This is written for the "100 Prompts" Challenge at the HPFF Forum. This is also the companion fic to my much earlier-posted one-shot "The Different Weasley" which was a Teddy/Dominique fic. It's not really necessary for you to read it in order to understand this, but it's highly recommended that you do as the entire universe for this fic is set in it.

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Prompt: Letter

Dear Dad and Maman,

I'm sure you must have already heard about my Sorting (news travels fast, I hear) but still, I want to inform you myself, as well (only because you told me to, though). Your daughter is now a member of the glorious house of Slytherin and let me tell you, I'm extremely pleased - I never did like the color red much, you know.

My housemates are sarcastic, dry and humorless - just the way I like people. Oh, but there is one boy whom I didn't like at all - but it's okay, nothing for you to bother with.

I will try to write a lengthier letter next time, Maman, but you know how much I detest letter-writing.

Yours truly,


(Not Dom please)