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Abbie kept the disk as evidence and handed it over to her investigators a short time later when they arrived. Abbie introduced them to Sabrina Chambers and Steven Daniels. The pair were looking for accommodation for their time in Androck County. Everyone looked at Maggie who shook her head apologetically saying she was booked out and will be for a couple of weeks. Alex leant in and whispered in Reid's ear who murmured something back then nodded

"Well if Olivia and Jay agree they can have my cabin while I stay with my fiancé" Reid stated and earned herself a kiss from Alex. Olivia looked at Jay who shrugged, what was one more? So they agreed. They seemed eager to get moving on things but Abbie said there was no rush. Their target appeared to be dead and the main suspect was recovering in hospital from a gunshot wound. They were invited to spend the afternoon relaxing with them watching a DVD and having their earlier aborted grill for tea. They accepted graciously, tired from the last minute flight and the 3 hour drive up.

The Benson theatre room was set up with lounge chairs in a u shape along 3 walls. The lounge chairs had cup holders every couple of chairs and where two walls joined there was a corner peace which Olivia and Jay and Alex and Reid took full advantage of. There were beanbags spread out across the floors for those who couldn't fit on the couch. The far wall was blank and specially designed to act as a screen for the projector.

After much arguing they decided on Avatar and Jay put the DVD into the projector and Olivia utilised the remote. Half way through, before they got to the action packed ending they called intermission when the twins woke. Now was a good a time as any to have a meal. 1800. A bit early but OK. Jett carried Alex out to the back decking, Reid hovering and put out she couldn't carry her fiancé due to her sore arm.

Alex requested that her chair be brought out, it wasn't as much fun without Reid carrying her. Abbie explained the situation to the two Feds and they nodded in understanding as they watched. After dinner Olivia took Reid and Maggie to Reid's cabin while the Feds followed. Reid packed up her stuff and Maggie changed the bed linen and towels so they were fresh and left the Feds to it.

That night Reid slept with Alex for the first time in months. They didn't make love as Reid told Alex if she wasn't allowed to walk yet she certainly wasn't allowed to make love. They compromised by snuggling naked and Reid allowed a very long make out session that left them both shaking.

The next day Alex was interviewed by the Federal agents with Casey, Serena and Abbie present. Elliot, Olivia, Hank and Reid were all investigated. Reid was hounded by investigators over the shooting and refused to talk until she had a lawyer. When Abbie Carmichael, Serena Southerlyn and Casey Novak walked in saying they were her lawyers she grinned when the investigating officer paled. What an ass. She was put on light duties until the investigation was complete and her injury healed. She had no complaints as it meant she could sleep in longer with Alex, have lunch with Alex and go home early to Alex.

The Feds stayed for just over a week, Abbie left with them after hugging Alex goodbye and they were off to conduct further investigations in New York then Washington. The guy who shot at Reid was transported to a Federal prison where he would be watched. Apparently he was wanted by Interpol.

Two days after they left they reported they had found Alex's items stolen from her estate, plus a cabinet worth of paperwork that would have put Standish and his cronies away for a long time if they were alive. That same day, Olivia, Hank, Elliot and Reid were cleared for their actions on that fateful day. Reid's shooting was declared self defence. Reid rolled her eyes and said "Duh"

Toby and Max made a full recovery but were wary of strangers after that and everything went back to normal. Well as normal as it could get.

Paige stayed on as their full time nanny and she became close friends with Jay, Alex and Kathy who were with her all day. Alex saw the doctor who was happy with her weight gain and had her doing some physio and assisted walking. Through grit and determination she could walk to the bathroom and back at night without having to wake Reid. Two weeks after she started walking Reid took her home to her cabin. Alex liked it but declared they needed something just a bit bigger to live permanently, but not now. Reid still took her to the Bensons while she was at work.

Jay's life became hectic because as soon as summer finished she shut down the old bar and brought in contractors. Some locals weren't happy without a bar around but she promised by the cold of winter they would have somewhere warm to eat and drink. With Paige, Kathy and Alex to assist with the twins she spent plenty of time at the Pub riding the contractors.

Chief Greene retired as declared and Olivia took over the reins. Elliot teased her mercilessly. She found she got stuck in the office longer but she was happy to delegate to Hank or Elliot to allow her out on the road occasionally. She watched as the twins seemed to grow each day and couldn't believe that in a few short months they would be turning 1. This time last year they were giving her kicks and pressing on her bladder.

