Chapter one

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The moon hung lazily overhead casting its cold beams down to Earth. The werewolf did not think its beams cold, no they radiated with energy giving life to his limbs. He scrambled up the rocky ledge to get as physically close as possible. Here he could oversee all, his intelligent amber eyes sweeping his territory. Nothing was threatening his challenge on his land tonight, he could relax a little.

It had been raining, he could smell its scent upon the cool night breeze as it ruffled his fur playfully. He wiggled his paws into the sticky mud created from soil and water, relishing the feeling between his claws. His lungs breathed in powerfully as he took in the scents of the night. There was no prey around to chase which irked him, his fangs were just dying to sink into something warm and living.

His skin tingled with excitement as the moon continued bathing him in its light. He wanted to sing his joy to the Heavens, making everyone aware of his presence. Drawing his paws back he tilted his massive head back and howled at the moon. Venting his happiness in one powerful joyful call for all creatures to hear.

Inside the werewolf however was one forlorn Potions Master of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Severus Snape despised being a werewolf, they were disgusting creatures. They lacked self control, self discipline, and many other things that he thought imperative. The things that made him human.

His becoming a werewolf was not a tale he liked to relive. He wished he could boast he was bitten by the insane Greyback in a duel, but it was not the case. Neither had he been bitten by Lupin, when Potter and his friends had played that ridiculous prank on him. Even that would have been better than his stupidity.

No his tale was a rather dull one and not overly eventful. He had been lost when on a raid with the Dark Lord and separated from his fellow Death Eaters in his unit. He had been starving, thirsty and probably close to death, lost deep within some forsaken forest. When he chanced upon some water on his path. It was a muddy puddle, but Severus had not been ready to die yet, and had drunk his fill, laughing in the face of death once more. But fate it seemed had another plan in mind. It was only in the few seconds before his agonizing change into the foul beast, he realized that the rainwater he had drunk was from a werewolf paw print.

An uncommon way to transform into a werewolf, and one that had been disputed for many years by Wizards. Seemed there had been some truth to it after all.

Even though he drank the wolfsbane Potion every month like clockwork, the beast within him could still take control of his body whilst in this form and do what it wished. The wolf had not bitten or harmed anyone yet and Severus doubted he could stop it even if he wanted to. Well, it was their own fault if they were bitten not Severus'F. Most people had the common sense to stay away from Werewolves; Severus was not going to be held accountable.

The wolf scented something in the air and it filtered down into his own subconscious. A human was nearby. Severus felt his innards freeze, but the werewolf was not charging after the scent in full blood frenzy. It was taking its time drawing in the scent, mulling over it.

The wolf stood and looked over the rock face trying to locate its target. Something had it very interested.


Harry really should not have been out this late at night. He had been informed time and time again that it was not safe outside on Hogwarts grounds late at night, but it was the only time he could be alone. Romilda Vane was very persistent and took up most of his time during the daylight hours. After her love potion attempt it had taken all of Harry's wit to stay one step ahead of her. Juggling that and his lessons and Quidditch was exhausting.

The night was breathtaking, no cloud cover just a few lonely stars paying homage to the brilliance that was the moon. It was full, but Harry saw no cause for alarm. Lupin was miles away and Harry did not know of another werewolf. Not unless the Wagga Wagga werewolf was back on the prowl.

He sighed sadly, kicking his feet through some brown leaves. Harry Potter was lonely and unwilling to admit it to anyone. He had his friends and his schoolmates, but no family. Friends were family you chose for yourself he had heard someone say and Harry believed it. But he wished for someone to stand by him unconditionally.

People in the school had turned their backs on him when they thought he was the Heir of Slytherin. Even Ron his first friend ever and turned his back when he thought Harry had entered the Triwizard tournament. It had shaken his belief in people. Sometimes they were fickle, and some only saw Harry as the saviour to the world.

Apart from Hermione. She was a true friend in every sense of the word. She may have been bossy and obsessed with her studying, but she was a Gryffindor for a reason and had stuck loyally beside Harry every time. Even though she had feelings for Ron she had backed Harry at the Triwizard and sided with him.

Harry had wondered that if Hermione hadn't been the thing Victor Krum would miss most, would she had been down in the lake awaiting Harry to rescue her, instead of rescuing Ron?

Shoving his hands in his robe pocket Harry picked up his pace wanting to get warm. When would people see him as he was? Not as the hope of the world, but as someone who just wanted to finish school like everyone else, find a special someone and find a job he enjoyed. There was the secret wish of the great and indestructible Harry Potter.

He wanted a family.

It had probably stemmed from not having one, and had been implanted firmer in his mind when Sirius had died. But that was what he wanted. No great desire to be a powerful Wizard, or to be a famous Quidditch player. Just some close people to love him unconditionally.

