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King Vegeta stepped out of his pod, touching down against the infertile soil of Planet Vegeta's Space Centre. Walking out of the landing yard and into the main building of the Space Centre, Vegeta brushed past many scientists who immediately parted as they recognised him.

As he arrived at the front door of the gigantic complex, Vegeta reached inside his armour and pulled out his scouter. It was a prototype of a newer model, which in addition to more precise power readings, showed the estimated potential power level of a person after a certain amount of time.

While there was next to no chance that it would entirely accurate as it would be impossible to calculate the external factors which came into play when power levels were involved; it would prove to be interesting to experiment with.

Putting the scouter on, Vegeta mentally noted that he'd have to try out the new features, before setting the navigation system towards the Palace.

However as he was about to take off, something caught the corner of his eye. Raising an eyebrow in surprise, he halted and turned towards the messenger who was apparently waiting for him.

"Strange… I wasn't expecting a welcoming party."

"Well you always said you like surprises, sir." The messenger replied.

Vegeta had to admit that he was slightly surprised that this messenger seemed so… casual? He couldn't put a name to the face of the person in front of him.

"Well, that depends on whether it's a good surprise or a bad one."

Deciding to not beat around the bush any longer, the messenger smiled. "Lord Cooler has requested an audience with you, your highness."

"Cooler?" The king's eyes were full of surprise; this was out of the blue.

"Yes, my lord."

"And I presume he wants to see me immediately?" The king sighed.

"No, my king. He's said to 'take your time.'"

"Hmm… I'll be with him soon." With that, King Vegeta took to the skies; no doubt wondering what exactly Cooler wanted with him.

Vegeta smiled as he sensed a familiar power level that he'd become very well reacquainted with since returning to the past. He'd been waiting for it for a bloody long time, and he needed to act fast… Frieza was about to blow all of them to kingdom-come again.

Launching himself into the air, Vegeta propelled himself towards his father with his Ki. Not taking a second to admire the beautiful landscape of Planet Vegeta as he flew over them for what potentially could be the last time, Vegeta couldn't bring himself to not wonder as to why he was still on the planet.

Surely, Frieza didn't intend to kill him with the rest of his people… he hadn't the first time. But then again, in hindsight, Frieza had destroyed the Saiyans because they were getting too powerful and he'd been doing anything but that lately… yes, it made sense.

He was a pig raised for slaughter this time… to raise a point; to be made an example of… there was no doubt about it. His amazing increase in power had not gone around Frieza's army all too quietly. Even he had overheard some rumours; they all thought he was going to be Frieza's next super soldier. Not just a Dodoria or a Zarbon… more of a Captain Ginyu or a Sauza.

They were all fools… but it would undoubtedly be a lesson to all and a reminder of Frieza's ruthlessness when he – along with the rest of his planet – was unsuspectingly blown up. He couldn't bring himself to pretend to be much of a five year old any longer… not when everyone he knew was going to die.

He was already out of character enough, but he'd presumed that most had pegged it down to him being a Saiyan; while bloodthirsty and driven by their fists, they had a reputation for maturing early on. Hence, why several newborns were sent off to alienated planets far across the galaxy.

Vegeta smiled as King Vegeta came into his vicinity. Brightly flaring his aura, he attempted to get his father's attention.

"Father… I think Frieza may be trying to destroy us all!" He yelled in the most serious tone he could muster. Nevertheless, it sounded stupid coming from a five year old and he wouldn't have blamed the older Vegeta if he thought his son was a nutcase… if not for the serious and slightly grave look in the lone eye which stared into the king's.

"And you've only just noticed?" The king laughed as he raised an eyebrow. "Although I suppose it's incredibly perceptive of a five year old."

Wait… his father had known… all along? Attempting to register his father's words, Vegeta's mind raced; unable to come to any conclusion for just one question.

'Why did you allow Frieza to succeed?' Naturally, Vegeta didn't voice said question. Frieza hadn't succeeded, just yet and Vegeta didn't intend to give away the truth any time soon.

"So… then why aren't we doing anything about it?" Vegeta asked, somewhat angry at the fact that he was being kept in the dark. He hadn't been kept in the dark, or rather unable to answer questions like these since… well, when he was a little kid. He hated feeling as if his mental state was the rightful equivalent to his five-year old body.

"It's not as though Frieza's going to blow us all up in one attack, son." Oh the irony… "That's not how it's done. He's going to attempt to break us, piece by piece. Attack where it will cripple us and break our spirit… He's already attempted to get rid of Bardock's entire squad, as you no doubt know."

"Shouldn't we… try and be safe?" Vegeta argued, because Frieza had done the exact same thing last time after all.

"We can discuss this later, brat. Unfortunately, I've an appointment with Cooler." Vegeta instantly paused… Cooler? From where had he come into this entire equation?

Unless… his father had initially been murdered when he arrived to a scheduled meeting, on the halls of Frieza's space ship… Perhaps this time, Cooler was the one delivering the final blow.

It was too late… the king had already blown past him and off into the air. The younger of the two was suddenly left with a very regretful look on his face, which didn't suit him too well. What happened now was anyone's guess… the knowledge from last time wasn't going to help very much.