JD's Bar and Grill opened just in time for Halloween and Jay went all out decking the place. Family and friends got first dibs on the restaurant. Jay had hired locals to work the bar and to waitress and chefs had lined up to sign up. Even though they were in a small town the bar had a huge reputation and people would come from surrounding counties for a meal.

Jay also hired a manager/accountant to look after the place so she could keep her relaxed lifestyle in place. Reid and Alex held their engagement party there when Alex was declared fit again. The doctor had wanted her to put on another 10 pounds but Alex had told him she was heavier now than she had been her entire life. He warned her to watch her appetite with her diabetes and also stated that her immune would be low for a while so take things extra easy if she felt down.

Olivia wasn't sure how Alex did it but she managed to convince the crotchety old County ADA to retire and surprise surprise she was elected in his spot. Reid was worried she would overdo it but prosecuting burglaries were a lot easier than rapes and murders. She still lived with Reid in their two bedroom cabin. Reid had been employed full time and was ecstatic with it. Her alcoholism was well in the past now and she had no issues with going to a bar and buying a coke. She was too proud of her life to mess it up.

As the weather became colder the tourists became less and they would have a few months break before the ski season started. Alex and Reid held their small commitment ceremony/wedding under grand tents on the Cabot estate. Olivia and Jett stood up for Reid, all three looked dapper in their black tie even though they complained about being choked. Jay and Maggie stood up for Alex and both bridesmaids wore blue and had their respective partners jaws open in appreciation.

Alex came forward next, on the arm of Don. She had never mended ties with her uncle Bill or any of mother's friends after turning her back on politics and declaring she was gay. Reid about swallowed her tongue when she saw Alex in her off the shoulder, slim fitting dress. It wasn't big or gaudy but it did scream money as they were real diamonds and not diamantes sewn into her dress.

The vows were written by Alex and Reid and not a dry eye was in the house after they described their love for each other. When the minister declared them married and they were informed to kiss Olivia had to clear her throat and threaten to break out the fire hose to break them apart.

The reception was held in another big tent after they used the gardens of the Cabot estate for their wedding photos. It would be the last Cabot function held at the estate as Alex was selling the estate, all proceeds to go to the County Police, Fire and rescue, Ambulance, Search and Rescue and Rangers and the up grading of their equipment. Olivia and Jett already had their eye on several pieces of equipment they wanted along with station renovations and upgrading vehicles.

Alex was officially changing her name to Alex Reid. Reid of course was humbled. Alex was keeping all her shares and other properties for their future children. The thought of kids made Reid's knees quake but she did well with Eli and the twins.

Security was tight for the wedding, the paparazzi had gone mad since Alex declared she was a lesbian and giving up the limelight to marry her love and live in a small town. Of course their pasts were delved into but it wasn't anything that either of them didn't expect. They gave interviews to a couple of reputable GLBT magazines and there had been an influx of GLBT's initially into Androck to see the place but it had all quietened down.

Alex sold her BMW and Reid her Toyota. Reid had her work vehicle and together they bought a standard Jeep 4WD that would keep Alex safe on the icy roads. Alex was trying to convince Reid to let her buy a 4 bedroom log cabin for her as a wedding present and was frustrated when Reid refused. Reid loved the place but she wanted to share equally with Alex, not have Alex buy her things.

It was the only cause for arguments between them. Alex swore after this everything would be 50/50. The cabin was beautiful, all log and nowhere near as grand as the Benson's cabin. Merely 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study, open living area with a back deck and 2 car garage. There were no frills to it, just a great view across the lake and about 5 miles further out than the Benson residence.

Little did the Reid's know when the jetted off to the Caribbean for their honeymoon for 2 weeks that when they came back their friends had purchased the house and surrounding 5 acres for them as a combined wedding present. The Reid's were extremely surprised when Elliot pulled them over on their way back into town and told them there was a change in plans and to follow him. They drove carefully behind him on the icy roads, realising the extreme cold had come in while they were enjoying the balmy Bahamas'.

Initially they thought they were heading for the Benson residence but got the surprise of their lives when Elliot pulled down the drive of their dream home. Reid immediately shot her wife a look and Alex swore on her mother's grave that she hadn't bought it, she had promised not to. They only just got married, she didn't want a divorce.