His heart missed a beat as he heard a howl, deep and powerful echoing across the Hogwarts grounds. No Dumbledore would have warned the students if there was something to worry about. Wouldn't he? But Harry didn't remember being warned about any tasks Dumbledore had set up for him before however.

He span on his heel, wand out and crouched into his standard attack pose at the sound of footfalls. What was Dumbledore making him fight now?

His eyes widened in disbelief. Lupin had never been this big. His limbs morphed into jelly with fear and he fell to his knees, propelling himself backward his fingers cutting themselves on sharp rocks.

Voldemort he could handle. No that was a lie, he couldn't defeat Voldemort yet that had been proved, but at least Harry stood a chance defending himself with Voldemort, he was but a man, an insane one that never seemed to die but a man.

He could see the beast's sharp fangs and his razor sharp claws dirty with mud. He wouldn't be able to react fast enough and he didn't have any gold to hand. That was what Hermione had said wasn't it? That Werewolves were weak against gold?

The brute of a wolf merely looked and him unmoving, a sinister spectre in the night. Harry waited his chest heaving in panic. It was fight or flight time and he had the upper hand, the wolf was stationary which gave him the perfect chance to attack. No it was silver, silver was what Werewolves were weak against. Harry didn't know of a spell to make silver, or even transfigure something into silver.

Trembling he stood his wand shaking along with his hand. He pointed it at what he hoped was menacingly towards the wolf but still it stood, mocking him. He had known animals like to play with their food but this was torture.

Locked in a stalemate neither made any sudden moves.


Severus was cackling with glee. He could hear it echoing in his mind shared with the wolf. Harry Potter was terrified and was scrabbling in the mud. Now this was a memory to use against the Dementors. How ironic was this? Events had turned full circle and now it was James Potter's son scared by a werewolf.

He knew the wolf would not attack. If he was going to Potter would have been dead, or laying on the ground bleeding before he knew what had happened. Severus would have felt no sympathy; it served the boy right for being so conceited. Thinking he was immune to everything.

Potter may have survived the killing curse, but there was not a chance Potter would survive his bone crunching jaws. Severus wouldn't have lost any sleep over it, but Dumbledore would have his hide, literally as a rug on his office floor. He wasn't sure if Dumbledore knew of his hairy problem, but it was best to assume he did. He knew everything else.

Lupin knew of course the wolf in him could sense it. Thankfully Severus had not been infected by a werewolf on the night of Pettigrew's escape; otherwise he would have a pack consisting of Potter, Granger and Weasley. He could think of nothing more horrendous. He would have told Dumbledore of Severus being a potential threat. But Dumbledore would have known the honourable Snape would have taken the wolfsbane potion, loyal to the light as he was.

However, Dumbledore didn't know that his werewolf did not always retain a human mind when drinking the potion. It hadn't eaten a human… yet. But there were firsts for everything.

He tried to urge the wolf into attacking. Nothing serious or life changing, a little tear in his trousers wouldn't harm the boy, but the wolf was steadfast in what it was doing. It stayed still as Potter moved and it could sense that the boy was terrified of him. Severus was impressed that the wolf was not attacking. Fear usually made animals attack.

Something had the wolf fascinated.

Even with a wand pointed at it the wolf stood still as a statue. Eventually it sat on its hindquarters to appear less intimidating to the boy, shocking both Severus and Potter. Then with a spark of intuition Severus knew what was happening and he felt sick to his stomach. He had studied Werewolves after his encounter with Lupin familiarizing himself with their rituals and habit. It had been in preparation for Lupin and his friends expulsions out of school, but it had come in handy when he was infected.

The wolf could see a potential mate in Harry bloody Potter.

Potter let his wand fall to his side and took a shaky step forward.

Severus was wrestling with the wolf's mind, trying to get the infernal beast to snap its jaws or snarl or something other then this soft puppy dog pose. He was a ferocious werewolf for Merlin's sake! The wolf pushed back down, securing Severus in his place of only watching. Severus may have been a skilled master of his mind, but tonight the wolf was in charge.

Potter got right up close and the wolf bowed playfully wagging its tail slightly. Severus was going to be sick. This was the last time the wolf was coming outside, next time Severus would take the potion and lock himself in a silver cage. This was below him.

The boy reached his hand out and once again he tried to regain control. He wouldn't kill the boy, but he could at least scare him! The wolf was a solid block against his mind and Severus could only watch in barely concealed rage at what was unfolding.


Harry reached his hand out hesitantly. It was obvious the wolf wasn't going to attack him, but what did it want? He was still a little nervous when it came bounding up to him and butted his hand with its huge furred head. He wriggled his fingers experimentally within its pelt and it seemed to work. The wolf sat looking at him, ears standing to attention.

"What do you want with me?" He whispered, gazing deep within its ochre eyes.

