are you and Daniel here to pick us up?" asked Bernard who came and sat on the other side of Daniel "um no we came for a visit and your uncle got a call from your father" said Karen.

Daisy face lit up the Christmas light and turned to her uncle "really uncle David what did he say?" asked Daisy Karen smiled at least they are happy about seeing their father thought Karen as she looked over at her son who was also wearing a smile.

"What times dad coming?" asked Bernard however before David could reply there was a knock at the door, David looked at his watch and saw it was 2:11pm "he said he's be here around 2 so I think that's him now" said David.

And sure enough when he opened the door Harry was standing on the other side "David are the kids ready?" asked Harry David didn't answer just stepped aside and Harry walked in David then closed the door.

They walked into the living room and as soon as she saw her father, Daisy was off the sofa and running over to him Harry smiled bent and picked her up in his arms and spun her around before hugging her.

"Hey dad" said Bernard Harry smiled at his son then set his daughter on her feet before giving his son a hug after hugged his kids he looked down at them "well go on you two go get your stuff.

The kids smiled and raced upstairs he watched them go upstairs with a smile before turning and walking into the living room only to see his wife and her best friend sitting side by side talking with Karen's sister in law.

Karen stopped talking when she felt eyes on her she turned her attention away from Natalie, and to Harry, for a minuet they just stared at each other until harry spoke.


"Harry" said Karen in a some what sad tone

she misses him thought David Daniel and Natalie.

Before Karen and Harry could get talking the kids ran in "Dad we're ready said Bernard suddenly something a cured to Karen "Daniel it getting late I've kept you from Carol for far to long I think it's time we head back" said Karen.

"I can drop you off if you like" said Harry.

Karen looked at Harry then at Daniel "thank you for the offer harry but I think I'll get Daniel to drop me off and any way his car's at my place anyhow" said Karen Harry flinched when Karen said her place.

of cause she'll call it her place I mean I don't live there anymore thought Harry before saying "well if your sure," Karen looked at him "I am but thank you for the offer," she and Daniel then got up Karen grabbed her handbag and keys, then hugged her brother and sister in law.

Daniel shook hands with David and hugged Natalie afterward they all walked out Karen and Daniel said goodbye to the kids before walking to Karen's car Harry watched them go and thought that's the 2nd time I've had to watch my wife walk away from me.

Karen and Daniel got into the car buckled up closed the doors and drove off meanwhile Harry had walked the kids to his car and unlocked the boot so the kids could put their bags in the boot.

Once done Harry closed the boot while Bernard and Daisy got into the back and strapped themselves in once Harry made sure the kids were strapped in he closed the door and got in behind the wheel strapped himself in, put the key into the ignition and turned the key. Harry then closed the door and drove off to his 3 bedroom apartment

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