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Summary: More changes is the lives of our favourite characters. Multi person point of view but mainly O/J and A/S. Can be stand alone but better if you read Changes so you learn characters.

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18 months on from Changes

Olivia Benson sat on her lounge with her feet up taking a well earned break. She was run ragged and it would only get worse tomorrow when she started her new job. So many changes had occurred in her life in the past two years that when she stopped to think about it, it made her head spin.

First and fore mostly there was meeting the love of her life Jay. Jay who had been this ball of bubbly understanding energy, who had been there for her, had helped her overcome her dark past and who had brought so much happiness into her life. They had only known each other 8 months when Jay had proposed and she had no qualms in accepting. She knew she was loved fully, unconditionally. They had wed not 4 months later, on April 10 in a small ceremony down by the lake. This time around Jay had opted for a white suit and Olivia wore the white dress. She had walked down the aisle on Dons arm towards Jay, who had been standing up the front with Julie and Abbie who she had become firm friends with. Olivia had Alex and Kathy stand up for her.

All the rest of the crew had been there, Elliot had been their MC for the night, Fin the DJ (the music choice had been interesting) and even Munch. Casey had been there with her new boyfriend, a Major League baseball star she had met at the batting cages. Unfortunately he played for the Mets and not the Yankees. They didn't hold that against him though and things were getting serious between the two. Casey had gone into private practice with Serena once her ban was over. Serena was there also with her current on her arm. George Huang, Melinda Warner and a few others she worked with attended. Jay had all her staff from Jaydeez which had been closed for the night, several of the managers for JD's and a few other friends that Olivia had gotten to know over the time, all of whom had known Dee, Jay's first wife, and all of whom had approved of her thankfully. Stacey had attended. Still struggling with her addiction but had been clean for a year by then. She was still seeing Alex but it was rocky as Alex wouldn't come out. Not with her political aspirations.

They had honeymooned in Hawaii and then flown into California where Jay had surprised her with and appointment at a Sperm bank. She had been shocked and delighted in one, they hadn't discussed children but Jay had told her she wanted to have them, ASAP if that was OK. They had chosen sperm from a man in his 30's, clean bill of health, 6'3" tall, Sandy hair, green eyes. They liked his photo, he looked ruggedly handsome. The procedure had been a little embarrassing and scary but Jay had stayed with her at all times. She had gone back to work after another week and Elliot had been surprised when she made him break for meals, healthy meals. She lay off the alcohol and 3 weeks later when she had skipped her period they had been hopeful. When she started losing her breakfast 3 weeks after that, they had rushed to the doctors. She was pregnant. An ultrasound at 8 weeks had shown she was carrying twins. OMG. They had waited another 2 months, when Olivia started showing to tell anyone. Elliot and Don had been ecstatic. Elliot was also worried, what would he do without his partner? Olivia requested desk duty at 5 months not wanting to risk anything and within a few weeks was going mad but stuck it out. Jay handled her mood swings well. The guys and Alex ducked and ran at work. At 7.5 months she started spotting and was terrified. The doctor ordered immediate bed rest. Jay barely left her side and the guys called every other hour and if they weren't Alex, Abbie, Casey or Melinda were. She went into labour 3 weeks early, in late December on the 28th and had to have an emergency caesarean and Nathaniel Alexander Benson was pulled out first followed by his sister Jasmine Jay Deidre Benson, or JJ. Nathaniel was a healthy 6.2pounds and JJ a little smaller at 5.5pounds and unfortunately had to spend a couple of weeks in a humidicrib as her lungs were a little murky.

They discovered early on that the twins had a special bond and did everything together like clockwork including sleep. Neither one would go down without the other and they had to have a couple of cribs made extra large for them to sleep side by side.

