Letting go

"Remus Lupin and Dora Tonks request the pleasure…"

He had known this was coming. Bill told him first, then Dorie (he cannot think of her as Dora) wrote herself. He should be happy for her.

He is, he tells himself firmly, as he writes saying he is sorry he can't make the wedding as it's so close to Bill's (which isn't true) and that he wishes them every happiness (which is).

In his room, he digs out the bundle of letters and photos held together by a Hufflepuff tie that has been under his bed for years. (He never looked at it, but he knew it was there.) He takes it outside to the scrubby ground behind the feed shed and burns it. He looks at the ashes for a long time. Then he picks up the scrap of yellow and black fabric remaining, pockets it and turns away.