'Maybe… maybe, I shouldn't have screwed with the past so much.'

Raditz sighed as he walked towards the Space Centre. His father was missing and arm and he was going on a mission that would pretty much retrieve it… and he was going to the planet which his baby brother had been abandoned on. Needless to say, he was having a very bad day.

Uncle Borgos hadn't yet woken up, and the scientists didn't want to bet on him having remembered anything either. They'd detected remnants of alcohol in his blood stream, meaning there was a high chance that the whole thing would be a blacked out blur.

As for his father… well they probably could have regrown his arm in the tank if they hadn't decided not to and then waited for him to regain consciousness before asking him who attacked him. But no… they didn't. Instead they opted to send him on a wild goose chase for some magical kind of bean which was probably a simple myth.

It was pretty stupid and illogical, but he had to do it. His father wouldn't exactly be happy if his son let him lose and arm after all, and he was pretty sure that his ass would be kicked regardless of how many arms the man had on his body.

He supposed the sweetener was that he was going to see Kakarot. Sure, he'd been given clear instructions not to interfere with his brother, but that wasn't going to stop him. Besides he intended to observe, not really intervene.

Raditz glanced behind him as his scouter beeped wildly. It was picking up a power level which was much, much larger than his own approaching him.

All he saw was a blur of dark, concentrated purple as it passed him at ridiculous speeds. Rubbing the one eye which wasn't protected by his scouter, Raditz was surprised to see it suddenly turn straight around and stop abruptly in front of him.

As he saw the face, alarm rang out all over Raditz's face… he hadn't done anything wrong.

"My King… to what do I owe-"

"You… Where's your father?" Vegeta interrupted, quickly cutting Raditz off in a gruff voice.

"He's at the med bay, a guy called Banba's overseeing him. Both of his legs, and arms were lacerated… I think it was, but they decided to analyse the remnants of one of his shoulder to find his assaulter. So I'm off on a mission to get some kind of medicine which will allow them to regrow his arm as well as advance medical technology vastly, or something… sir." Raditz decided to cut straight to it, King Vegeta was clearly not in a mood to chat.

"Fuck me…"King Vegeta growled, as he turned back around and continued.

His aura quickly became a speck in Raditz's eyesight as the Saiyan continued onto the Space Centre.

"Well… that was interesting," muttered Raditz.

As King Vegeta flew off, he quickly punched a few of the buttons on his scouter; patching himself through to the head of Mission Command.

"I want all the documents involving the mission which Raditz, Bardock's kid, is about to undertake within my space pod. I'll be arriving in a minute or two, and I don't want to be kept waiting." Vegeta growled; he wasn't exactly all that happy. Bardock was a friend, but also a soldier. Perhaps their best one that wasn't of royal blood.

"Y-yes, sir." It was funny; he didn't exactly recall the head of Mission Command having such a meek voice. However, Vegeta paid it no mind. Chances were, it was some other idiot, but regardless… if he didn't have what he wanted, heads were going to be rolled.

Normally he would've smiled as the large complex known as the Space Centre came into view, but he wasn't in the mood. He had been departing from it just a little while ago, and now he was returning to it in a foul mood.

He half expected this to be some kind of sick game between the Cold Brothers. One had tried to kill of Bardock and his crew while only partially succeeding, while the second had half-killed him anyway. He was close to losing it though… fuck Frieza. He'd had enough of this.

Vegeta wasn't trying to make a show, but that didn't stop every head within the building from turning towards him when he blasted through the front door.

"Where's my space pod?" The king asked. Well… he hadn't specifically told anyone that he was going off too Cooler this early, but he wasn't paying monkeys. He was paying Saiyans, they had brains; they'd be able to piece two and two together… or should've be.

Following the staff member which fearfully led him towards his space pod, the King could not help but hope that everything would turn out right. All he could do now was hope, after all.

Vegeta frowned. His father had blasted off in one direction, then inexplicably turned around and returned; ignoring him as he flew past this time.

He actually had no clue as to what was going on. He didn't even know what to do anymore, pursuing his father would be a bad idea… he didn't want to irritate him any further.

The resulting beating wouldn't be all that fun, and while he could certainly hold his own against his father… the consequences of it were best simply avoided.

Bardock was god-knows where, and while Vegeta wasn't as well versed with the Saiyan as his father was; his insight would be somewhat valuable at this point in time.

Nappa was well… Nappa. Vegeta had no clue as to where he was, and his power level blended in fairly well with the surrounding Saiyans. He didn't know it well enough to remember it, and it wasn't outstandingly large like his father's in comparison to the other Saiyans. Besides that, it was Nappa… he wouldn't be that much help.

Raditz though… Vegeta's eyes widened. He was just up ahead, interestingly enough. Perhaps he knew what was going on with Bardock. But more importantly, where was he going?

Flying towards the long-haired Saiyan, Vegeta immediately confronted him. "Where's your father?"

To his surprise, said Saiyan groaned deeply. "Why does everyone want to know where he is today?"

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