So with her personal life taking off other changes occurred in her life. With two special babies Olivia had started to rethink her job and the hours spent away from them. It was hard enough when she had to leave Jay at home. Her mind was made up when Elliot was severely injured at work when trying to take down a perp. They had fallen onto the road and been struck by a car. Elliot had shattered his hip and upper thigh, the perp had a broken ankle. Elliot had been told he probably wouldn't gain full use of his leg again and would walk with a limp. He was shattered. Olivia had talked with Jay and she had quit the NYPD. Elliot had decided to take a desk job, for now. The Captain had finally retired and Munch was standing in for now. Fin was still there trying to break in 3 new detectives but it was hard, no one wanted to work the panty Police. Surprisingly one guy who had helped them from Homicide in the Victor James case asked to be transferred in. Alex had quit and was working for some Congo Diplomatic team. Olivia and Jay were pretty pissed with her at the moment as she was keeping Stacey on a string. Stacey was in love with her and was letting it happen. Olivia didn't know why. Alex wouldn't come out still which meant that Stacey was struggling financially still, working as a mall security guard and bouncer at Jaydeez, sharing an apartment with some guys as Alex couldn't have her staying in her apartment. Alex flew in to New York for a week or so every month, screwed Stacey's brains out then disappeared again, keeping in touch infrequently through emails. Olivia tried to call Alex on it but Alex told her Stacey had known the score when she had gotten involved. Publically when Alex was in town and attending charity events she took guys. Olivia just hoped for the sake of Stacey's mental health she didn't take them upstairs later.

Tired of the rat race and wanting a break from refereeing everyone's private lives Jay and Olivia decided to take a year out to live out at the Cabin. Jay decided to sell the Estate for a staggering amount of money with at least 6 zeroes behind it and put it in an Interest bearing deposit for their kids when they reached 21. So they asked Julie if she would keep an eye on the apartment and moved out to the Cabin. A month ago when she was relaxed and enjoying time with her babies and wife the Chief of the Androck County Sherriff department had visited with a job offer. He was retiring come the end of the summer and was wondering if she wanted his position. He'd use the busy summer period to train her. Olivia, who had to admit she was a little bored had looked at Jay then back at him and told him she'd discuss it with her wife and get back to him. He left and she had sat down with Jay to talk. Jay had encouraged her to take the job, could tell she was intrigued by the idea. They discussed that it would mean not moving back to New York and what it meant for Jay's businesses. Jay told her not to worry and that she had competent managers, she may have to go back once a month or so to keep her finger on the pulse and she would hire an accountant. So she did, and they were staying and she was as of tomorrow Chief of Androck Sherriff's department. She had 10 full time staff including a dispatcher, several part timers and civilian volunteers for summer season and the even busier winter snowing season. There were also 6 troopers in the county who worked the highways and helped out the department. On top of that there were also 4 full time Park Rangers and several volunteers. They had 4 cruisers, 3 4WD's (one of which would be for her use) and an unmarked sedan. They also had a boat to patrol the lake with. Just as well she had Jay teach her about her speed boat. The Department also owned a couple of ATV's and Jet Ski's for winter. She loved the toys, that was a bonus. So tomorrow her maternity leave was up and she was back to work.

Just then a soft noise alerted her to her wife's presence, followed by the click of Max's claws. Another addition she smiled as the German Shepherd pup raced around the end of the couch and skidded to a halt at her feet before flopping to display her stomach. Olivia laughed and bent down to scratch him as Jay sat down beside her and offered her a coffee.

"He's such a ham" Jay laughed and Olivia had to chuckle. Who would have thought she would ever have a dog.

"Yeah he is. Are the terrors finally down?"

"Yep, down and out for the count" Jay grinned "Two hours of peace, what are you going to do about that Chief Benson?" she asked in a sultry voice that had Olivia's pulse sky rocketing.

"Oh I could think of a few things Mrs Benson" Olivia grinned and placing her coffee on the coffee table leant in to give her wife a passionate kiss. Things were really getting interesting when Max started to bark excitedly and Olivia was aware of car tyres crunching on the gravel of the drive. Damn. She extracted her hand from her wife's breast as they pressed their foreheads together and sighed simultaneously in frustration. Trying to have sex around 5 month old twins was hard enough without visitors popping in. Once she started work tomorrow she knew she would become severely frustrated. Once she and Jay had finally broken through her fear barrier their sex life had been phenomenal, especially in her second trimester of pregnancy, she had been insatiable and Jay had copped a lot of teasing at work.

Olivia was brought back to the present when a car door slammed and hauled herself off of Jay. She was proud of that fact too. She was in great shape again due to daily runs and the use of the gym Jay had installed on building the cabin. They hastily went about doing up their clothes just as there was a knock on the door. Olivia raked her hands through her once again short hair, a style she found easier to handle with twins keeping her busy, and went to answer it.