When they pulled up to the front of the house behind Elliot they got out and looked at him quizzically. He merely handed over the key and told them the answer was inside and getting back in his patrol car left. Reid took her wife's hand and walked to the front door, inserting the key and hearing the lock turn. She didn't know what to expect when she opened the door but they got the shock of their lives at seeing the beautiful simplistic country style furniture that they both loved so much. Everything was wood toned with creams and a splash of dark earth tones too.

Spying the red roses on the 6 seater dining table Reid pulled Alex over. They admired the roses before opening the large card. Jay had written in the card that they all knew this house was meant for them and to help out their friends to start on equal footing they had all pitched in to buy the property. They had all signed it every last one of their friends.

Olivia and Jay signed, wishing them the best and they owed them weeks of babysitting. Kathy and Elliot, Casey and Blake (her now fiancé), Jett and Maggie (now living together), Munch, Fin, Don, Hank, Abby and Miranda (engaged themselves now, Abby felt she had better, Miranda had been dropping hints).

Serena and Sabrina (Serena had made a move the very first day Sabrina had come to Androck. Boldly handing the Federal agent a piece of paper with her phone number on it and telling her to call. Sabrina, straight and clueless, had thought she had meant as friends and had complied. Serena had courted her in a 3 week whirlwind relationship that had her head spinning, her body humming and her screaming Serena's name in ecstasy the night before she flew back to Washington. They had kept a long distance relationship going until with approval of supportive family Sabrina made the move to new York. She hadn't looked back and no commitment Serena had willingly given up her single ways.)

Even Matt and Paige Sullivan had chipped in their hard earned money to say they had paid for the outdoor setting and grill. Reid and Alex looked about their new home and couldn't believe the generosity of their friends, as they walked from room to room, looking in cupboards, checking out appliances and grinning at each other. They left the master bedroom until last and gasped at the huge 4 poster bed in Jarrah, bed tables and dresser in jarrah with a deep red comforter and red and black swirled carpet.

Opposite the bed French doors opened onto a private deck with a small Jacuzzi, enclosed by a small privacy fence and overlooking the lake. There was a small walk in robe and an en-suite bathroom with double headed shower, sink and enclosed toilet. The main bathroom had held a huge claw foot tub.

Heading back into the master bedroom Reid pulled her wife into her arms and grinned at her

"Well Mrs Reid, I do believe I have a hankering to christen that bed behind you"

Alex rose a brow "Is that right Ranger Reid?" she asked while walking her fingers down the centre of Reid's chest "What happens if our friends decide to pop in for a visit?"

"Oh they wouldn't dare, not tonight, which is why they are not here already. You can count on them being here first thing tomorrow though." Reid grinned as she grabbed Alex's wind breaker's zipper and slowly pulled it down.

"I love you Mrs Reid"

"As I love you Reid" Alex sighed just before her partner, her soul mate, her life captured her lips with her own and there were no more coherent sounds in the room for a long time.



Changes 3 Teaser

Olivia cuddled into her wife and sighed when she felt Jay press back into her. She didn't want to get out of bed, she was content just to stay like this, her naked wife's back pressed up against her equally naked front as they enjoyed some early morning peace. Of course she had liked the way that her wife had woken her at 2am too. Hence why they were currently naked. She'd have to get up soon though and dress before the twins got up. She sighed and pressed closer to Jay. She was procrastinating today because it was her birthday. Her birthday's always hit her hard, especially since she was so much older than Jay. Jay just rolled her eyes and told her you were only as old as the person you felt. Olivia wiggled her eye brows and told her she was 36 then. But this year, this year was harder, this was a big milestone, this was the big 5 0.

Earlier that morning in the Reid household Reid had gotten up early to get Jake and Mia ready and to start breakfast while Alex had a shower. Alex was spending the day with Jay and Kathy to help organise Olivia's 50th birthday party. Paige was going to babysit all the kids as they did so. Alex didn't know how she did it but she had a real talent with them and they loved her and did everything she said. Alex hurriedly dried from her shower and dressed in slim jeans and a blue button up shirt before checking herself in the mirror. She still had it, not bad for a 42 year old as she grinned remembering earlier that morning. Well Reid still thought she had it if all that moaning and praying to God was anything to go by she chuckled and after pulling on some socks she padded her way out to the kitchen where she paused at the sight in front of her.

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