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Bella P.O.V

Peter and I sat at out usual table with the crowd. Peter was unusually happy today and that both worried me and made me happy. You never knew with Peter, he could be happy because his dog died for all that mattered.

"So what are we doing today?" Chris suddenly asked.

"We are going to the movies," Peter answered. "And with we, I mean Bella and I." He smirked at me.

"Oh, you guys are no fun!" Chris mumbled before slumbering down into his seat. Amanda pouted and crossed her arms, her mood always matched Chris's.

"So, what'ya gonna watch?" Sam asked as she twirled a lock of her hair around her fingers. Peter shrugged almost as if annoyed of her speaking. He had ignored both Tom and Sam since that time back when everybody talked about his family. People didn't talk so much more, though I sometimes heard the name Whitlock being said a couple of times, here and there.

And then the bell rang, telling us we had to go to class. I sighed, my next class was with both Tom and Sam, and without Peter.

"See you when the bell'll ring!" Peter yelled after me when we went opposite ways to class. I blushed and looked down, I heard Peter's faint laugher in the background, that little-.. I stopped myself from thinking of Peter, when I heard a twinkling laugher behind me. I turned around to come face to face with little Ana. I almost giggled right there; she was the most cutest thing I've ever seen. She had long curly red, almost orange hair with freckles all over her face and deep blue eyes. And she was short. Like almost two heads shorter than me.

"Ana!" I giggled and hugged her, spinning her around.

"Woo!" she laughed in my ear as I sat her down. She walked in circles around me, her eyes rolling in the other direction.

"Shit Bella, you're crazy! You've never been told to never twirl short people?" she laughed and fell on her butt. I laughed at her. She was so adorable, I'd never know why I didn't spend more time with her. Maybe because Sam hated her, therefore Amanda also did, and because Amanda didn't like her Chris didn't either, and because Sam and Amanda didn't like Ana, Tom probably didn't love her that much. That left Zach, Peter and I to like her. And I also think Peter and Zach think she's crazy, which she kind of is.

"Come on Ana," I said and helped her up on her feet again, she flashed me a toothy smile, and dragged me toward our next class, which we thankfully had together; P.E..

God, I hated P.E. It was the most awfully, boring, annoying, hateful class I've ever experienced, ever. I sighed, but followed her. She was quite strong for such a small person after all.

Ana and I got dressed quickly, and where now standing ready on the football field.

"Oh my God, this is gonna be amazing! Real football, in this school. Simply amazing!" Ana was jumping on the spot, and she got lost in thoughts filled with 'real' football. I didn't really get it, football was football, right? I guess it wasn't, since Ana hit me several times when I asked her the differences between football and 'real' football. Well to me, I guess there wouldn't be much difference, I would suck no matter what.

I was suddenly hit with a round white and black ball in the head, it hit me with such power that I fell into Ana. She was one tough girl, she caught me and helped me stand upright.

"Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't even trying to-.." a deep voice said behind me, sounding out of breath. Ana and I turned simultaneously, but the voice stopped as soon as we had turned. It was a boy, or rather a guy, no longer a boy thought not fully a man yet, with red-brown hair, and slight freckles, he was tall and had light gray eyes, his eyes were turned completely on Ana, and I think, just maybe that I was watching a love at first sight moment. I sighed happily and turned to walk away. Love just happened everywhere!

After school was over I went to Peter's car, he had driven me to school and would also drive me home. I winked and smiled as I saw Peter walk out of the school building, he was talking in his cell with a smile on his face. I wondered who he was talking with.

"Sure, that's great! Yeah, she's right here looking at me curiously!" I heard him say and flashed me a smile, telling me it was me who he was talking about. "Two weeks? Why so soon?" the bad thing about other people talking over their telephone, was that you could only heard the one end of the conversation, which never gave any meaning. "You're a freak, and always will be Jazz." Jazz?" No prob, we'll be there Friday! You're one lucky guy, Jasper." Oh, was it the Jasper? The cousin, Jasper?

He ended the call, and helped me into the car without any of us saying anything. I wanted him to be the one taking the subject up, not me. That would make me look like a rude, and annoying girlfriend. But the silence was killing me! We had driven in what felt like three hours!

Peter looked at me suspiciously.

"You're not gonna ask are you?" he finally asked. I let out a breath I didn't know I held.

"Finally!" I almost laughed at myself. Though I didn't dare say more.

"Well.." he said when I didn't say anything.

"Was that Jasper?" I quickly asked. I had made a mental list of questions, ready to when he would ask.

"Yes," he smiled to me.

"No, no.. I mean the Jasper?" I asked again. He rolled his eyes of me.

"Yes, 'the' Jasper." he sighed.

"What were you guys talking about?"

"Alice," he said simply.


"Jasper's fiancée," he stated. Oh, the psycho girl!

"Well, what about her?" I asked him.

"Well, they're getting married." he said smiling proudly. I also smiled, I was glad that his cousin marrying somebody made him happy.

"Oh, how sweet. When?"

"Two weeks."

"Two weeks?"

He laughed, "Yeah, I couldn't believe it either!"

"Jasper all grown up.. Getting married." he shook his head, as he mumbled to himself.

"Sounds like you're going?" I smiled.

"Yeah, and.. If you would like to, you could.. Come with me?" he asked, almost embarrassed. I was slightly shocked as the picture of myself in the middle at a weeding with the rest of Peter's family, and Alice's of course. I felt the tears filling my eyes.

"Of course, I'll go!" I almost cried right there. It was just that I meant so much to him, that he would take me to his cousin's weeding.

I smiled the rest of the way home.

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