She opened the door and was greeted by Jett Garrison, head of the Park Rangers. She had met him socially a few times when out in town with Jay and the twins doing shopping or having a meal. Androck County was a small town where the full time population was only about 1500, which swelled to about 5-7000 during the high times of summer and ski season with the summer and ski resorts and camping grounds. People came here all year round to fish, boat, hike, ski and camp.

"Hey Chief" Jett smiled "Can I come in?"

"Sure" she stepped back and let him in. Max immediately raced for him and started jumping up excitedly. Jay raced up and grabbed him and tried to shush him. Jett laughed

"Looks like someone needs obedience school" he commented

"Someone will be looking for a new home if he wakes the twins, I just got them down" Jay growled

"You should get him some Police Training Chief, being a German Shepherd he'd come in handy. Sniff out drugs, find lost people" Jett advised as she shut the door behind him.

Olivia raised a brow, it was an interesting thought. Jay saw her face and shot her a 'don't you dare' look. Olivia grinned and led Jett into the lounge

"Want a coffee Jett?" Jay asked and he smiled at Jay

"Sure, that would be great" Jay nodded and then picked up Olivia's cold cup

"I'll re heat yours babe" she winked at Olivia who blushed. Jett noticed the blush and realised that he may have interrupted something. He couldn't help but grin and leant down to scratch Max's head to let the Chief regain her composure. Finally the Chief turned to him

"So Jett is this a social visit or business?" she asked and Jett gave Max a final pat and turned his attention back to the new Chief.

"Um business actually. I have spoken to the Chief, the old Chief and we can't come up with any ideas or any good prospects" he scratched his chin and looked up as Jay came in with his coffee and a plate of biscuits she had made. He grinned his thanks and Olivia took time to look at him. A tall man, maybe 6'5'' dark hair, strong features, mid thirties and ruggedly handsome in his forest green polo shirt and blue jeans.

Jay left again and came back with her reheated coffee and a drink of her own and sat down beside her.

'Well the thing is one of my full time Rangers had an accident while on his day off and has broken his leg, his femur, which will take most of the summer to heal. One of my part timers has eagerly signed on full time but it still leaves me a Ranger short for the busy summer period." He sighed "I was hoping you would know someone with some useful skills I could hire for the summer. It won't pay a lot, the budget is tight, but they'll get a 4WD for the summer and lodgings at an onsite cabin at the campground on the West side of town."

For some reason Olivia immediately thought of Stacey. The woman needed to get out of New York for her state of mind. She had training, she had been in the army, and she was super fit these days and built like a middleweight boxer all lean ripped muscle.

Olivia turned to Jay who was watching her curiously, knowing she was thinking something.

"Stacey" Olivia said and Jay cocked her head, thinking about it. Slowly a smile spread across her face.

"Yeah" she agreed, it would be good for Stace.

"You know someone?"Jett asked hopefully.

"Well hopefully she fits. Her name is Stacey Reid. She's ex military, been in Iraq. She was injured in an IED blast. She has partial loss of hearing and sight but it doesn't stop her. Hearing aids and tinted glasses and she's all good. What do you require her to have to do?" Olivia asked

"Well I guess being in the army she can read topography maps, she can probably use a firearm although she will have to do a course to use our rifles. She'd have to learn the trails a bit and what we Police but we have a month before summer hits if she can be here within the week"

Oh yeah Olivia grinned she was sure Stacey could be here tomorrow.

"Let me call her now" Olivia stated but paused and looked at Jay. Should she tell him about the alcoholism? Jay seemed to understand and nodded. Olivia sighed "Um there is one other thing. Stace is a recovering alcoholic" she saw Jett blink in shock, man couldn't be a cop in New York, crims would eat him alive "She's been sober 2 years. If she comes up you better advise the guys no welcoming parties. Don't tell them why, that's her choice but..." she paused unsure how to explain

"It's fine, I understand and she'll be working her tail to the bone from sun up to sun down. She won't have time to think of drinking or chasing the guys. Maybe I should warn them a chick is about to enter the coup"

"A gay chick Jett" Olivia laughed as his eyes bugged in shock "Yeah yeah more dykes in town" she teased him and watched him blush. The town wasn't too bad towards them, there were a few old timers who didn't understand and a couple of guys who wanted Olivia's job but she was sure she could handle them. If she couldn't well she was certain there was a cop or two in New York who would love to take their place. Still chuckling she picked up her ever present cell and called Stacey.

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