The wolf merely flexed its shoulders and lay down. Even lying down, its muzzle came to Harry's chest. "Either you're much bigger than the typical werewolf or I'm still very short." The beast snorted and looked back up at the moon.

"Why are you not trying to bite me?" Harry asked it, but the creature didn't move. What was Harry expecting, the wolf to open its jaws and explain. It couldn't communicate with him.

Sighing he sat down beside it and looked at the moon with it. "I know whoever you are the Human in you can hear me. What I don't understand is how someone at Hogwarts is hiding something like this."

Swinging its big head down the creature glanced at him before shuffling forward on its paws coming closer to Harry. He could feel the warmth flowing from its huge body and he subconsciously leant towards it. Its fur was dark as the night and unbelievably silky to the touch, he concluded running his fingers through it once again. The wolf was clearly happy, its great tail thumping occasionally as it continued looking around.

"Are you keeping an eye out for danger?" Harry asked, but again was met with silence. "That's something I have to do as well. The world we live in, it's not safe." The wolf growled gently, almost agreeing with him. "Are you a good werewolf then? You must be if you aren't attacking humans. Or the wolfsbane potion is living up to its name."

"I wonder who you are."


A good werewolf? Severus thought incredulously. There were no limits to Potters stupidity. But it didn't help that the wolf was as terrifying as a Hinkypuff. Even so, had anyone in the Wizarding world heard of a good werewolf? No they were horrifying beasts that struck terror into the hearts of man! Severus found it preposterous that Potter would think there was such a thing as a "tame" werewolf. It was the same as saying the Vampires were misunderstood creatures that only had to drink blood because they had to. Not because they desired to.

However, Severus had no desire to listen to Potter whine. The boy carried on talking and no matter how Severus tried to drown it out reciting Potion ingredients, he could still hear him. He saw the boy enough in school hours, this was Severus' time and he didn't want to share it with the bloody boy who lived.

Potter was now touching him, which made his skin crawl. What gave Potter the audacity to reach out and touch something that could rip his arms off effortlessly? Severus was not some pampered pet to be fawned over. Alright he was actually touching the wolf, but the wolf was a part of him, therefore indirectly Severus which meant he was touching him. Severus at the moment had to be content with thinking up ways to make Potter suffer in the next few days. When that didn't work he thought about ways to torture the boy. He had to stop with the involvement of Voldemort however. The Dark Lord was able to read his mind and probably would have gotten a few ideas. But even that couldn't shake the loathsome feeling of being touched by someone he detested. No that word was not strong enough. Hated? No despised was a much better word.

"Do you have a name, besides your human one I mean?"

(Let me open my mouth and tell you my name.) Severus thought thinking of all his sharp teeth, yet the wolf didn't find this amusing. What did Potter expect? He would open his jaws and speak to him. He didn't see any reason in lowering himself to talk to Potter when he was human, why start now? Besides, their was the fact Werewolves couldn't communicate with people.

How much longer did this have to go on? The boy's voice grated on him and Severus couldn't care less what Potter had to say. The boy had no concept of real life; everything was always handed to him on a plate, no matter how Severus had tried to mess it up. No matter how many crimes he had pinned on the boy Dumbledore had always found a way around it. Couldn't insult the favourite golden child now could we? Severus sneered at himself. No matter how many times Dumbledore had asked him to be civil to the boy Severus couldn't do it, he actively chose not to. People like Potter like Potter Senior lived in worlds far beyond his own and had to be brought down into reality. Arrogant tossers who thought life owed them. Not like Severus who had been born with nothing and worked hard for what he had now. Where had it led him? Severus was an esteemed Potions Master, safe under Dumbledore and James Potter had ended up dead.

Fame wasn't everything it seemed.

"I think I'll call you Artemis." Wheedled down into his ears. Potter surely was not so dense to call him that. Beside the fact Artemis was a girl's name she had nothing to do with the moon as many people thought. Is this what they were teaching in Astrology these days? Severus assumed this was where Potter was going with this.

"She is the Goddess of wild animals and later on she became identified with the Roman Goddess Diana who was also Goddess of wild animals and of the moon in Roman mythology."

Severus was shocked that Potter actually had a brain; it seemed his eyes were not the only thing he inherited from his Mother. When was this night going to end? He thought in despair this was torture. Send him on a mission for Voldemort anything but this! The wolf seemed to listen and stood pointing his muzzle to the light of the new dawn. Signalling he had to go.

Potter stood as well patting his head in farewell. "Will I see you again?"

(No!) Severus hollered, but the wolf just whined and rubbed his head against Harry before bounding away.

Severus would not allow a next time. He had mastered all his emotions and was a master of his mind. He would find a way to master the werewolf. Regardless if it thought Harry Potter was a worthy mate.